The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 078

Hurricane City – Chapter 78 (The Courage Challenge – 7)

After finishing the Knight who only had half of his Health left, we received a formal notification informing that the next match would be the last round before qualifying into the Top-16. Once entering the Top-16, the team would get a reward. And, a reward by the system would certainly not be a bad one. Especially that this was the first time the tournament was held, usually, it should be a generous one.

During the break, Xu Lin looked at the forum and then said to us, “The reward will be awarded to everyone on the team, so nobody will finish empty-handed. And the minimum reward for the champion will be a blue equipment. So, it means that if we become the champion, then we will have a chance to get 5 rewards, maybe…”

“Will there be a God Artifact? Or a Divine Artifact. I think, the worst should be an orange-tier equipment.” Xin Yu started to fantasizing.

Xu Lin shook her head and said, “Impossible. An orange equipment would require level 40 or above. So, I estimate that a God Artifact would require at least level 50 or even more. At the current stage of the game, it’s unlikely to be that kind of equipment. I think, the best one would be a purple equipment.”

Very satisfied, Lu Xue Han said, “A purple equipment would be nice too.”

Although Li Qing didn’t say a word, but from her smile, her feelings could be seen. In our five-person group, she was the weakest. So, if we could qualify for the championship, not dying from happiness would be strange.

Xu Lin looked at the time, “The next match will start soon. All of you must fight to their fullest in this last qualifying match.”

It was time already, and on the other side of the arena, our opponent had appeared…

It turned out to be an all-Cleric team, and all of them were level 24!

Xu Lin’s voice was a bit trembled, “What an abnormal combination. With an all-Cleric team, how could they even fight?”

Seeing her worrying over the opponent’s team, Xin Yu couldn’t help but smile, and said, “It doesn’t matter how they fight, we’ll just finish them one by one. Lin Fan, what do you think?”

“Yes, we’ll kill them one by one. Don’t give them the opportunity to heal each other. Otherwise, it won’t be good for us if we all get hit by a curse or debuff magics.”

Everyone concurred, and five minutes later, the fight began!

Just when the match started, Xin Yu had already a Cleric with her Aeon Flux shot. Instead, I chose a Cleric that was closer to me and quickly rushed over. Lu Xue Han’s controlling skill was also really good. When a curse hit me, she had already thrown a [Dispel Magic] on me to disperse it. The precious 15 seconds would be enough to kill a Cleric!

I unleashed [Heavy Strike] and [Combo] at once!





The four digital numbers continuously popped out on top of the Cleric’s head. He should already be killed by the second hit, but, I still deliver four hits to kill him. He must have died unwillingly and frustrated. His teammates didn’t even have a chance to save him since my [Heavy Strike] and [Combo] was completed almost instantly. Without a superb operating skill, there would be simply no time to cast a healing spell.

Emitting a blazing heat, Xin Yu’s [Exploding Arrow] exploded in the air and killed a Cleric, even though he received support from his teammates. As the white light flashed, he was still able to cast a curse upon all of us.

Three minutes later…

Xin Yu yelled angrily, “What is this fight? When can we finish them off? Lin Fan, stop chasing that girl and get over here to kill this one!”

It was rather unexpected that these several Clerics in front of me were really awesome. They toyed with me, someone of the Swordsman class, making me helplessly just like a kite blown by the wind back and forth. So long Lu Xue Han’s [Dispell Magic]’s CD time hadn’t worn off, I could only boringly let them torture me in the middle of them. No wonder this team could reach the Top-32 since they had such a tricky strategy to play. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone with a weaker equipment would already be tortured to death by now.

I quickly ditched the only female player of the opponent’s team and ran over to the Cleric who was stunned by Xin Yu’s Aeon Flux. Using the [Combo] skill, I took away his little life.

Phew, only three of the undying cockroaches remained!

Another three minutes passed again. A white light rose up from Xu Lin’s fireball. Finally, the opponent’s last Cleric had been killed!

System Notification: Congratulations to Green Veggies Cocoa’s team to qualify for the Top-16. The competition will continue tomorrow morning at 09:00 with the drawing of lots to decide the matches grouping!

Xu Lin let out a grumble, “It’s finally over. Such a hassle…”

Our match was over, so we all dispersed. Murong Shan Shan also just finished her last match and had sent me a text, “Have you finished your match? Try opening the Courage Challenge option in the System Menu. In there, you can check the city’s player that had qualified for the Top-16. Don’t forget to accompany me tonight to grind prestige. I’m going offline to eat.”

When I opened the system help, the list of the 16 qualifying team names was on top. Murong Shan Shan’s team was listed below our group. In her team, as expected, there was that “Stealing the Heaven” Level 26 Thief. Next was Cocoa, Cleric Level 25, and also two Mages of level 26. Besides our group’s combination, this combination should be one of the toughest.

Besides Murong Shan Shan’s team, there were several others that I recognized. Mad Warrior’s team had two level 27 Warriors, two level 27 Mages, and one level 26 Thief. I wondered how they thought since there was no Cleric in their team. As for the other team, it was Ye Qiu’s team. Except for him who used a Chinese ID, the other of his team members all used an English ID. Fine, Seven, Sai, and Rain, all were familiar IDs for me; all these guys were still here! As a level 28 Mage, Ye Qiu’s level was the highest, and the rest of his team were all level 27. One Cleric and three Swordsman, a combination that focused primarily on attacking. Consistent with the philosophy of the TOT guild; to attack is the best defense.

“Lin Fan, come out and have dinner!” Lu Xue Han sweetly called me from outside.

After getting offline, I opened the local forum of the game to browse around and found a sticky hot post, which had clicks up to millions. When I opened it, impressively, it was the video of my duel with Murong Shan Shan…

“Crap, that guy has really uploaded it?”

Saying those words silently, I scrolled down to see the replies. Wonderful. The replies read as follows:

First reply: Wow, Murong Shan Shan is so beautiful. If I can marry her, that would be nice. I will be awake everyday!

Second row: Brother from the previous reply, please post your picture so we can see your face. A toad trying to swallow a Swan?

Third row (from the first reply): 2nd reply, F*** you, bitch. You **!

Fourth row: Please don’t fight. Murong Shan Shan is indeed not bad. Appraisal complete!

Fifth row: I really want to examine Murong Shan Shan’s body…

Sixth row: Go check your mother upstairs!

Seventh row: (ID: Righteous Spirit): Because of a woman, stabbing two brothers at once!

Eight row: A withered flower is not to be pitied, more flowers will bloom in spring!

Ninth row: I can’t stand it anymore, this thread is too evil. I’m going to the toilet to load off…

Tenth row: Huh? Was everyone released from the central prison?

I was already getting dizzy before I get to the last row. The people nowadays, so terrible!

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