The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 074

Hurricane City – Chapter 74 (The Courage Challenge – 3)

My rapid and ruthless [Combo] had emptied the Thief’s Health in front of me. And followed by a normal attack, he was instantly turned into a white light and sent flying back into the audience seat. But, when I turned around to look, the scene had given me a shock.

The rest of our team had been sent into chaos by those four thieves. Xu Lin’s Health had been emptied by the attack of two Thieves. On the other side, Lu Xue Han ran back retreating while still putting a Thief under a curse. Li Qing had panicked. It was until Xin Yu and I began to attack the Thief attacking Lu Xue Han, that she regained back to her senses. Her summoned Water Elemental could finally attack a target.

Xu Lin who was being chased didn’t cry for help. The Thief had activated [Haste] and his movement speed had become very fast. Xu Lin, the weak little magician, was about to die!


A silvery beaming light had saved her life back. The large healing from Lu Xue Han had directly fully filled Xu Lin’s Health, which was less than 800 points.

The Thief who was chasing Lu Xue Han before had been hit by my sword for 400 points of damage, so he immediately activated his [Haste] to retreat from my attack range. Unfortunately, he couldn’t run out of Xin Yu’s attack range. A combo of Blazing Arrow and Piercing Arrow instantly killed him. After Xin Yu used the Night Elf’s Bow, her attack power was really extraordinary!

There were only three Thieves left. With the Thief who was chasing Lu Xue Han had been killed, the pressure was much reduced, thus, Xu Lin was also much safer already. Her Frost Armor didn’t only add a lot of Defenses but also had a slowing effect for the Thieves. Without this skill and the superb equipment, for a normal Mage, even with a good control skill, they wouldn’t be able to survive the two Thieves’ poison dagger for that long.

The other Thief who was chasing Li Qing before had now turned around to go after Xu Lin as well. Lu Xue Han immediately cast a magical shield onto Xu Lin, so that she could bear more hits. All of us tried to do the best we could. After all, the opponent’s three Thieves were trying really hard to kill Xu Lin.

The time for Xin Yu’s Aeon Flux had already come around again, and together with my Combo, we managed to kill another Thief. I hadn’t used my Frozen Blade and Haste skill until now. I wanted to save these two skills for the finals and not let people see my trump card so early. The expert way to play was to use the elements of surprise right in the final moments.

“Hey, what are you guys doing? Hurry up and finish them!”

Xu Lin finally snapped and shouted angrily to the bunch of us.

“Everyone’s busy!” I quickly stepped forward. The combo of my Heavy Strike and Xin Yu’s Exploding Arrow had killed another Thief.

With only one Thief remaining, the pressure on Xu Lin was greatly reduced. She turned around right away and cast fireballs toward the Thief who had been going after her for quite a while, exposing Her aggressive nature!

Everyone was dumbfounded. Even that unlucky Thief was dumbfounded as well and was instantly killed by Xu Lin’s two large fireballs!

Another complete victory. Although Xu Lin almost got killed several times, but the other members’ Health had remained in a full state. In general, the combination of 5 Thieves had made us looking like fools at first, but the progressing performance was pretty good. They had accumulated a valuable experience to face a Thief in the future!

Calculating the time, we need to fight 12 rounds during the three hours in the morning. With nearly around 10 million players in Hurricane City, after 24 round of matches, the champion could be determined. In other words, in tomorrow’s game the top 16 games would be broadcasted.

The next match was still against players with white equipment. The best team was a team of three Mages and two Clerics where all of them wore about two pieces of green equipment. Unfortunately for them, their level differed too much with us, so there wasn’t any suspense in the fight.

Not until it was noon during the last round of the competition that we finally met a decent team…

A Level 24 Knight fully equipped with green equipment, a Level 23 Swordsman half-equipped with green equipment, a Level 23 Magician with a blue tier Wizard Cloak within all his green equipment, and a Level 22 Cleric, which was a female player and a dinosaur with a face like a burning site wearing general equipment. The last one was a Level 22 Thief with all green equipment, except for his dagger, which was a white one.

This assessment was only based on seeing their equipment. The attributes of the equipment were still unknown. In [Moon Monochrome]’s setting, if a player didn’t open the equipment display function, others wouldn’t be able to see their equipment’s attributes.

“The composition of that team is very comprehensive. Their equipment aren’t bad and their level’s are also high!” Xu Lin made a brief assessment and then looked at me, “Lin Fan, what should be our strategy?”

It had already come to this critical time, yet, she still had to ask me!

I had thought about it earlier, thus, I smoothly told them the strategy, “Xin Yu will use the Aeon Flux shot, and together with me, we’ll kill the Cleric. The Thief could be ignored for now. He has a poor weapon, so his attack wouldn’t give us any serious injury. Xue Han should carefully watch our Health. Sister Lin, together with Li Qing, will attack the Mage. After Xin Yu and I killed the Cleric, we’ll come to help!”

The match had already begun just as I finished my words. Xin Yu’s movement speed was amazing. She had immediately fired her Aeon Flux arrow onto the Cleric. The poor Cleric had just lifted his hands up and hadn’t released his curse, but was already hit by the enemy. However, the most miserable player wasn’t him, but our Summoner – Li Qing!

Almost in an instant, the Mage’s instant-cast fireball and the Swordsman Combo had mercilessly hit Li Qing’s body. With her low Health, she was instantly killed!

“Sister Qing!”

Lu Xue Han let out a scream. I quickly shouted, “Stay calm! Fight according to the plan!”

The same time as I was saying that, I was already near the Cleric. I waved my sword and the Combo had hit him dealing a really big damage…


After the Cleric had turned into a white light, I easily gave the Mage on the side a present of my Heavy Strike and immediately wiped out more than half of his Health. A clear expression of panic was shown on his face. I attacked once again with a normal attack, and two of the opponent’s long-range attacker was gone already.

The situation on our side wasn’t too different. This time, the opponent concentrated their attack on Lu Xue Han. Fortunately, Xu Lin had used her Frozen Arrow on each of them to slow them down. Lu Xue Han also didn’t hesitate. She threw her curse while running away, and soon the three close-range fighters had become slow moving “Red People”.

It was a beautiful scene of a perfectly played long-ranged attack. Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu attacked causing big damage, but Xu Lin exaggerated quite a bit. From a distance where the three opponents couldn’t touch her, she kept attacking them with AOE skills. The perfect range control of them had made those three good equipped melee players depressed to the point of wanting to kill themselves. However, at this time, I felt some grief in my heart. With no magic immunity skills, a close-ranged fighter Class wouldn’t stand a chance against a powerful Mage or Cleric.

In a flash, three big men were abused to death by three cute little girls. Today’s morning matches had come to an end. All of us were very tired. Although there weren’t too many matches, but our spirit were constantly in a highly nervous state.

“Finally, I can eat…” This was the only thing I could think of when I got offline.

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