The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 084

Hurricane City – Chapter 84 (The Courage Challenge – 13)



Two red figures popped out. The Thief’s Ambush and Backstab really did hit my body.

Murong Shan Shan too added more misfortunes by rushing toward me with her Night Elf’s Sword infused with white glowing ice flowers. It seemed that she was ready to unleash her [Ice Blade]!

It was all or nothing! This time I could only depend on my reaction and operating speed!

The three minutes was up. I unleashed [Frozen Blade] at a lightning speed, causing something that nobody had expected to happen!

My Frozen Blade didn’t strike upon the Thief who would be easier to kill. The high-spirited Murong Shan Shan was instantly frozen with solid frost on her spot. Her beautiful eyes could only blink in hopelessness!

Time was precious. I turned around to present the Thief to the Gods with my preplanned Combo!


“Attack missed!”


Damn! The Thief unexpectedly dodged one of the attacks. But, fortunately, his Health was low already. With another 900 points of damages to reduce his Health, he was still dead!

No time, behind me!

Murong Shan Shan’s frozen state had dispersed. From far away, she presented me with a choking [Sword Qi]. The 345 damage left my heart in cold. Before, the Thief, Stealing the Heaven had reduced my Health below 1,000. And now, added with Murong Shan Shan’s attack, I had less than 600 Health left. Yet, her Health was definitely more than 1,000!

The situation like the yesterday’s duel with Murong Shan Shan seemed to repeat again. The differences were that this time her Health was much higher, and my [Frozen Blade]’s CD time still needed three minutes to wear off. Since her Ice Blade’s CD time had already worn off, considering her PK skill, she would certainly not miss this precious opportunity.

As I had expected, in a flash, she rapidly approached me. The white ice flowers on her sword were even more dazzling.

The outcome of this battle would really depend on whether my calculations were correct or not! Murong Shan Shan continued to near me…

5 yards!

4 yards!

3 yards!

2 yards!

It was the moment!

I quickly slipped one step backward. Just 0.01 seconds later, her cold Night Elf’s Sword chopped near my nose, and several ice flowers stuck to my chest armor. I couldn’t help but let out a breath in relief. In the end, I still managed to dodge Murong Shan Shan’s death blow.

Her body rushed toward my front, just the right attack distance. Thus, I unleashed my [Combo]!

“Snap… Snap… Snap…” With that three sounds, Murong Shan Shan’s Health of 1,000 was quickly reduced to 200. As I was ready to release [Heavy Strike], she surprisingly stepped back in an instant. She had learned and applied my previous trick in a flash!

Amazing! To control within 0.1 seconds was definitely not something an ordinary could do. If you evaded too early, the opponent would have the time to cancel the skill, and the skill would not be wasted. But if you dodged too late, then your little life would be gone.

I was inwardly surprised, but I continued to step forward to strike a normal attack. If I were to just touch her, she would definitely go down. Too bad, Murong Shan Shan didn’t want to give me this opportunity. After hitting me again with a normal attack, she quickly retreated a few steps back. The slowing effect from my Frozen Blade on her had finally disappeared.

Like a dancing elf, Murong Shan Shan’s fire-red figure slanted backward in a 45 degrees angle, and in a blink of an eye, she had widened the distance to nearly five yards.

Bad! This girl was waiting for her Sword Qi to cool off! With my current Health of 340 points, I couldn’t take any risk anymore. If I were hit by her Sword Qi, it would be hard to say what the results would be like.

I quickly chased after her only to be led by the nose by Murong Shan Shan. The distance of us two slowly became smaller.

“Shan Shan, slow down~!” I couldn’t help but shout in the public channel.

Murong Shan Shan turned to release a Sword Qi and laughed, “What did you say?”

I looked at my remaining Health of 21 points with silly eyes. I was being pressed again by her!

The final blow!

Murong Shan Shan’s sword rapidly shot toward me, but I just step a few steps backward. However, this had given her the upper hand. If we clashed one more time, my Health would be gone.

Continuously changing direction for several times, she clearly couldn’t adapt to this running method. For a while, she couldn’t get close to me, but it had given me the precious time I needed!

The match had run for six minutes already. My [Frozen Blade] would soon be ready!

She seemed to understand what I was waiting for. Her Sword Qi’s CD time of two minutes had cooled off again!

Murong Shan Shan came to a halt, a blue force glowed on the tip of her sword. In any case, it this short amount of time, I wouldn’t be able to escape from her clutches.

With little time left, I quickly rushed back toward Murong Shan Shan. Without waiting for my skill to cool down, with a normal attack, I stabbed the Sword of Darkness directly on Murong Shan Shan. At the same time, her blue Sword Qi also fell down upon my head!

Silence, not a sound could be heard around me. The little beauty who was just in front of me a moment ago had disappeared.

System Notification: Your attack dealt Murong Shan Shan 364 points of damage!

System Notification: You dodged Murong Shan Shan’s [Sword Qi] skill!

System Notification: Congratulations, you defeated player Murong Shan Shan. Your team won this Courage Challenge Championship!

Unable to believe, I looked again at the system notification. Now, I was sure…

We really won, first place at group competition!


All the players from the Top-4 team were transferred to the stage. Xin Yu together with Lu Xue Han ran over here before anyone else. She laughed and said, “We all thought that we lost just now. We never expected you to kill the remaining two people by yourself. In the past, we have really looked down on you!”

I was just about to speak when suddenly I saw Murong Shan Shan walking over here in a rage. Behind her, Cocoa covered her small laughing mouth, rejoicing over the misfortune I would get.

I quickly smiled and said, “Shan Shan, you look more beautiful today…”

Murong Shan Shan glanced at me and smiled slightly, “Consider me letting you win just now. How about this, treat me to dinner, and I will consider it settled. Would there be a problem?”

Cocoa and I were dumbfounded. This Murong Shan Shan girl could really let this matter go over a meal?

“Okay, it’s a deal!” I immediately agreed. The raffle was about to begin. If I could get a superb equipment, what was a meal compared to it?

The raffle was about to start!

Twisting her plump waist, Fei Er stepped on the catwalk and came over, “The last match of the tournament is over. And thanks to the both teams, they have brought us a wonderful game. Next, we will start the raffle. Besides the Top Four teams, the system has already randomly selected the prize for the remaining 12 teams from the Top 16, please check it. Now, we will conduct the lottery for the Top 4 teams. We would like to ask Team Mad Warrior’s and Team Little Ants on the Tree Leafs’ members to come up to the stage to receive their award!”

It had started. The members of the TOT team had all began to swallow their saliva…

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