The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 072

Hurricane City – Chapter 72 (The Courage Challenge – 1)

“Lin Fan, wake up. Don’t you know what time it is?!”

Early in the morning, I already saw Xin Yu’s pretty face when I opened my eyes.

I suddenly remembered getting too excited last night and went to sleep when it was already one in the morning; Xu Lin had transferred more than 120,000 RMB into my personal account. Ever since I quitted WAR3 one year ago, I had never had this much money again. In the past, I used to give it all to my parents. There wasn’t any difference with the condition later on where I was poor. However, then they heartlessly kicked me out of the house; in their opinion, I wouldn’t have any future by playing games. As a professional player in the team before, my annual salary was 200,000 RMB, not a small sum like what an ordinary white-collar would get. Why people could just not approve an online gamer profession?

Now that I had joined the hundred-thousand-Yuan-annual-salary club again, I wouldn’t need to freeload from Murong Shan Shan again!

After getting to level 32, I couldn’t get more Experience in Muddy Swamp anymore. And since I had done all three missions that I could get there, there was no need to stay in there anymore. To level up further, I would need to find a new area. Only after the end of this first Courage Challenge, which was held in all four main cities of the China server, I could be relieved again. But this Courage Challenge tournament would continue for four days. If I could make my way to the final, I wouldn’t have any time to level anymore. Most likely, I would need to wait until the system opened the new main cities to find a new leveling opportunity. At that time, the number of the players, whether those looking for missions or to sell things would be much fewer.

Playing for two days in the Muddy Swamp, I got 17 pieces of equipment in addition to the Blue Guardian. Except for two pieces of weapon, which sold for almost 40,000 RMB, the other 16 were sold for more than 60,000 RMB. Especially, that high-attack ax, which price had skyrocketed to 26,800 RMB. It was even beyond my expectations, but, since the tournament was about to begin, having the best weapon was definitely something every player would dream of. Thinking about that, it wasn’t that surprising anymore.

At the table…

Xu Lin made a speech before we ate, “In another hour, the Courage Challenge will begin. From 8:00 to 11:00, in every 15 minutes, there will be a round of competition. The first two days are for the team competition, and the next two days would be for the individual competition. I think the prize for the champion should be something extremely valuable, so, our goal is only one thing – becoming the Champion!!”

Everyone spoke in unison, united by their will together, “Becoming the Champion!!!”

“We absolutely can not – underestimate the enemy!”

“Underestimate the enemy!!!”


When we started to eat, Lu Xue Han handed me a bowl of soy milk and smilingly said, “I’m still unable to equip that purple necklace. Even though I tried hard to level, but I only managed to get to level 27. We have to wait for next month’s Courage Challenge before I can use the necklace.”

“Level 27 is not bad. Even Murong Shan Shan who ranked second in the city is at level 28 only.”

After Murong Shan Shan recovered from her illness, she had practiced with extra effort, and within two days had surpassed Ye Qiu to become the city’s second-ranked.

Xin Yu who had just finished doing a facial skin care treatment, sat next to me, emitting a captivating delicate fragrance, “The Attack from the Bow, which Lin Fan gave was extremely high, otherwise I could not have risen up to level 28 already. How do you want me to express my gratitude to you?”

Xin Yu purposely stuck out her chest, throwing a coquettish glance at me.

I quickly plunged into the pile of buns…

After the meal, everyone went back to their own room. Yesterday, Xu Lin had already signed us up, so, now we only needed to wait in the city for the system to transfer the five of us to the contest area.

Before reaching the Top-16, the tournament would be carried out in an area arranged by the system. However, when the tournament had reached the Top-16, the fighting will be conducted in the game arena in the center of the city. All the players could then watch the finals through the system configuration program.

It was said that the Top-8 matches would be broadcasted live on Jiangsu’s and Shanghai’s regional TV entertainment channel. At that time, the region’s game lover would all be able to see the qualified players competing, and fame would follow those players. Without a doubt, the champion of the individual and team competition would become superstars. This was also why Xu Lin had put such an importance to this competition. If we became the top guild in Jiangsu and Shanghai region, then in the future, we could earn a lot and a lot of money!

While I was thinking about this, Xu Lin, Xin Yu, Lu Xue Han, and Li Qing had all arrived at the East Gate Bridge, which had practically already became our rendezvous point. Everyone had just repaired their equipment a while ago. It was unknown whether, during the competition, there would be any NPC to repair the equipment. It would be embarrassing if the durability of the equipment depleted during the game.

Xu Lin looked at the time and then said in the team channel, “Each round is 15 minutes. The match time itself is 10 minutes, and the 5 minutes will give us the time to inspect the opponent’s class combination and discuss the countermeasure strategy. There’s no need to say anything at the moment. We’ll just wait until the competition starts before we discuss further. Everyone should keep their communication line open. We’ll communicate directly with speech during the competition.”

Everyone agreed. This competition was the first time in [Moon Monochrome], so it was also our first time experiencing it. With so little information regarding this competition, we could only accumulate the knowledge after we experienced it in the next match.

Ten minutes quickly passed. While the countdown sound intensely, the few of us were transferred to a contest field numbered 1025211. Across us, five other players also appeared, which would be our first opponent in this group Courage Challenge tournament.

The two players with clothes armor should be a Mage and a Cleric. Two others were heavily armed, where one of them was holding a shield while the other held a battle-ax. Obviously, one was a Knight and the other was a Barbarian. The last one wore a leather armor, and his hand, he was holding that looked like a white dagger. He should be of the famous Class, the Thief.

The time passed by the minutes and seconds. Li Qing who was the most impatient one among us, couldn’t help but ask, “How do we attack?”

Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han both laughed. With just a glance, they could tell that those people across us were mostly using white equipment, whereas the worst equipment on our side were green equipment. In other words, the following competition already favored our side and would just serve for us to accumulate PK experiences.

Xu Lin also laughed, but still answered, “Xue Han should always keep a watch on Lin Fan’s Health and never let him die. Xin Yu should attack right away and use Aeon Flux (Shock) arrows to cover me and Lu Xue Han. Do not let the Thief and Barbarian getting near us. Li Qing should summon the pet at once and assist Lin Fan in attacking their Mage and Cleric!”

The system had separated both sides by a blue light. Five minutes later, the light disappeared, and the game began!

At that moment, the opponent’s Thief faded away from our vision…

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