The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 069

Hurricane City – Chapter 69 (Night Elf’s Bow)

A translucent fire-red bow laid quietly in my inventory. With only a glance, one would know this was an awesome weapon:

[Night Elf’s Bow] (Blue Equipment)

Attack: 110-165

Strength: +15

Stamina: +24

Agility: +27

Required Level: 26

I rubbed my eyes. I took a look one more time again before I realized that this bow and Murong Shan Shan’s Night Elf’s Sword were from the same set, only the Attack was slightly lower. But, for the Archer’s long distance attack would be sufficient. After all, Archers had more attacking skills than Swordsmen. Aeon Flux shot, Blazing Arrow, Raging Arrow, Missile Arrow, Piercing Arrow, and Scattered Shot, all these skills could be learned just from the NPC trainer alone. Not to mention, Xin Yu also had the powerful War God’s Force skill.

This Night Elf’s Bow was really good. Xin Yu was now at Level 25, and with her diligence, she should be able to rise to Level 26 within two days, and would increase our fighting strength quite significantly during the tournament.

There was still a skill book:

[Haste]: Upon activating the skill, the Swordsman’s movement speed and attack speed increase by 30% for 30 seconds. The skill’s duration and effect increase with skill level. Required Level: 32.

Another active skill. Furthermore, the required level for this skill and the Sword of Darkness were the same. In these two days, I really had to get to Level 32, otherwise, I wouldn’t make the most of it during the tournament!

Three pieces of equipment and a skill book, all put safely in the inventory. I should now look at the surrounding’s situation. The area’s name was shown on the map: Muddy Swamp!

No wonder that BOSS was called the Swamp Guardian. It actually was guarding this swamp.

Far away in the woods, a few huge crocodiles were crawling back and forth, which level’s I couldn’t see with my current level 30. But, currently, I wasn’t too interested into this kind of monsters because they didn’t give a good reward, whether it was equipment or money.

Walking around the woods, I inspected the narrow forest path for a while. Suddenly, I found a long big river ahead of me, and from the forest across the river, I could see smoke curling up into the sky. There’s no mistake! It should be a camp there somewhere!

I immediately walked the path directly to a bridge on the river, which had taken me half hour of my time. Fortunately, there was indeed human’s presence across the river.

It was a supply troop that was halted at this location. All the soldiers here could only camp here while still encountering some difficulties.

Someone who looked like an officer said to me, “We are the supply troops from the Shaka Kingdom. A month ago, we were passing through this place, but then, we encountered magical beasts which had caused us to camp here. And during this one month we were here, thieves had robbed our food and equipment. Young Warrior, can you please help me finding those missing items?”

System Prompt: Help the troops from the Shaka Kingdom to recover their 50 missing items.

Finding these items actually meant for killing those Level 35 swamp thieves. Even without this mission, I would not miss the opportunity to kill these humanoid monsters.

I looked around and found a craftsman that could repair equipment among the tents in the camp. During the two years, the undead forces had been increasing aggressively. The countries of the continent had reached a mutual understanding and agreed to form a temporary alliance. That was why the other countries’ NPCs were treating me in a friendly manner, and repairing equipment wasn’t a problem at all.

Two hours later, my thoughts regarding this map had completely changed. Damn, it really was a treasured area. In two hours, I had only found 15 mission items and cleared every group of swamp thieves holding the required items. And during this two hours, my Level 30 Experience had unexpectedly risen from 15% to 40%. More importantly, in such a short time, I even managed to get six high-grade green equipment with required level from level 23 to level 25, which was the item levels with the most demand at the moment. Among it, there was two equipment for Xu Lin and Lu Xue Han. And the rest could all be put on sale. A level 23 green ax with Attack 55-80, and a level 24 green bow with Attack 40-75, both could be sold for a good price. The other high-grade equipment would worth fairly the same. A green equipment of level 20 or above would be priced at no lower than 1000 RMB.

I looked at the time and it was already eleven in the evening. It was strange that Murong Shan Shan hadn’t gotten online until now, considering her enthusiasm for the game. Especially, prior the tournament, she shouldn’t have given up such a good opportunity to level.

After going offline, I washed my feet and took off my clothes. Wrapped in a quilt, I leaned against the bed and reached for the glass to wipe the fog off with my hand. Faintly, I could still see the snowflake floating outside. It felt as if I could see Murong Shan Shan’s charming face and sweet smile. The appearance of my twinkling cell phone on the bed was like the bitter snow outside. And inside the room, it was very quiet.

I picked up the phone and searched for Murong Shan Shan’s number, but then I hesitated. Should I call her or not? She was only my client. We didn’t have an intimate relationship, should I be so concerned about her?

Lu Xue Han walked into the room, wiping her face. Seeing me leaning on my bed, she smiled and said, “Today you’re sleeping quite early. What’s the matter? Can’t sleep yet?”

I smiled and said, “Go to sleep early. That way you’ll become more beautiful…”

Lu Xue Han just smiled and went into her room. Meanwhile, I had pressed the call button already. Since I was a bit worried, I should just do it, otherwise, I might just regret later.


The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered. Not until the sixth ring before it was answered, but it wasn’t Murong Shan Shan’s voice.

“Hello, is it Lin Fan?” It seemed like Cocoa’s voice.

I asked back, “Cocoa? Where is Shan Shan? Why didn’t she go online tonight? Didn’t she say we are going to grind prestige?”

Cocoa sounded a little anxious, “Shan Shan is ill. She got a high fever and is now staying in the hospital. The doctor just gave her an infusion and said to wait until tomorrow before she can be discharged. The fever is quite serious.”

I was shocked, “Why did she suddenly get such a serious fever? In which hospital is she now?”

“In the XX Hospital on the third floor.” Cocoa hung up the phone as she finished saying that. She didn’t ask me if I would go or not.

Should I go to see her or not?

If I went there, what should I say then?

Pondering for a while, I ended up getting out of the bed. After getting dressed, I went into Xin Yu’s and Xu Lin’s room.

“Xin Yu… Xin Yu…”

I whispered to wake Xin Yu up. This girl went to bed early, how was she fast asleep already?

“Lin Fan, what’s the matter?” Xin Yu asked, rubbing her eyes.

“Lend me 1,000 Yuan. Right now, hurry!”

Xin Yu instantly asked in confusion, “It’s already so late, and you need to bring so much money. Where are you going?”

“Don’t ask. Tomorrow, I’ll give you a Level 26 blue blow. One thousand Yuan!”

Xin Yu quickly drew out ten red pieces from her wallet…

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