The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 073

Hurricane City – Chapter 73 (The Courage Challenge – 2)

Lu Xue Han and Xu Lin quickly ran separately in two directions. I also rushed forward right away, launching my [Combo] targeting the opponent’s Magician with the white equipment!

“784!” “821!”

Perhaps these two damage figure had scared the hell out of the opponent; when the Mage was insta-killed, the Cleric didn’t react at all. It was until I was three yards away from him that he woke up from his shocked and casted a spell on me. “50”, “50”, my Health immediately decreased, and my movement speed was reduced to 80% of my original speed.

The Cleric rushed to run away, but it was then when his body was hit by a magical frost arrow. Xu Lin had finally attacked!

The effect of the frost arrow was devastating. I arrived at his side and with a [Heavy Strike], I sent the level 18 Cleric out of the game. Meanwhile, a red light flashed behind Lu Xue Han. The opponent’s Thief made his attack!


The Thief’s Backstab unexpectedly made a critical hit, and Lu Xue Han’s Health had instantly dropped almost 1/3. At the same time, a bright light accompanied by a thunder sound flew toward her head!

It turned out to be [Battle Axe Strike]! Lu Xue Han was in danger!

Li Qing let out a loud scream, but Lu Xue Han calmly lift her hand and had instantly healed herself to full Health. Xin Yu quickly released her Aeon Flux and stunned the Thief behind Lu Xue Han. The Knight had then charged Xu Lin into the corner and hit her with his pike. Immediately, Xu Lin’s Health dropped 54 points. It was unfortunate for the Knight to not have good equipment. With no additional attack skills, he couldn’t deal substantial damages to Xu Lin who wore top-notch items.

When the Thief recovered from the stunned effect, he immediately jumped toward Xin Yu who was attacking him. Yet, even though she knew the Thief’s attack wouldn’t give a fatal wound, still, she shamelessly ran to my side in a panic. However, this Level 21 Thief didn’t know that our strongest member was in front of him, he still rushed over to charge. Of course, what greeted him was the Sword of Darkness…


Although just a normal attack, but it still killed and turned him into a white light, and directly sent him to the spectators seat outside the match field, to join the previously killed two people…

An Attack of 425-550 was really not to be underestimated! Three players had been insta-killed by me. Although our equipment difference still mattered, but, it still had given me an opportunity to show off my skills.

Xu Lin’s voice entered my ears, “We should attack the Barbarian first, his Attack is very high, perhaps it’s a blue weapon!”

I turned to look and saw the Barbarian was chasing behind Lu Xue Han. Although being slowed down by the frozen arrow, but still, his attack would occasional hit her. The Knight at the side probably realized that his equipment was simply too low. He just stood there and watch his teammate chasing after the beautiful little Cleric!

Xin Yu poked my arm with a smile and said, “Go ahead! It’s a good opportunity for the hero to rescue the beautiful maiden!”

I glanced at her and helplessly said, “Didn’t you get it? Xue Han is currently trying to separate that player from his teammate. Clearly, she wants to single out the Barbarian!”

“Oh, it really seems like that…” Xin Yu suddenly came to the realization, then she casually shoot an arrow to kill the useless Knight.

Xu Lin and Li Qing had also stopped. Lu Xue Han was leading the Barbarian to the edge of the field and cast a spell on him when the slow effect on the Barbarian was gone, and then she would just turn to run again.

I couldn’t help but smile, “It seems that Xue Han can control her ranged attack very well now. What follows is she will just slowly torture her opponent to death.”

As I predicted, under her beautiful control, the Barbarian couldn’t get close to her at all. Instead, her Binding curse and Retribution was giving him an unbearable pain, and soon enough, he had only half of his Health left.

The Battle Axe Strike’s CD time was finally up!

Just when I thought of it, a bright axe had already flown out from the opponent, and immediately wiped out half of Lu Xue Han’s Health. But, she seemed to have expected it and already prepared the healing spell which need one second of preparation time to cast. Almost at the same time the axe struck her, she healed herself to full Health! She had just nullified the Battle Axe Strike. And, considering the CD time difference for both of the skills, the Battle Axe Strike was completely ineffective against her.

One minute later, this Level 23 Warrior that had quite some good equipment was finally killed by our charming little Cleric.

System Notification: Congratulations! Green Veggies team achieved victory. Hopefully, you can keep it up in the next round to get a better ranking!

Victory! The first round was a success – Victory!

In five minutes, the next match would start. The system will match all the qualified team from the first round within a few seconds, and all we needed to do now was just to wait to be transported to the next round’s arena.


Murong Shan Shan sent a text, “Did you get through?”

“Of course. What about you?”

“Likewise. I personally killed three persons!”

I just smiled. Murong Shan Shan was currently at Level 28 and her Attack was very high. I this city, she was probably only second to my Swordsman character and was also our team’s biggest rival.

Five minutes went by fast, and we were immediately transported to the next match venue. This time, our opponent’s combination was really depressing. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be an all leather armored team, and each of them was holding a dagger. If they weren’t archers equipped with daggers, five Thieves would definitely give us a hard time.

“What do we do?”

This time, even Xin Yu was a bit dumbfounded…

Xu Lin was also confused and casted her eyes on me.

I actually had never met this kind of situation before, but I would still know some way to deal with it.

“Xue Han shouldn’t worry about healing and should just directly cast a curse upon all the Thieves. In this competition, players aren’t allowed to drink potions, and Thieves’s Health isn’t high, so 200 damages from the curse would be quite significant to them. More importantly, the cursed Thief would not be able to gain invisibility again. As soon as the match starts, Xin Yu should try to stun a Thief using her Aeon Flux shot, and I will help her to kill the first Thief. Sister Lin, you must not use physical attacks. Just keep moving and cast AOE spell upon the enemy. Since you have a lot of mana, they won’t last very long.”

The girls nodded to agree, but Li Qing who was on the side asked, “What about me?”

“Just attack any of them and try to stay alive…”

The countdown to the match had started!




A flash of blue light flew in the air with some fire sparks, and one Thief was immediately stunned by the Aeon Flux while the other four Thieves quickly disappeared into the void. I secretly cried “Well done” and rushed with my sword right away!

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