The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 087

Hurricane City – Chapter 87 (The Courage Challenge – 16)

Since the individual competition wouldn’t start until tomorrow, today, I didn’t have any plan to go online to level. In any case, the access to the main city would be available in two days. To wait to level until then wouldn’t be too late either. It was difficult to have the opportunity to relax for two days, and I didn’t want to let myself getting too tired. As Murong Shan Shan also said, not to exert me too much. I shouldn’t push myself too hard playing the game.

Suddenly remembering that I was going to treat her for dinner, I took out my phone to call her. It turned out that she was calling me first, “Lin Fan, I’m going home tonight to rest and in the morning, I will rush back to participate in the tournament. About our dinner together, let’s cancel it. Next time, you can invite me for a meal. Is that okay?”

I smiled, “Of course. Isn’t your home in the new district? You should be careful on the way home.”


Murong Shan Shan unexpectedly behaved nicely, and hung up the phone with a sweet promise.

After turning off the computer, I suddenly felt the urge to go out for a walk. Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han were currently busy helping Xu Lin to prepare dinner. I bade them goodbye and left. It was still four o’clock right now, and we wouldn’t have dinner before seven.

It had stopped snowing already, the streets were full of melting snow and ice. The cold afternoon wind blew, causing pain on my skin. Looking at the crowd on the street, I suddenly thought whether Murong Shan Shan was wearing thick clothes on her way home or not. It would be troubling if she caught a cold and couldn’t even participate in the preliminaries tomorrow.

The sound of someone selling baked sweet potatoes was heard from the side. I turned and saw a nearly 60-years-old retired worker shouting toward the passing by pedestrians. His rough face was getting red from the cold freezing wind.

I walked over, “Sir, I’ll take one, that big one~!”

The old man quickly reached his hand into the oven and took out a big sweet potato. After putting it on the scale, he said, “Half a pound. Just pay one Yuan, it’s okay.”

Just then, two girls holding books in their hands were coming out from the bookstore at the back. They also walked over and said, “Sir, please give us two, the most fragrant ones!”

I looked back and saw the two girls were also looking at me…

“Isn’t this…” One of the girls rubbed her eyes, and the other one also stared with an amazing look.

I was startled, “What is it? Don’t just randomly call someone!”

“Yes, sorry. We must be mistaken. How could the first rank player running out to buy sweet potatoes at this time?” said the girl in a red dress, pulling the other one.

“Ah right, Sir, here’s two Yuan…” The girl handed over the money and then turned to look at me, “Handsome brother, we’re leaving. Sorry about before, my classmate recognized the wrong person.”

“It’s okay, no problems…” I waved my hands, watching the rear figure of the two girls.

“Damn, that one with a mole on her nose. Where have I seen her before?”

Right, it was at Murong Shan Shan’s dormitory’s lower floor. Her classmates! No wonder they recognized me…

“Young man, are you playing [Moon Monochrome]?” The sweet potato old man called me.

I was surprised, how did he know?

“You… how did you know?”

“Well, one will know by looking at your lack of sleep appearance. Playing games isn’t a bad thing, but you ought still go out for a walk more often. If you walk a short distance to the west, there’s the newly open digital plaza. It should be quite suitable for young people like you. If you have the time, you should take a look there.”

I nodded. After walking about half a mile to the west, sure enough there was a new digital plaza there, and it was hosting an event…

The large electronic screen was just playing the opening scene of [Moon Monochrome]. Underneath it, a large group of young people were discussing with each other. After finish playing the opening scene, the big screen played some recording of PK scenes. I looked closely at the screen. That guy wearing a dark blue armor, wasn’t that me? And that female player across me who just cleverly released the Sword Qi drawing a beautiful arc in the air, it was Murong Shan Shan! A Thief was hiding in the dark. But from the perspective of the spectator, we could clearly see him quietly dipped his dagger in poison. The flashing blue dagger would send a chilliness into the spectator’s heart.

Wasn’t this the scene from the just finished finals this afternoon?

I never expected this video would be broadcasted in public so soon. I quickly looked around. Everyone was paying attention to the video, so no one noticed me. Okay, it was safe!

“Brother Yang, that Murong Shan Shan girl currently is doing pretty well. Together with Qing Cai Baiyu Tang, she managed to become the second rank player like this.”

A creepy voice came from behind. I looked back and saw a skinny little guy talking to a big fat middle-aged man next to him. The middle-aged man also had a Y-shaped scar on his face.

No, this scar… This middle-aged man is Mad Warrior!

I never expected to meet with Mad Warrior in a place like this. Seeing his sturdy build figure, he shouldn’t be someone to mess with. Although Ye Qiu and I were used to be called the Black Wind Evil Pair – punching to Wuzhong nursing home and kicking to Suzhou nursery school, but those several men standing behind Mad Warrior should also belong to his group. If I were to come into conflict with them right now, then I was probably going to lie down for a few days in the hospital.

“Humph, sooner or later, I, Yu Yang, will make that little girl kneel in front of me and beg. F***, that Baiyu Tang also isn’t any good. Last time he killed me, one day I will make him pay back for that!” The middle-aged man hissed out the words.

“Brother Yang, in tomorrow’s individual competition, I think the finals will still be Murong Shan Shan against that Qing Cai something guy. Then their levels will become even higher. If we want to get revenge, then wouldn’t it be more difficult?”

“What’s the big deal? Even if the level is f***ing higher, he’s still just one person. If we bring more people with us, I don’t believe that we can’t kill him!”

“You’re right boss! By the way, how’s your cousin’s injuries?”

“He’s still lying in the hospital. It’s estimated that he will leave as a cripple. That kid won’t have a future anymore. It should be enough to just drug her. To f***ing insisted on using violence, now he’s done by that fierce woman to be like that, isn’t it a disgrace?”

“Well, brother Yang, in two days, the access to the main city will be available. Didn’t you manage to get several hundred brothers to join an amazing clan together? Who is that clan leader? He should be very fierce then, right?”

Mad Warrior grinned, “Don’t worry. Don’t you trust someone who even I would call big brother? No matter how good Murong Shan Shan is, my big brother could knock her within ten seconds. Can you believe it?”

“Ah, the boss’s boss is so amazing. Haha, in the future, we don’t need to worry about Murong Shan Shan anymore!”

I shook my head and turned to leave this dangerous place. Behind me, Mad Warrior and his groups were still laughing aloud.

Could knock Murong Shan Shan in ten seconds?

That person should be still in the womb… That idiot Mad Warrior…

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