The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 080

Hurricane City – Chapter 80 (The Courage Challenge – 9)

Xin Yu was almost glued to my body. I could even feel her soft chest and rapid heartbeat.

The CD time for Aeon Flux was up!

At that moment her arrow flashed with blue light. I rushed to the black armored Swordsman and hit him with my [Heavy Strike] and [Combo] when he was still stunned by the arrow!





The series of the appeared numbers had declared the death of that Swordsman. The Swordsman had added all his points to his Strength, so he didn’t have a high Health. And after the fight before, his Health was certainly below the thousand points. After receiving such a fierce attack, he had immediately turned into a white light and went to reincarnate.

Meanwhile, an attack from the other Swordsman had hit my body as well. His Combo and Heavy Strike only dealt me less than 500 damages. Although it was worse compared to Murong Shan Shan, but against players with a leather armor Class, his damages would be deadly enough.

I counter-attacked!



Maybe my luck was too good, or the Swordsman was damned. Surprisingly, my two normal attacks were both critical hits. The Swordsman couldn’t even groan when I insta-killed him!

The fight was over!

System Notification: Team Green Veggies Cocoa has successfully advanced. The next round of the tournament. The next match will start in ten minutes. In five minutes, the Top-8 team players will be transported to the game arena!

On the side, Xin Yu patted her full upright chest, “I was almost scared to death. Just now, I thought we would end there!”

Xu Lin still lingering in fear, she said, “The attacks of the two Swordsmen were too high, and their teamwork was very coordinated. The leather-armored class players wouldn’t be able to bear their combined attacks.”

Just as she finished saying that, the five minutes set by the system were up, and the five of us were transported into a new venue. We were transported here together with the other seven team’s players. All of us stood outside the game ring. And up on the stage, a woman who should be the host stood there.

System Notification: You have entered the arena of the first Courage Challange finals. Please wait patiently until your matches! The number of players currently watching the game is: 8,652,346!

Crap, there were eight million people watching the game, literally!

The host, shaking her plump buttocks came to the edge of the stage, said smilingly, “Hello everybody, I’m Fei Er! First of all, congratulations to all contestant who have reached the Top Eight. I will be responsible for explaining the combat situation in the following matches.”

“Wow, it’s Fei Er! It’s that popular entertainment channel host Fei Er!” Li Qing was so excited that she would almost drop her tears. To go this far because of just a host…

I neared Lu Xue Han’s ear and asked, “Do you know this Fei Er person?”

Lu Xue Han nodded and smiled and then she said, “Of course. In the last two years, she is the most famous female host in the Shanghai entertainment channels. Her show about Warcraft and Starcraft is very popular. She is a second to none host for video game channels. You used to play Warcraft, don’t you know her?”

I shook my head and turned my head toward the stage. I played Warcraft, not the women. So, of course, I didn’t know her.

Fei Er explained the rules of the game in a simple way, such as the prohibition of using foul languages to harass the opponent’s female players, and so on. Finally, she announced, “The next game preparation will begin. Each team please choose a representative to come onto the stage to draw a number from 1 to 8! Team 1 will be against Team 2, Team 3 against Team 4, Team 5 against Team 6, and Team 7 against Team 8. In the semifinals, the two team advancing to the finals will be determined each from the four winner teams and the four loser teams!”

Xu Lin looked back at me and said, “Why don’t you go draw the lottery? You have the highest level among us, you’re more suitable as our representative.”

I didn’t refuse and directly ascended onto the stage. Surprisingly, Murong Shan Shan followed behind me. Mad Warrior and Ye Qiu also went up the stage one after another. When all eight of us lined up on the stage, there were screams from below the stage. It was then when I realized that there were still quite a lot of players on the audience seat below the stage!

Ye Qiu stood next to me. Whether intentionally or not, he glanced at me a few times and then gave me a friendly smile. I smiled back at him as well.

Did this guy recognize me? He shouldn’t have. My appearance had changed significantly, so he shouldn’t have recognized me.

Fei Er walked over while twisting her ass. Her big breast wobbled with her movements, causing Mad Warrior and several other male players to fix their eyes on them.

“Now, everyone please come here to draw the lots. In front of everyone will appear a button which you will then push later. When I say start, the number one to eight will be scrambled, and when you push the button, the number will come to a halt. Afterward, the system will display all the grouping.”

A blue screen appeared in front of each representative. On the top, there was a flashing button, which said OK.

Once Fei Er said start, the number on the screen suddenly flashed rapidly. Without much thinking, I pressed the button, and the number 7 appeared on the screen. Getting the last round wasn’t too bad.

The system immediately sounded a message, and the matchup of each team was immediately showed up:

1 – Team Murong Shan Shan

2 – Team Depressed And Less Handsome

3 – Team Mad Warrior

4 – Team Immortal Legends

5 – Team Little Ants on the Tree Leafs

6 – Team Hua Mountain’s Monks

7 – Team Green Veggies Cocoa

8 – Team Young And Frivolous

Although I did the drawing, but our team name used the team leader’s name, Lu Xue Han’s in-game ID. At least, we didn’t meet any acquaintances in the first round. But, in the second round, we were bound to meet Ye Qiu’s team, and Murong Shan Shan would also meet her old enemy – Mad Warrior!

Fei Er announced right after, “For the players who are not having a match yet, please go back to the audience seat. When it’s your turn, the system will automatically send you to the arena. Next would be the first match of this round, Team Murong Shan Shan against Team Depressed And Less Handsome!”

The rest of us were transported down to the audience seat by the system, and the ten players who will be competing were transported to the game stage. Fei Er’s sexy figure gradually disappeared as well. The countdown for the match also started.





The figures on the stage flickered. Before anyone could clearly see the situation, Murong Shan Shan’s [Sword Qi] and [Heavy Strike] had instantly killed the opponent’s Cleric. In addition to that, her team’s Thief “Stealing the Heaven” had also sneakily ambushed and killed an opponent’s low-Health Mage. It turned out to be a one-sided situation. The Depressed and Less Handsome team were indeed becoming depressed. In just an instant, there were only two Swordsmen and a Knight left on their team. Murong Shan Shan’s Team’s two Mages were also not to be underestimated. Ice spells like magic missiles hit those close-combat players into terrible shapes.

Three white lights lit up on the stage. In just a mere three minutes, Team Murong Shan Shan had advanced into the Top-4 already. This really showed the gap of the strength. Within the Top-16 teams, Team Depressed And Less Handsome was really too weak.

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