The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 067

Hurricane City – Chapter 67 (Blue Guardian of the Heart)

After winding around the cliff again, I finally saw the culprit who had reduced my Health – a huge tree-like monster waving its hands, and big chunks of rock were constantly falling within 50 yards of its surrounding, making dust flew all around it.

Damn, to let me met a BOSS with an area attack! I quickly query the monster’s information:

The Swamp Guardian (BOSS)

Level: ???

Attack Type: Magic type area attack

Defense Type: Immunity to magic

Specials: Solidification – Rock attack has a chance to paralyze an opponent for 2 seconds.

I stared blankly at it. There was really a monster immune to magic!

Although every time it hit me only for 60 points of damage, but I was continuously being hit, and it would be bad if it went on like this. More importantly, I sadly found out this Swamp Guardian had rooted its body and totally blocked the path. Its root had tied deeply into the ground rock, so there would also be no way to simply lure it away.

Since I was already here, spending another half hour to go back would be out of the question. So my option was only to kill this Swamp Guardian in front of me!


I became speechless seeing that popped number. This monster’s Defense was completely beyond that of the Golden Knights. Behind this monsters, should be a great location to grind levels or finding equipment drops. With this kind of monster guarding this location, I was pretty certain about it!

The Swamp Guardian was a monster with area attack, so to say, even if a hundred warriors came to attack it, it could also attack a hundred warriors at the same time. Every time it hit me, it would cause me 60 damages, but for other warriors, it might not be so. I had 40% magic resistance bonus, besides, physical defense would add 30% to magical defense. So, even with my high defense plus the 40% magic resistance, I would still lost 60 points of Health. For the general warriors with their current defense, it would be a wonder if they didn’t lose at least 150 points of Health with every hit, unless the warrior was a tank, otherwise it would be impossible. And as for the tanks, with their attack, they might only cause a little damage to the Guardian, so they would be of no use.

Magic would also unable to cause harm to the Guardian, and according to the current Guardian’s position, it would only allow five or six warriors to come close. So to say, even if someone was to form a group to attack at the same time, then only six fighters could attack the Guardian without the support of the Cleric as they would not be able to endure the continuous magic attack of the Guardian, and 50 yards would be beyond a clerics healing range.

Thinking about it, I was quite happy. With my high Attack and High Defense, this Swamp Guardian was a perfect target for me!

Almost every 30 seconds, I needed to drink a bottle of Medium Healing Potion. Fortunately, last time I bought four sets of it at the auctions, or else, I could not fight with the Guardian. After the system upgrade changes, each set contained 30 bottles. And since I bought four sets, it meant that I had 120 medium red potions; enough for me to fight for one hour. Since the players now were already at a higher level, this kind of potion was already abundant, so the prices had fallen. Yesterday, I simply spent 12 gold coins to buy so much. It really was prescient!

The system seemed to want to joke with me. After hitting the Swamp Guardian for 5 minutes, its Health was only reduced a little. Wouldn’t it be a joke?

Clearly not, as this proofed that behind the Guardian must be some treasures!

After the thrill, excitement and impulse, I didn’t wait until the climax, and finally I started to feel numb…

I swinged my Pine Forest Claymore again and again, and whenever the CD time was up, three active attack skills would be released. When I reached level 30, the skills experience could be filled again. It was said, a level 4 Combo had a chance to strike three attacks. It was really something to look forward to!

30 minutes had passed…

The Guardian’s health had also dropped to less than half already, but I had spent nearly half of my potions. My two arms swinged automatically. It was a good thing that the action in the game didn’t require real physical strength, otherwise, I might already strained my muscle by now.

60 minutes had already passed…

Looking at the Swamp Guardian’s Health which was almost empty now, my spirit was back!

Ever since I played this game, this BOSS was the opponent with the highest defense and most Health I ever encountered. Attacking continuously by myself, I would still need about 60 minutes. Roughly counted, I probably attacked 20-30 times per minute with each attack causing 120 damage. So, in one minute, I reduced more than 2,000 of its Health. Adding my skills to the damage, it would be almost 3,000. Then, in 60 minutes it would be about 180,000 points! Hungry Gods, it was almost comparable to the Black Dragon Lady Onyxia… (TL Note: Onyxia is a BOSS character in WoW)

Another five minutes had passed…

Finally, the Swamp Guardian’s Health was completely gone. With a loud noise, its huge body dissolved, green leaves and mud falling over chaotic to the ground, and then slowly disappeared. Three pieces of equipment, a skill book, and a big pile of gold laid there quietly. At the same time, the system prompted: Congratulations! You have killed the Swamp Guardian. You gain 40 million Experience, 50 gold coins, and Prestige +2500!

I didn’t pay any attention to the experience and money, all I cared about was the equipment. I quickly ran toward the ground to pick up everything into my inventory and then excitedly inspecting one by one…

First was a necklace flashing blue lights, beautiful as the heart of the ocean:

[Blue Guardian of the Heart] (Necklace – Purple Equipment)

Stamina: +37

Intelligence: +42

Agility: +32

Extra: Increase healing effect by 45%

Required Level: 30

Oh my God, my eyes were all wet…

Finally, the first piece of purple equipment! And most likely, the first purple equipment in the whole [Moon Monochrome] server! I didn’t see mistakenly, it increase the healing effect not by 45 points, but 45%. What kind of concept was this? Although, it wouldn’t be for my use, but giving it to Lu Xue Han would certainly have an unexpected impact. Perhaps this girl would throw herself into my arms, sweet…

Without thinking much, I directly sent a message to Xu Lin: “Are you with Xue Han and Xin Yu? Come across the map and form a group with me!”

Xu Lin didn’t respond. A few seconds later, I got a system confirmation message to form a group.

After selecting confirm, I looked at the team which consisted of four girls, Xu Lin, Xin Yu, Lu Xue Han, and also Li Qing. All of them were our own people!

I quickly made an illustration of the [Blue Guardian of the Heart] and then sent it to the team channel!


Even I was still wearing the helmet, I could still hear the screams coming from outside of the room, and sure enough, soon after someone knocked at my door.

I immediately entered the area which was guarded by the Swamp Guardian, and went offline without looking around anymore.

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