The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 086

Hurricane City – Chapter 86 (The Courage Challenge – 15)

I was the only one left now, and almost all eyes were on me. It was indeed because of my outstanding performance during the finals in killing Murong Shan Shan and Stealing the Heaven. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have any chance of standing on the winner’s platform now.

Lu Xue Han smiled, “Aren’t you going to draw? Our food had been delivered, only waiting for us to go to eat.”

I nodded. Just as my left foot was stepping on the third step, Murong Shan Shan’s words almost let me rolled down the steps.

“Go boldly and don’t let me down. Bring back a green equipment…”

Fei Er glanced at me dubiously and quickly said, “Next, the city’s number one player, Qing Cai Baiyu Tang will make the draw. Let’s wait and see. What kind of equipment will he draw?”

“Oh, God, please. Please don’t let it be a blue equipment, even worse, don’t let it be a green one…” I prayed silently.

My heart beat wildly. And finally, I pressed the button to stop the flashing screen!


System Notification: Congratulations to player Qing Cai Baiyu Tang for getting the award – Ring of Elemental Protection! The player’s Level has increased three levels!

[Ring of Elemental Protection] (Ring – Purple Equipment)

Stamina: +45

Strength: +42

Agility: +40

Additional Skill – Magic Protection: Within 30 seconds, the user is immune to all spells causing negative effects, and can continue to recover Health within a certain time.

Required Level: 35

My heart was burst with joy! My brain in chaos, only the word “Protection” kept swirling in my head. I might just have a new understanding of the word. Whar a wonderful word!

Earlier, I was still worried that in the coming Individual Competition event, I would suffer against a Mage. But now the problem was settled. With a magical protection for 30 seconds, there would be enough time for me to kill any Mage. Even Ye Qiu would be no exception!

Because the extra award for the champion was a soaring three levels increase, so right now, I was already at Level 35. After equipping this precious purple ring, my Health immediately reached 2,400 points, and my Attack had also reached 480-624. Even against a Mage whose equipment differed not much, I might kill them instantly!

After Fei Er announced the end of the team competition, all the players were transferred out of the game arena. The so bustling team competition venue ended just like this. In the next more exciting and fierce individual competition, would I still be able to win it?

I opened the ranking list. Due to the three levels increased for the champion, the city’s top five players were all old acquaintance of mine. In the second position was still Murong Shan Shan, followed by Lu Xue Han. Xin Yu with the same as Lu Xue Han ranked at the fourth position. At fifth rank was Xu Lin at Level 29, which left Ye Qiu to fall to the sixth position and Mad Warrior at seventh position. As for the World rankings, after going through this Courage Competition, there had been a lot of changes. Impulsive Hotpot had already lost his first place. Obviously, since he didn’t manage to win the group competition. Instead, that Knight “Release That Girl” had seized the throne of the first place. With my Level 35, I advanced to the third position and became one of the world’s Top Three player! (TL Note: I think the author make a mistake here. Last time, I think the author already said that ‘Release That Girl’ was already at the first position because ‘Impulsive Hotpot’ had been busy with the advertising campaign. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Impulsive Hotpot had been pushed down to the fourth position with his Level 33. And with a Level of 30, Murong Shan Shan was squeezed out of the Top Ten list and ranked at 13th in the world. Ahead of her was a total of six China players.

“Hey, still not going offline to eat?”

A white little hand tapped on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw Murong Shan Shan smiling with such a sweet smile, which would make people yearn for it.

I looked at Cocoa and the others at her side and saw the Thief “Stealing the Heaven” rushed into the Cathedral. I asked in surprise, “Why is your Thief going to the Cathedral? Isn’t he going offline to eat?”

“That kid lacks the sense of security. He said that he feels more comfortable if he goes offline inside the Church…”

“He should go to the prison at the west side of the city to go offline. I think that’s where a Thief is supposed to go.”


Cocoa was speechless, but Murong Shan Shan deeply agreed with my words.

When I got offline, all the seven girls were already in the living room. As I left my room, I could already smell the delicious food. Restaurant’s food was indeed different…


A soft and delicate body went into my embrace, and my chest could clearly feel the touch of a pair of breast. Then came a charming voice, which went into my bones, “Lin Fan, you are the hero of the finals. How could I thank you for that?”

“Damn!” I pushed away Xin Yu who was pressing to my body and helplessly said, “Xin Yu, please stop being like this. I can’t stand the way you’re showing your affection in front of others…”

Lu Xue Han smiled from afar, “Let’s hurry up and eat. At three in the afternoon, there will be an interview with the champion. Didn’t Fei Er and sister Lin have an appointment for an online interview?”

Xu Lin had just washed her hands, and while wiping her hands, she said, “Isn’t it at three? I’ve done the advertising this morning. This afternoon, it will be only a chatting session on the messenger. Xin Yu, please cover me for it, I need to go to the supermarket to buy something. Lin Fan, if you don’t have anything to do, please help Xin Yu answering the questions from the players.”

I was in a dilemma. I wouldn’t have a problem teasing a girl in the QQ chat. But, if I had to answer the questions from the players, that would be a little bit difficult. (In China, QQ is a popular messenger app.)

Soon after the lunch, Xu Lin took Lu Xue Han and the others together to buy groceries and dinner. After winning the tournament, naturally, it was necessary to celebrate it. Thus, Xin Yu and I stayed at home for the online interview.

Turning on the computer, we got into the Hurricane City’s forum. The chat interface was already prepared, and at the top of the window, Fei Er’s portrait was flashing already. After we logged in, Fei Er immediately opened the interview channel.

The interview began immediately. And after some polite greetings, Xin Yu and Fei Er were interacting…

Fei Er: Being such an excellent Elf Archer, what are the requirements for equipment and consumable items? I think, it would be very consuming, otherwise, you won’t managed to rank yourself so far ahead compared to other players?

Green Veggies Temptation: Of course. Only with high level can we get good equipment. As for consumables, I usually just buy one gold coins worth of arrows, can’t be too stingy. If I were to buy only 50 silver coins of arrows, people will despise you. Especially now, practicing in the advance training area, no one would use low-quality arrows. That would be shameless!

Fei Er: Then, since you buy such a good arrows, then you must have some good skills? During the training in a group, you must be using a skill that can hit multiple targets at once? What is your opinion about malicious PK? Can you tell us any tips and ideas, please?

Green Veggies Temptation: Sure. What you said is correct. Because using multiple arrows would consume the arrows too fast, I usually just buy three set of them. When it’s used up, then I go back to the city to buy more. When encountering a monster, just concentrate on using the skill, no need to worry if you hit someone else. Besides, you can’t hit yourself. If you’re in a PK situation, you must absolutely let those strangers in your group to attack first and go to hiding yourself. Only come out to attack when the enemies’ Health is already low. If there are many opponents, then just lie on the ground pretending you’re death. When they let down their guard, then you should attack them. If they find out about you, immediately run back to the city, and in no situation let yourself die. If there’re only one or two enemies remaining, then it’s important to look at their equipment. If they have good equipment, then try to find a chance to ambush them. And if their equipment is bad, then switch the bow to a dagger and stab him to death. Afterward, it’s important that you should yell at the screen: F***ING ZHEN CAI

Fei Er (somewhat dumbfounded): I see…

After some nonsense talk, the player question and answer began…

Player “Rapid Shoot”: Green Veggies Temptation, can I ask you your measurements? What is the relationship between you and the first rank player?

Green Veggies Temptation: No comment.

Notification: “Rapid Shoot” was kicked out of the chat room.

Player “Milking Little Diva”: I would like to ask a question for Qing Cai Baiyu Tang. Did you know Murong Shan Shan in reality? Why did you call her Shan Shan at the finals?

Green Veggies Temptation: Is it okay if I help him to answer that? They don’t know each other in reality, they are just online friends.

Milking Little Diva: Wow, is that so? Then I would still have a chance!

Green Veggies Temptation: I’m sorry, but he’s taken already…

It was until Xu Lin got back with the other girls after buying so many things that the interview was concluded. Having chatted only nonsense the whole afternoon, I felt my head almost exploded. Nevertheless, Xin Yu seemed to still be in high spirit.

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