The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 075

Hurricane City – Chapter 75 (The Courage Challenge – 4)

We had ordered our lunch from a restaurant beforehand, so by the time we got offline, it was already delivered.

A nice warm fish dish with pickled vegetable, a plate of spicy chicken, a pot of pork meat, and a few side dishes. I couldn’t help but feel fortunate to live together with these girls. If I were to rent my own place to stay, I might just eat instant noodles for lunch every day. It would then be strange if, after a month, my face wouldn’t look bad…

Xu Lin took out a bottle of red wine from the fridge, smilingly said, “The afternoon match won’t begin until two in the afternoon. So, to celebrate our achievement during this morning’s matches, let’s drink a bit. This wine won’t make you drunk.”

Xin Yu laughed, “This morning, we only ran into a bunch of small fries and didn’t encounter a decent expert team, otherwise we wouldn’t win those matches so easily. I wasn’t even in any danger this morning.”

“That’s because nobody looked upon you!” Xu Lin refuted and then she recalled the embarrassing situation they’d encountered when they were chased by the team of Thieves this morning.

I also felt depressed. Just by glancing, it was obvious that Xin Yu’s Night Elf’s Bow was a blue equipment. However, in the 12 matches we had, none of the opponent’s team was targeting her. Probably, they couldn’t lay a hand on such a beautiful and sexy elf!

Xu Lin suddenly thought of something and turned to me to ask, “That’s right, Lin Fan, what’s your current Attack? How come you can insta-kill those Mages and Clerics this morning?”

I counted roughly and said, “The basic Attack is 425-550. Added with the 10% from Xin Yu’s War God’s Force and another 10% from my passive skills, it’s then something about 513-665.”

Xu Lin became speechless from surprise, but Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han weren’t surprised anymore. Without that kind of high damage, it would be unlikely to insta-kill a level 20 Mage.

Xu Lin elegantly sipped her wine, turned her and around and asked Guo Zi, “How about your team?”

Guo Zi grinned, “We barely managed to get through the morning’s 12 matches, especially the last round. Only one person remained in both of the team, but, fortunately, my equipment is good enough. So, I cleaned up that level 23 Mage!”

Gazing at Guo Zi, Xin Yu asked, “Since you only have three people, you need another two to form a team. What kind of people are the other two?”

Covering her mouth, Joly laughed, “A Swordsman and a Cleric. The handsome Swordsman is already at level 24, and also has very good equipment. He had an eye for sister Liu Yun, so he joined our team. Several of his friends were mad because of that!”

Liu Yun angrily stared at Joly and then without expression she said, “Mind you own business!”

Liu Yun was like that, always being cold to anyone. Although we had been together for almost half a year, but I had only seen her smile once. It was when her ex-boyfriend called her for the last time. Afterward, she hid in her room and cried the whole day, regardless of who tried to persuade her, it was to no avail. Ever since then, she became even colder. I seldom talked to her.

Guo Zi had been together with Liu Yun for quite long and knew that although she had a cold appearance, but warm inside. So, she smiled and went on to say, “But that Swordsman was indeed not bad and quite handsome. His equipment and skills are also very good.”

At my side, Xin Yu whispered to me disdainfully, “Handsome my ass. Could he be more handsome than my Lin Fan?”

I could clearly feel the muscles on my face twitching, “Please… Who’s yours…?”

Xin Yu just grinned without saying anything anymore. On the side, Lu Xue Han blinked her beautiful eyes, probably wondering what Xin Yu said to me just now.

We probably ate for an hour or so and drank some tea afterward. And, since nobody felt a need to discuss anything anymore, everybody just went online into the game again. None of us had been eliminated, so, nobody was in the mood to train, and just wanted to look around.

Soon, I appeared back in the city. Several players that had already gotten into the game were running toward the outside. I hurriedly pulled someone and asked, “Brother, why is everyone anxiously running to go out? It can’t be a monster attack, right?”

“Well, it’s more interesting than a monster attack. Four big group are doing a battle royale out there!”

It was when I got outside that I understood the meaning of Battle Royale. Since currently nobody was able to form a guild, the system didn’t recognize someone as an enemy or a friend. So, they were just attacking anyone at random, creating a very chaotic scene.

Blue frozen arrows and red fireballs ripped the air, hitting the crowd. A Magician created a bright light when it cast Blizzard, a high-class AOE spell, toward a large group, killing many Thieves and Archers who had lesser Health. The onlookers were waiting there attracted by all kinds of white equipment and some green equipment that waited to be looted. The very messy situation became to get out of control.

A familiar voice came from behind, “It’s really wonderful. The four forces of Shanghai are really not to be underestimated!”

I looked back and say Murong Shan Shan leaning on a big tree watching the scene with an excited look on her face. Apparently, she hadn’t seen me yet.

“Ah!” A Knight had used his Assault skill into the wrong direction and directly hit the big tree next to Murong Shan Shan. Amazingly, with his Health was already very low, he had just knocked himself to death…

Under the gaze of the crowd, Murong Shan Shan put a green shield, which was dropped by that unlucky Knight, into her inventory, and then calmly smiled at everyone. Some pervert around her, seeing her smile, they immediately drooled and had their saliva dropped to the ground.

“Lin Fan, you’re also here?” Murong Shan Shan pulled me out of the crowd, looked at me and said, “Showing such an ugly smile, what do you want?”

“That shield. Spectator share, we have to split it evenly!”

“You’re too greedy. No way, we’ll split it sixty-forty. Sixty for me, forty for you!”

I just smiled but didn’t say anything.

Murong Shan Shan widened her eyes, “It can’t be! You want to have it all for yourself?”

I stopped teasing her. Pointing at the group of people doing PK in front of me, I asked, “Who are those people? Why are they fighting here? It’s in the middle of the tournament, aren’t they worried to lose levels when they died?”

“Them? Just a bunch of Shanghai punks…” said Murong Shan Shan, disregarding them.

“Nearly a thousand people doing such a large-scale PK, and you said they’re just a bunch of punks? If this were in reality, do you think the police would dare to meddle in?”

“Why not? Once hearing the gunshot, the mob would definitely vanish within five minutes!”

I no longer argued with her and asked, “How was the morning matches? Hopefully, our teams won’t prematurely face each other.”

“It’s still going on smoothly.” Murong Shan Shan secretly looked at me and went on to say, “If both of our teams meet, are you going to fight me to the death?”

“Of course, the prize is too awarding!”

Murong Shan Shan stared in blank for a moment and then she suddenly laughed, “Lin Fan, let’s have a duel!?”

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