The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 068

Hurricane City – Chapter 68 (Sword of Darkness)

Xu Lin and Xin Yu both appeared in my room. Xin Yu was holding the bag of potato chips that I bought earlier, and while she was eating it, she looked at me smiling. Lu Xue Han also sat cramped on my bed.

Xu Lin’s pretty face was bright red, a true reflection of her excitement at the moment.

“Lin Fan, this is really a pioneering work. You know, no one has gotten an epic purple equipment yet, but you manage to get it by yourself, you’re definitely the first person in the world to get it!”

I smiled and said to Xu Lin, “Sister Lin, please don’t praise me, otherwise I’ll die of pride.”

“Yes, how did you get it?” Xu Lin straightened her full chest. First, her feminine scent, and now she made such a move, I really felt a little overwhelmed.

“Don’t just stare. Hurry up and tell us how you get it!” Xin Yu sat on my bed, placing her two white arms on my shoulders, pressing her full plumped breast tightly against my arm. With this kind of intimacy, my ears couldn’t help to burn red.

“I really can’t stand this!” I gently pushed Xin Yu away and glanced at Lu Xue Han, but she didn’t look angry. Then, I seriously spoke, “Last time, in Wild Horse Plain, I did a serial mission and got a blue warrior glove. But, because of the completion of the mission, the Wild Horse Plain’s monsters were all refreshed and didn’t fit for me anymore. So, on the edge of the map area, I found a small mountain path. And at the end of the mountain path, a BOSS with an AOE attack was guarding the passage to another piece of the map.”

Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu looked at me with their beautiful eyes wide open. I took a cup of water, drank a sip, and then continued, “The BOSS was very powerful and its magic had a paralysis effect. Every half minute, it would stunned me for two seconds. It took me one full hour to get rid of the BOSS, and I needed to consume four sets of medium healing potion. But the reward was great: three high-level equipment and a skill book. I have only looked at the necklace’s attributes, as I didn’t have the time to look at the others.”

Xu Lin said with a pursed smile, “This time you really made it! With Xue Han’s healing effect increased by 45%, she would become a world-ranked cleric, and the chance for us to win the Courage Challenge is even greater!”

I nodded in agreement, “That’s right, the attributes of this necklace are very high. The added Stamina alone is already 37 points, which means, compared to other Clerics, Xue Han would have 300 more points of Health. Even a Thief with a low Attack would need a long time to kill her.”

Speaking of which, I changed the subject and said, “But, have you thought about the necklace’s level requirement is level 30. Do you think Xue Han could raise her level from level 25 to level 30 in just two days?”

The three beautiful women suddenly froze. I smiled and hurriedly gave a solution, “When the competition begins, it doesn’t really matter if she couldn’t equip the necklace. Our combined strength in Jiangsu, Shanghai Region, is definitely at the top-three. So, at least, we could have an absolute advantage with our levels!”

“Yes, that’s right…” Xin Yu smiled softly and patted Lu Xue Han who was sitting next to her on the shoulder, and said, “Have our little beautiful Lu Xue Han decided on how to repay Lin Fan for this world-first purple necklace?”

Lu Xue Han just smiled and didn’t say anything. It seemed she had learned that this was the best way to restrain Xin Yu.

Xu Lin laughed and then spoke, “Lin Fan, I estimate this purple necklace would worth at least 500,000 RMB. But currently, I don’t have that much fund yet. I’ll give you 50,000 RMB right now, and later after we grow bigger, I’ll make it up to you. Together with the money from Murong Shan Shan last time, I’ll transfer 80,000 RMB into your personal account.”

Getting 50,000 in such a short time, I didn’t even have the time to be happy. Without wanting to argue, I said, “Sister Lin, this purple necklace is for Xue Han to use and it’s not really sold for 500,000. It’s enough if you just give me 50,000. Later, when this piece of equipment is sold, then just count the 1/3 commission rate.”

Xu Lin nodded and said, “That’s good too. Let’s get back to leveling then. The tournament will begin in two days.”

Everyone went back to their room. I stopped Lu Xue Han as she was leaving, “Xue Han, I’ll give you the necklace when I get back to the City.”

Lu Xue Han nodded, smiled and said, “Lin Fan, I really appreciate it. I’ll treat you to a meal next time…”

While still wondering when we would have that meal, I was going to put on the helmet. Lu Xue Han suddenly turned around and said, “Also, thanks for the snack…”

Seeing Lu Xue Han’s snow-white face turned bright red, it was very charming.

I nodded, and Lu Xue Han had also entered her room. I hastily wore the helmet to check on the remaining two equipment. I vaguely remembered that there was a sword, which I hope would be a superb one!

After I got online, I appeared on the cliff side. Before I had the time to move, the system prompted: You were attacked by the Swamp Guardian. Paralyzed for two seconds!

Eh? The BOSS had respawned already?

An unwritten rule in [Moon Monochrome] was that for all NPC BOSS, only the first time it was killed would it drop the highest grade of equipment or skill books. After it had respawned, killing it would only result in low-grade equipment drops. Besides, since my equipment’s durability was already less than half, this had completely discouraged me from killing it over again.

But, the respawn rate of this BOSS was quite fast, it had respawned in less than 30 minutes. Killing it once had given me 2500 prestige, so this should be a good way to grind prestige. Ah, speaking of grinding prestige, I remembered. Didn’t Murong Shan Shan say we were going to grind prestige for the whole night? It was almost ten now, and she still wasn’t online yet. This was not her usual style.

Anyway, I should first look at the two pieces of equipment. The first one was a dark sword:

[Sword of Darkness] (Blue Equipment)

Attack: 170-245

Strength: +28

Stamina: +24

Agility: +21

Required Level: 32

Ha ha ha! I wildly laughed my heart out. Murong Shan Shan couldn’t even boast herself for two days, and I actually had gotten a hold to a two-handed sword with stronger attributes. Although it was still a blue equipment, but, it must be definitely the best large sword at the moment! Too bad, it would need Level 32 to equip. I took a look at my information, and I was already at level 30! The ultra-high Experience gained from the Guardian had actually sent me straight to level 30! It seemed that leveling to Level 32 before the tournament would still be very possible!

What depressed me more was my current equipment were all worn out already. If I continued to attack the Guardian, the equipment might even go off, which was really not worth it. Where should I find another top-grade equipment nowadays?

There should still be another equipment, so I quickly took a look…

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