The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 081

Hurricane City – Chapter 81 (The Courage Challenge – 10)

The second match was between Team Mad Warrior and Team Immortal Legends. The result had also disappointed everyone. Within five minutes, the Immortal Legends team was wiped clean. Although Mad Warrior’s team had no Clerics, but, their attacks were strong as hell. With a play style of one life to exchange with another life, they killed their opponents quickly, even though only two of their players remained at the end.

The third match was Ye Qiu’s team against Team Hua Mountain’s Monks, and there wasn’t much suspense either. With his three years experience as a professional player, his distance control far exceeded those few amateur players. In just three minutes, with an ingenious move and his perfectly spell casting, he had shown to everybody his mastery understanding of playing his character Class.

The last round. Finally, the time for our performance had arrived!

The Young and Frivolous was a level 27 Mage. And, within his team of five players, the others were three Mages and one Cleric; all leather-armored profession. Fortunately, on our team, I was the only player with close-combat class. For the rest of them, especially Xin Yu, fighting against Mages wouldn’t be a difficult matter. Xu Lin who wore five pieces of blue-tier equipment, and her level almost reached level 28, couldn’t be compared to an average Magician. Unless, someone with a Mage operating skill like Ye Qiu, otherwise, normal Mage might not be able to even hit her.

Xu Lin stood beside me, her tiny shoulders trembled slightly, “Lin Fan, this opponent… How to fight?”

I tried my best to make my voice to sound calm, “Don’t be nervous. You and Xin Yu just kill the Mages, and I’ll take care the level 26 Cleric. Xue Han should watch carefully. They will for sure throw a curse on me. When they do, you have to use your Dispel Magic to help me cleanse off all the effects. I can only run amok to kill them within that 15 seconds. Afterward, I’ll be crippled…”

Xin Yu immediately poked me with her hands. She glared at me and whispered, “Don’t be so straightforward. The match will start soon. This time, you need to kill the Cleric by yourself, I can’t open the way for you with my Aeon Flux. In the case they concentrated their attack, my little Health would probably only last for two seconds!”

Just as she finished her words, the system had started the countdown…





Almost in the same time, four blue Ice Arrow and a gray curse fell on my body. However, Lu Xue Han’s Dispel Magic also followed. And, right after it, she cast a healing on me. The more than 400 points of damages that I received before was soon replenished with 400 points of Health, only a little less from full Health.

Because they were not expecting me to survive that many magical attacks, when they were attacking me for the second time, I had already closed in by the female Cleric. I immediately unleashed my [Combo], and yet, another three hits. While the four other players were still dumbfounded, I had already insta-killed the Cleric nice and clean!

Lu Xue Han managed to heal me again. Too bad, my Health was dropping too fast. The damages I received from four large Exploding Flames was simply too great. Even with my 40% magic resistance, with only four seconds needed to cast that spell, they still caused me to lose nearly 1,000 points of health. If another round of attack came, I feared that I would join their female Cleric to fly out of the game.

Four seconds of time was enough for me to get close to their captain, The Young and Frivolous, but, at this time, I also received the third round of magic attacks. With a Boom sound, my Health had reached the low bottom. However, Lu Xue Han had finished the preparation for the Large Healing, which would require 5 seconds. A green figure of 1,200 jumped out from my head!

With a wave of my hands, [Heavy Strike] had landed on The Young and Frivolous’s head!


D*mn! It was even a critical hit. Consider it the Young and Frivolous’s bad luck, the team leader was sent by my sword out of the game!

“F*ck! This Swordman is so sick! How could he not die after getting hit so many times? How high is his magic resistance?” An opponent’s level 26 Mage cried out. Too bad, what answered him was Xu Lin’s Exploding Flame and Xin Yu’s Aeon Flux. Xin Yu’s attacking speed was very fast and shot a second arrow right after. That Mage died instantly!

Since only two Mages remaining now, things had become simple. With Lu Xue Han’s healing magic to aid us, there was no danger at all for us, and we easily wiped out the two remaining Mages!

Two white lights floated up. The last match of the semi-finals was over!

System Notification: Congratulations to Team Green Veggies Cocoa for advancing to the Top-4. The next match will start in ten minutes!

Semi-Finals! All acquaintances…

“It’s the Semi-Finals. No matter what, we’ve already secured a blue equipment!” Murong Shan Shan said the words from a place not too far away.

I looked at Murong Shan Shan direction and found that “Stealing the Heaven” was sitting next to her and conversing something with her. At the same time, Cocoa was also looking toward me and met my eyes. She immediately pointed at Murong Shan Shan and Stealing the Heaven, one hand down – Lover Thief?!

Xin Yu glanced at me. She smirked at me and smiled before letting it go.

Fortunately, time passed fast. That host, Fei Er, quickly announced the start of the semi-finals!

Team Murong Shan Shan VS Team Mad Warrior

Besides Murong Shan Shan, there weren’t any high-level players in her team. The remaining four players were generally one or two levels lower than their opponents. But, with her strength alone, it would be enough to narrow the gap and getting the upper hand.

Lu Xue Han asked me in a small voice, “Lin Fan, which team do you think will win?”

“Murong Shan Shan!”

Without even thinking, I told her my opinion just like that. I had experienced Murong Shan Shan’s equipment and operating skill personally. In terms of individual skill, she would be only second to me. Even if I were to fight her again, I may not win easily.

Lu Xue Han smiled faintly, “I think so too!”

The game had started, and as I predicted, Murong Shan Shan’s 5 yards distance attack Sword Qi had put a Mage into great suffering; an instant loss of more than 400 points of Health. In a split second, two Fireballs had also accompanied her attack and killed off this Mage instantly!


A Fireball had hit Murong Shan Shan’s shoulder. She slightly wobbled a bit and used the momentum from the hit to quickly run a few steps forward. She pulled her sword out from her back directly. Her Heavy Strike and Combo cut neatly into another level 27 Mage’s body. Stealing the Heaven also appeared, and at that moment, with his backstabbing skill, he instantly killed the Mage who was already low on Health.

With that preemptive attacks, the rhythm of Warrior’s team who focused on attacks had been disrupted. The two Mages who had the most attack power had been killed instantly within five seconds. Murong Shan Shan’s beautiful operating skill had almost sent the audience into a state of frenzy.

A level 26 Thief appeared behind Cocoa. Two Mages from Murong Shan Shan’s side immediately cast Ice Arrow to suppress him. At the same time, Murong Shan Shan together with her Thief sent off a couple of attacks to kill a level 27 Swordsman. In her hands, killing a level 27 expert was as simple as cutting a melon. Watching this, several girls from my team were dumbfounded.

Seeing the hopeless situation, Mad Warrior abandoned the Mage he was chasing and turned to attack Murong Shan Shan. Unfortunately, he only cut into the air. The next moment, she had appeared behind him, and her sword was flashing with ice crystal…

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