The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 079

Hurricane City – Chapter 79 (The Courage Challenge – 8)

When I woke up, the sun was already shining bright. Last night, I accompanied Murong Shan Shan until late midnight. Despite the Experience lessening each time we killed the bear, but, our prestige had exceeded 10,000 from playing that long. The next thing to do was just to wait until the day come when the guild creation tablet would be available to establish the guild and making it big., but, our prestige had exceeded 10,000 from playing that long. The next thing to do was just to wait until the day come when the guild creation tablet would be available to establish the guild and making it big.

She really had a lot of fans. Especially after our PK video was uploaded in the Jiangsu and Shanghai official local forum of the game. Almost every player in the regions knew that the second strongest Swordsman, Murong Shan Shan, was a beautiful woman. By the time her guild was established, spending 1,000 gold coins to send a system message, she wouldn’t need to worry that nobody would join. At that time, her personal charm might attract too many people instead.

I once asked Xu Lin regarding the establishment of our own guild, but she didn’t put much thought into it. In her opinion, as long they could make money then it was fine. She had no interest for might or glory kind of matters.

To think about it, she did have a point. There was no need for our little studio to go crazy like those other players. The only thing that I fear was that we had too few people. In case we acquired a big mission like killing a super BOSS, we might not be able to accomplish it and we would then lose a lot of opportunities to make big money…

After finishing breakfast, every one of us went back to our room to get online. Today was really an important day for us. Whether or not our studio could get popular in the Jiangsu and Shanghai region, it all depended on how far we could advance in the tournament today. I kind of regretted not agreeing Murong Shan Shan to join our team. If she replaced Li Qing, then winning the championship would be as easy as a pie. Her operating skill was exceptionally superb. If it were not because of my high attributes, I might not be able to defeat her in yesterday’s duel. Even in my sleep last night, I still dreamt about the duel scene, which was very exciting!

I got online quite late, just five minutes before the competition started.

The qualifying match for the 16 teams to the Top-8 was still carried out simultaneously. After the system notification, the five of us were transported to the game arena for the final rounds. At the same time, the system prompted: Hello, your team has been sent to the game platform number seven. The number of players currently watching the matches is 1,520,324. After this game, each match will be held separately, one after another.

Almost all of us looked at each other in surprise. There were eight game arenas all together, but there were only over one million players watching the match in our arena. Then what about the arena of Murong Shan Shan’s team?

From Top-8 onward, every match will be held in the final arena. At that time, all players from the city could watch us. Just thinking about it was making us nervous. And what about the famous real live show hosts? Could it be they invite them into the game to host the game?

As I was thinking about it, Xin Yu poked me and said, “Sister Lin is explaining the strategy. Be serious.”

It was then when I paid attention to our opponent:

Two level 26 female Magician, a level 27 female Cleric, and two level 25 Swordsman. The team composition was very simple, and their equipment were also good. Almost all of them had one or two pieces of blue equipment. The power gap between us and our opponent was getting smaller and smaller. I could imagine the match would be an intense one.

“Lin Fan and Xin Yu will kill the Cleric. Xue Han and I will try to slow down their Swordsmen. Don’t easily let them close in. Li Qing will use her summon to harass their Magician to disrupt the rhythm of the spell casting as much as possible, giving Lin Fan and Xin Yu the time for their attack.”

Xu Lin’s tactics were getting better and better, and gradually showing that a leader should have insight and confidence. The opponent’s two Swordsmen had good equipment. If they were not suppressed early in the game, later on, our Mage would become passive, and will become a big disadvantage for us.

The fight had begun!

Almost in a split second, Xin Yu’s Aeon Flux had already hit the opponent’s Cleric who was about to move back. Under the cover of Xu Lin’s Ice Arrow, I rushed forward. I raised my sword, and my [Combo]’s three high damage hit had killed the female Cleric right away. But, before she was killed, she still had the chance to throw a curse on Lu Xue Han who was saving Xu Lin being attacked by the two Swordsmen, thus, the Cleric didn’t put any attention to me. The opponent’s two Swordsmen also weren’t to be taken easy. Inclining their bodies 45 degrees, they rushed toward Xu Lin, not giving her any chance to dodge. Getting hit by two Combos and Heavy Strikes, Xu Lin’s Health was instantly empty. Luckily, Lu Xue Han healed her just in time. Xu Lin then used her Frost Armor skill and rapidly escaped from the Swordsmen attacking range.

Not stopping, I rushed again toward one of the Magician who let out an alarming scream at once. Fully knowing my intention, Xin Yu’s Missile Arrow chased her and completely sealed off the Mage’s escape route. As I caught up with her, I insta-killed her with a Heavy Strike and one normal attack. Although their leather-armored players were all females, but none of them was beautiful. At least, compared to our three beauties, they were in a totally different league.

Only one Mage remained. As I was about to rushed forward, something we didn’t expect had happened…

Lu Xue Han was insta-killed in a flash…

As the two Swordsmen attacked Xu Lin, they suddenly shifted their target. When two swords attack had landed on Lu Xue Han, only then did we realize that they had changed their target… The Magician who I intercepted before had thrown a fireball onto Lu Xue Han whose Health was already empty. It could be seen that the two Swordsmen had high Attacks. With four hits, they had emptied Lu Xue Han’s Health. It should be known that with her top rated equipment, she had 900 points of Health!

And when Li Qing was incautiously insta-killed, the balance of victory seemed to begin to tilt to the other side.

When Xu Lin’s Ice Arrow hit the Mage, she said in the team channel, “Kill the Mage first!”

Since I was already next to the Mage, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Striking with the Sword of Darkness, the mage whose Health had been emptied already immediately turned into a white light and flew toward the audience.

At that moment, from behind me came a familiar voice crying out in fear. When I turned around to look, Xu Lin gradually disappeared into a white light. Without a Cleric to heal her Health, she couldn’t withstand the attack of two high-attack Swordsmen.

On the stage, only Xin Yu and I were left. But, the opponent also only had two Swordsmen remaining.

Damn. I didn’t expect the two Swordsmen would be so fierce. If we lost this round, then it would be in the hands of these two men.

“Xin Yu, how long until the CD time is up?”

Xin Yu said calmly, “8 seconds!”

“Get behind me and ready to attack the one with the black armor!”

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