The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 082

Hurricane City – Chapter 82 (The Courage Challenge – 11)


Murong Shan Shan’s petite body carried out the frozen power of her [Ice Blade]. With a beautiful arc, she cut down into Mad Warrior’s body. His large body was immediately covered with a layer of frost, and his speed was slowed down a lot. She stepped back quickly and shed her Sword Qi toward him.


It seemed that Mad Warrior’s equipment wasn’t very good that her Sword Qi had caused him such a high damage. Affected by the Ice effect, he became helpless. Thus, he could only stare blankly when he was killed by a Mage in front of the whole city’s players, without any power to retaliate. His normally arrogant and despotic act had caused many players to dislike him. Now that Murong Shan Shan had killed him so fast, I didn’t know how many other players were secretly amused. In any case, Team Ye Qiu on the other side had been laughed out like blooming flowers.

Mad Warrior’s collapsing had also led me to an earlier fight against Ye Qiu. After Murong Shan Shan had cleared out the field, Fei Er immediately announced the advance of Murong Shan Shan’s team into the Finals. The next match will determine the other team who advanced into the Finals!

With a “Swish” sound, the five of us were transferred into the game arena. On the other side, Ye Qiu’s team was standing there with an eager look in their eyes to start the fight. A ** smile could be seen on Fine’s face. F*ck! Bad habits were hard to change. Upon seeing the beautiful women on our side, this guy immediately became motionless. In his life, this would probably never changed.

Xu Lin quietly said, “One level 28 Mage, one level 27 Cleric, and also three level 27 Swordsmen. A combination that focused primarily on physical attacks… Lin Fan, do you have any idea?”

D*mn, she just summarized the situation. I thought she would have any suggestions. In the end, she still asked me to talk…

“The old ways. Xin Yu and I will get rid of the Cleric. The three of you should try your best to avoid the three Swordsmen. Also, watch out for that level 28 Mage. He’s absolutely stronger than any Mage that you have encountered so far!”

“Aren’t you exaggerating it?” Xin Yu looked puzzled but then said, “Don’t let them put us down. The game will start soon. If we can’t kill the Cleric in one swoop, then we’ll be in trouble. Lin Fan, you are our main strength!”

I smiled. To tell the truth, I was also very nervous. I probably knew Ye Qiu’s playing talent and skill the most. Even now, if I had to fight him one on one, I had no confidence in winning.

The system had already begun the countdown. I could vaguely hear my own heartbeat…




Almost at the same time the match began, Ye Qiu had moved and cast a fireball in an instant, targeting Lu Xue Han who was behind me. Too bad they didn’t have many long-distance attackers. The already alarmed Lu Xue Han escaped the danger. But, just as she felt relieved, another big fireball from Ye Qiu had already arrived!

What kind of speed was that? I quickly moved to the front of the opponent’s Cleric, Sai, unleashing my sword upon him and finished him with my [Combo] without any trouble. Hehe, this shameless guy. In the past, he used to tease Xiao Yu’s flat chest. Now, I finally had the chance to get back at him!

After killing Sai, my feet slid back and reverse my direction toward Ye Qiu. This kid had used his magic to put Lu Xue Han in such disarray that she even forgot to heal Xu Lin.


Hearing a female scream, my heart couldn’t help but sink. Xu Lin who had just started to play this kind of game had no chance of survival against Fine whose skill was as if he had three f***ing hands.

Ye Qiu seemed to have guessed that I would move toward him. With a turn of his body, he had avoided me, and my sword just hit the empty air. However, he didn’t think that I still have another way, switching my sword backward, I struck his back!


The 467 points of damage had surprised me. This Ye Qiu guy’s Defense was to one’s surprise as high as a Knight covered with all green equipment.


As he turned and flee, he had thrown an Ice Arrow, and my movement speed was immediately slowed down. When I turned around to look, I saw Lu Xue Han was quite in a crisis as she was being chased by the three Swordsmen. Xin Yu’s Aeon Flux could only retain one Swordsman, but her continuous attack had put Rain quite in a terrible shape. In just a moment, his Health had been dropping a lot, and in desperation, he could only turn to chase after Xin Yu…

Xin Yu screamed and ran directly toward me, nearly throwing her weapon away.

Ye Qiu’s Health had dropped by almost half, but he managed to keep hitting me with the Ice Arrow. Since I didn’t have magic immunity, I would be in great disadvantage if I kept on this way. So, I activated my [Haste], increasing my movement and attack speed significantly. With several steps, I had overtaken him and unleashed [Combo] right away!




Even with his superb operating skill, but under my ultra-high damage, he was turned into a white light!


Another scream came from behind me, which made me nervous. I turned my head to see Li Qing being killed. It was still a fortunate thing. Had it been Lu Xue Han or Xin Yu that was killed, then we would be finished. None of the three Swordsmen was a vegetarian (TL Note: weak). If I had to fight them by myself, they would surely beaten me to death.

“Xue Han, over here!”

Hearing my shout, Lu Xue Han immediately saw a glimpse of hope. Sliding her foot, she rapidly rushed toward my direction, and I had also moved toward her. While the [Haste] effect had not worn off yet, I waved my sword twice to chop. Seven, whose Health was already only half, died immediately. That fool, why until now did he still not looking at the front when he’s walking?

Just as I had Lu Xue Han covered, Xin Yu had also fled over here. She was followed by the vicious Rain, just like a pervert was chasing over a beautiful female archer.

Directly thrusting up, my rapid sword blow had immediately repelled Rain. Not stopping there, I flew forward and continued with [Heavy Strike]. Rain who only had a little Health left instantly ascended to Heaven.

With victory in sight, Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu had also calmed down already. Curses and Aeon Flux shots began to stun the only remaining opponent player, Fine. Poor guy, his large body had been ravaged by the two girls, and he was tortured to death.

System Notification: Team Green Veggies Cocoa advance into the Finals. The next match will start in 10 minutes!

Walking back to the audience seat, I could finally sigh in relief. After beating such a powerful opponent, TOT, we only had one more target left – to defeat Murong Shan Shan and get the awesome champion reward!

“Lin Fan, this time is really thanks to you, otherwise, we would have come to an end already,” Xin Yu said with a smile and intimately grabbed one of my arms. Her big boobs pressed on my arms, it immediately formed a seductive **. (TL Note: Sorry guys, that’s what the original text said. So, use your own imagination.)

Feeling a heat flashed from my right side, I could immediately sense Murong Shan Shan’s beautiful eyes were gazing this way. I quickly pushed Xin Yu away and whispered, “Don’t show off. There’re so many people looking!”

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