The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 077

Hurricane City – Chapter 77 (The Courage Challenge – 6)

Pushing through the crowd, Murong Shan Shan pulled me and jogged to the Auction House at the side. She listed the shield for sale with a base price of 500 RMB, then smiled and said, “Look, tonight we’ll come back together. Whatever price this shield is sold for, we’ll share the money equally, okay?”

“You can’t be serious?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and went on to say, “You used your [Sword Qi] so well. I only managed to dodge it once. And that [Ice Blade] skill of yours, how did you learn it? That skill is an ultimate PK skill. If you had used it from the beginning, I wouldn’t stand a chance against you.”

“Humph, good that you realized that! I got the [Ice Blade] from a mission.” Murong Shan Shan said with a dissatisfied look. I wonder what she would think if she had known that I didn’t use my amazing [Frozen Blade] and [Haste] skills.

I accompanied her to browse the stuff at the auction. Since the use of potions wasn’t allowed in the competition, we didn’t buy any. In the skills book section, there was also no skills book suitable for me. And, even if there were, I couldn’t bear to buy any; the skills book seller had stirred the prices up to the heaven already. Even a simple skill book of [Ice Arrow] was sold at 2,000 RMB. A slightly higher level skill book would already reach the price of over ten thousand. Level 20 or higher skill books were only a few since they were rarely dropped. A few days ago, that I could still buy 3 level 20+ skill books with gold coins, it was really such an unexpected luck.

“By the way,” Murong Shan Shan suddenly asked, “when will you accompany me to grind prestige?” It seemed she still remembered about it.

After thinking for a moment, I said, “Let’s do it tonight. There is no competition at night. After the tournament ends, the higher level players will be going to the main city. I will also not come back here to level.”

Murong Shan Shan nodded and asked me, “Wouldn’t it be a problem tonight? Don’t you need to be with those several beautiful colleagues of yours? Cocoa, Flying Feathers, and also Temptation, aren’t they all beautiful women?”

I asked in surprise, “How did you know their game ID?”

“Humph, I saw your team fighting in the match this morning. So, of course, I would know it. Isn’t Cocoa the Cleric you give the purple necklace to? She looks very lively!” Murong Shan Shan’s words sounded sour.

“Don’t you have matches yourself? You still have the time to watch us?”

“I finished five rookies in a minute, not like your team, so much trouble. Already went through half a day, and still lost someone. What a shame!”



Lu Xue Han sent a message:

“Lin Fan, get to the earlier place. The tournament is about to begin!”

I looked at the time, and it was almost two already. After saying goodbye to Murong Shan Shan, I quickly went over there.

It was time already, and the five of us were transported to the game venue. With just a glance, we knew the opposite team was inferior to us. So, there wasn’t any need for us to discuss any strategy. After going through so many rounds in the competition, Lu Xue Han, Xu Lin, and Xin Yu had improved their operating skills and teamwork quite much. Especially Lu Xue Han’s Healing skill, which I think there wouldn’t be a better Cleric than her in Hurricane City.

It wasn’t until 16:30 that we finally met a strong opponent since this afternoon. Roughly calculated, we were already in the Top-64.

The five people in the opposite team were all Level 26, only one level lower than Lu Xue Han, but also one level higher than Li Qing. There were two Mages, a Cleric, a Knight, and also a Thief. Apparently, they didn’t possess any blue equipment, but their whole body was full with green equipment. Their strength couldn’t be underestimated!

Xu Lin gave the order seriously, “The old method. Xin Yu and Lin Fan would first kill the Cleric and then the Mages. The others should try their best to harm the opponent while not getting killed. Xue Han will pay attention to healing.”

Before she finished the talk, the match had already started!

The Thief had disappeared early on. Yet, Xin Yu’s Aeon Flux shot had also struck the Cleric with a critical hit. A 426 damage number floated up from the Cleric’s head. Unfortunately, this Cleric’s equipment was very good, and its Health was only reduced by half.

I quickly rushed over but was then hit by an Ice Arrow from the opponent’s Mage, causing my speed to become only half of the original. The stun effect on the Cleric had worn off, and with a raise of hands, it threw a curse down on me. An Exploding Flame that the other mage had prepared also heavily hit my body. The 168 damage figure that showed up had caused them to be very alarmed.

Finally, there was a team who made me as their first attacking target. But, unfortunately, they didn’t have such a perverted attack like Murong Shan Shan’s. Just with a quick healing from Lu Xue Han, my Health was back to full already. A moment later, a bright white light descended upon my body, and Lu Xue Han’s [Dispell Magic] skill gave me a nice feeling in an instant… The slowing effect had completely disappeared. And, a purification aura was formed on my feet, protecting me for 15 seconds from any magic skill with negative effects!


A beautiful red arc lit up from behind me, and I felt a slight pain on my back. F***, the Thief had used Backstab from behind me. Sadly, it only inflicted 88 points of damage. I wore heavy armors, so the poor attack from the Thief simply couldn’t cause any lethal damage to me.

Running with big steps, I was already near the Cleric and delivered a [Combo]. Instantly two messages popped out!

System Notification: The player ‘Big Tits Mom’ was killed by the [Combo] skill from player ‘Qing Cai Baiyu Tang’!

System Notification: Congratulations, your [Enhanced Combo] skill has risen a level!

I was overjoyed. I didn’t think that the [Combo] skill would advanced in the competition. Level 4 – The legendary 3-hit attack!

After the Cleric died, the opponent’s team didn’t fall in panic. The Knight and Thief continued to attack me fiercely, the Mages directly cast Fireballs on me. Although my Defense and Magic Resistance was very high, I still couldn’t endure being ganged up by 4 players. Lu Xue Han’s continuous Healing couldn’t keep up anymore with the pace of my Health dropping.

In the team channel, I shouted, “Xin Yu, join hands with sister Lin to kill the Mages!”

Xin Yu immediately abandoned the Thief immediately and locked a Mage as her target instead. Her Attack was very high. And especially against a thin-armored Mage, her arrow’s piercing effect also added some extra damage. After several hits, she managed to kill a Mage.

The pressure on me was immediately reduced. I slowly approached the other Mage. My [Combo] cooling time was just up, so I launched it with ease.




A white light flashed out. The Level 26 Mage who was covered in blood was actually killed instantly!

Only two opponents remained. Just when I was about to strike again, the Thief landed its attack on my head and stunned me. They had probably realized that trying to kill me, this city’s strongest Swordsman, was quite impossible. After stunning me, the Thief rapidly faced Xu Lin to kill her. Unfortunately, they misjudged Xu Lin’s strength and thought that this cute little Magician would be very weak. They didn’t expect her to immediately attack them with the spell she had prepared beforehand already. The Thief, who only had half of his Health left, was killed in an instant. Although the Knight had a high Defense, but he was destroyed to the state that only half of his Health remained.

No matter what, Xu Lin wore three high-level blue equipment. They had really underestimated her…

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