The Legendary Thief – Book 02 – Chapter 071

Hurricane City – Chapter 71 (Expert)

Halting a cab, I sat with Murong Shan Shan in the back. She put her purse on her lap. The money I borrowed from Xin Yu last night were also of no use. The cab driver kept peeking in the mirror, looking at the beautiful Murong Shan Shan. Even the car movement was sometimes out of order.

Murong Shan Shan looked me in the eyes, and suddenly poked me with her arm and said loudly, “Hey, later on, you need to wash the clothes for a month!”

I was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

The driver in front immediately pricked up his ears to listen to her words.

Murong Shan Shan smirked a smile, “The doctor just said, after the abortion, I can’t touch cold water for a month, so naturally, you have to wash the clothes!”

“What? You…” I pointed her nose and was speechless because my anger.

Murong Shan Shan glanced at the driver and quickly put my hand on her leg, patting it and lovingly said, “Don’t fret! It’s all your fault, why were you careless last time!”

My eyes had become moist. Such a rogue and yet this lovely girl was sitting next to me right now. And also, with her letting my hand rest on her leg, I could clearly feel her smooth and slender thigh so astonishingly resilience.

When the cab stopped at the entrance of XX University, Murong Shan Shan handed over 10 Yuan to the driver and then pulled me out of the car. The driver repeatedly shook his head, such a good girl had been defiled…

There were many people who came to attend the morning class, yet, apparently, she wouldn’t easily let my hands go. And not until we were inside the campus that she let it go. She turned her head and then said, “This morning, I still have an exam to make. I’ll be online during noon and will call you then!”

I nodded and was about to turn around when suddenly a girl came from the side. Pointing at me, she asked Murong Shan Shan, “Shan Shan, who is this?”

“A friend!” Murong Shan Shan grinned.

I rushed to walk out of the entrance, avoiding to create a scandal among these university girls, as well not to let others saying I was preying on young girls, even though I was only two years older than Murong Shan Shan.

After buying a few buns on the roadside for breakfast, this time, when I got back, I took a notice at the table, and there was a bowl of porridge which was still warm left there by Lu Xue Han. After I finished the porridge, I went into my room. The warmth was really so comfortable!

I spent the whole morning doing the mission collecting the missing items. Four hours later, my level 30 Experience had risen to 82%. It seemed that I could reach level 31 in the afternoon, and certainly, my level could rise to level 32 by tomorrow. Having this kind of fast escalating speed should be considered a rare thing after passing the level 30. Too bad, my world rank didn’t improve much; clearly, the other high-level players also had this fast leveling speed.

Along with the reward from yesterday’s BOSS and from this mission, currently, in my inventory were 132 gold coins. Besides the 50 gold coins reward, yesterday’s BOSS also gave me another 40 gold coins, and I got the other 40 gold coins from killing those swamp thieves. Moreover, from last night until noon today, I had also gotten 15 pieces of green equipment. Fortunately, the inventory had a total space of 200, and with no materials whatsoever, it would be more than sufficient to store all the equipment.

After having lunch and repairing my equipment for a moment, I thought about the Swamp Guardian that had already respawned. Perhaps, I should spend another hour to kill the Guardian one more time. Since I got a lot of potions drop from the swamp thieves, wasting one hour of time to kill it shouldn’t be a problem.

After making up my mind, I went directly to the swamp exit and from far away, could already see the Swamp Guardian guarding the canyon. This old enemy didn’t pay much attention to me.

Brandishing the sword, [Frozen Blade]!

The intense fighting had started again. Well, no, not really an intense one actually, but just a continuous hitting event…

An hour later, once again, the Swamp Guardian had fallen under my sword. But, this time, my control was better; there were still a few potions left after exhaustingly playing for 10 hours.

Time to check the rewards of this fight. This time, I only gained eight million Experience, not that 40 million Experience like last time. I also only got two pieces of equipment drop, but their quality dropped a lot. It was just a blue equipment and a green one, with reduced equipment level. Both required only a level 25 to use, not like before where the required level was 32.

It seemed to continue to fight with this Swamp Guardian wasn’t worth it anymore and would be just a waste of my equipment durability. Even the Experience wasn’t enough; eight million Experience had only let my Experience grew 5%, whereas killing the Swamp Thieves would give me an 10% Experience growth per hour.

Two days had passed in a blink of an eye…

Just by continuously killing the swamp thieves like this, my level also had reached level 32 already, almost reaching level 33 with 80% of Experience. Once I equipped the Sword of Darkness, my Attack immediately rose greatly. Not only that, with the Swordsman’s [Haste] skill activated, my fighting capacity would nearly double, and my action speed could rival the best Thief with the same level! Unfortunately, the duration of this skill was short, only 30 seconds, and also with a CD time of 30 minutes.

I looked at my attributes and equipment. Tomorrow’s Courage Challenger would really be an opportunity for me to put my skill in action.

Qing Cai Baiyu Tang (Swordsman)

Level: 32

Health: 1950

Attack: 425-550 (x110%)

Defense: 363 (x110%)

Prestige: 4130

Luck: 0


Hands – [Sword of Darkness] (Blue Equipment)

Attack: 170-245

Strength: +28

Stamina: +24

Agility: +21

Required Level: 32

Chest – [Guardian’s Armor] (Blue Equipment)

Defense: 52

Stamina: +16

Strength: +14

Agility: +15

Required Level: 21

Headgear – [Brave Gold Guardian] (Blue Equipment)

Defense: 54

Stamina: +18

Strength: +16

Agility: +8

Required Level: 28

Legs – [Warrior’s Leg Armor] (Green Equipment, Armor)

Defense: +34

Stamina: +12

Strength: +9

Required Level: 26

Hand – [Justice Contender] (Blue Equipment – Armor)

Defense: 57

Stamina: +24

Strength: +22

Agility: +21

Extra: Increase effect received from healing spells, up to 100 points.

Required Level: 28

[Cloak of Darkness] (Blue Equipment)

Defense: 32

Stamina: +12

Strength: +16

Agility: +14

Additional Effect: Dark Magic Resistance increases by 25%

Required Level: 26

[Undead’s Battleboots] (Green Equipment)

Defense: 28

Strength: +8

Agility: +12

Required Level: 24

[Undertaker’s Ring] (Blue equipment)

Strength: +15

Stamina: +12

Agility: +16

Special Effect: While wearing this ring, when you attack, you will absorb 3% of the damage dealt to restore your health.

Required Level: 20

[Devotion Necklace] (No grade)

Stamina: +10

Strength: +12

Intelligence: +8

Agility: +14

Extra: Increase skills success rate by 50%.

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