The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 085

Hurricane City – Chapter 85 (The Courage Challenge – 14)


System Notification: Congratulations to player Mad Warrior for getting the award – Spirit Monkey Broadsword! The player’s Level has increased one level!

The additional award for the third and fourth winner was a Level +1!

Blue wordings were flashing out, indicating a blue equipment. Unfortunately, its level was only 22. It had an Attack of 80-152, and the additional attributes were also not too good; only Strength +8 and Agility +34. I had no idea how Mad Warrior would feel at the moment. The level of the rewarded equipment should be related to the level of the players. Currently, Mad Warrior was at level 27, but he drew a level 22 equipment. It could be considered that his luck was very bad.

The rest of Mad Warrior’s team members also only got blue equipment. Moreover, as if it was coordinated, their equipment levels were also only in the early 20s, with just normal attributes. Murong Shan Shan who was watching the equipment attributes on the screen grinned, “Mad Warrior’s team’s luck isn’t too bad. Hopefully, Lin Fan, your luck won’t be as good as theirs!”

I gave her a stern look and said, “Certainly better than yours. Don’t worry!”

“Is it? Be quiet. Let’s see what kind of draw Team Little Ants will get!”


System Notification: Congratulations to player Little Ants on the Tree Leafs for getting the award – Dream Pattern Coat! The player’s Level has increased one level!

[Dream Pattern Coat] (Leather Armor – Blue Equipment)

Defense: 48

Stamina: +24

Intelligence: +32

Agility: +15

Required Level: 30

Ye Qiu was so happy that soon his smiling mouth would almost deformed. Besides an increase of one level to his already level 29, this blue cloth coat added 32 points of Intelligence and 24 points of Stamina. The attack power of a Magician depended on its Magic Attack power and his skills. The higher the Intelligence, the higher the Magic Attack power would be. This was why the players of Magician class would pursuit high Intelligence.

Sai drew a level 24 Magician skill book. Seven and Rain also had gotten their own equipment. The unfortunate one from them was Fine. Even though he was able to draw equipment of the same set with Ye Qiu, Dream Pattern Shorts, he might need to give it to others.

The raffle for the third and fourth place was done. Next would be the raffle for the runner-up!

Murong Shan Shan took the lead to go up. A few seconds later…

System Notification: Congratulations to player Murong Shan Shan for getting the award – Carapace of Tuten’kash! The player’s Level has increased two levels! (Author Note: For those who played WoW should be familiar with this piece of equipment.)

[Carapace of Tuten’kash] (Armor – Purple Equipment)

Defense: 124

Stamina: +48

Strength: +42

Agility: +32

Required Level: 32

Heaven! This time, Murong Shan Shan had really hit big! With its high Defense and attributes, this piece of equipment would become the best armor for Warriors at current. With such a good operating skill, in her hands, its value would be even more impressive. Fortunately, her current level was Level 30. Within the next two days of the Individual tournament, she wouldn’t be able to equip this purple breastplate. So, my chance of winning the individual tournament would be a bit higher; God help me!

Fei Er smilingly declared, “Congratulations to Murong Shan Shan for getting the purple equipment! Next, the rest of the team please draw the raffle!”

Strangely, except Murong Shan Shan, no other players of the runner-up team had drawn another purple equipment. Even though the rest of them got high-ranked blue equipment, but still, this situation had caused several complaints. The Thief, Stealing the Heaven drew a level 30 blue leather helmet; the exact type of equipment he still lacked. Besides Murong Shan Shan, he was the only one in their group who looked happily.

Murong Shan Shan walked down in a high spirit. When she passed by on my side, she smiled as if to say, “You guys probably won’t get any purple equipment.”

Fei Er walked up the stage with a smile and made the announcement, “Next, we would like to ask the champion’s – Team Green Veggies Cocoa to come up the stage and draw the lottery!”

Seeing all five players from the champion team were on the stage, Fei Er immediately held the virtual microphone delicately in front of Xu Lin and asked, “All the champion’s five players have the word Green Veggies in your names. Are you going to establish a guild?”

The seemingly panicked Xu Lin had returned to her calmness and answered with a smile, “We are just a small studio consisting of eight persons, and at the moment, we never think about uprising a pole and doing great events. But, we also wouldn’t eliminate the possibilities of doing so. We are currently accepting missions of any levels. Of course, if there’s a need, we’ll also accept killing and jobs of the likes. The price is negotiable. From Monday to Friday, there will be a discount. Military customers will be declined. Old people and children…”

That even at a time like this Xu Lin could do some advertisement, Fei Er was dumbfounded and quickly interrupted her words, “Let’s talk about this later on during the exclusive interview. We should proceed with the drawing, everybody is waiting to have lunch!”

Finally, getting down to business. Li Qing went up first, getting a three levels increase, she drew an Adventurer Boots:

[Adventurer Boots] (Leather Armor – Blue Equipment)

Defense: 36

Stamina: +24

Intelligence: +18

Agility: +38

Required Level: 30

We didn’t think that the champion’s team member would still get a blue equipment. It seemed that being the champion didn’t guarantee a purple equipment. The [Moon Monochrome] company was really mean!

Xin Yu smiled, “Li Qing’s hands aren’t lucky, watch me!”


System Notification: Congratulations to player Green Veggies Temptation for getting the award – Swamp Boots! The player’s level has increased three levels!

[Swamp Boots] (Leather Armor – Blue Equipment)

Defense: 44

Stamina: +32

Intelligence: +24

Agility: +36

Required Level: 32

All of us were dumbfounded; still a blue equipment. Although the attributes were much better than Li Qing’s equipment, but compared to Murong Shan Shan’s purple armor, it was still very far! Xin Yu’s luck seemed to also be not special…

Xu Lin began to gloat and smirk, she was the third person to draw the raffle…


System Notification: Congratulations to player Green Veggies Flying Feather for getting the award – Mirage Wand! The player’s level has increased three levels!

[Mirage Wand] (Wand – Blue Equipment)

Magic Attack: 100-165

Stamina: +32

Intelligence: +37

Extra: Increase the effects of fire spell damage by 25%

Required Level: 33

Even though it was still a blue equipment, but the attributes were much higher.

Xu Lin smiled in pursed lips and said very satisfyingly, “Still good. Much stronger than the green wand that I used! Xue Han, you should go next…”

Lu Xue Han nodded, and under the gazing of all the players, she went up onto the stage. In regards of beauty, among so many female players, only she can compete with Murong Shan Shan. Xin Yu was too flirtatious, and Xu Lin was too serious, really a boss-like look.

With a “Ding” sound, our team finally got its first purple equipment…

[Embrace of the Nature Goddess] (Leather Armor – Purple Equipment)

Defense: 58

Stamina: +42

Intelligence: +48

Agility: +38

Extra: Increase the user’s dodge rate against physical attack by 30%

Required Level: 30

With additional Stamina of 42 points, according to the growth chart of a Cleric, she should be able to get more than 200 points of additional Health.

Together with the necklace that I got – Blue Guardian of the Heart, Lu Xue Han already had two pieces of purple equipment now!

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