The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 088

Hurricane City – Chapter 88 (The Courage Challenge – 17)

When I got back to my place, dinner was almost ready. Lu Xue Han was just carrying a bowl of soup from the kitchen. I quickly ran over and took it from her hands. Xu Lin just smiled and sat down on the table.

“Lin Fan, do you know that there’s a change in the rewards for the individual competition?”

“What changes?”

“Yesterday, a lot of players were complaining saying that a reward of just level increase and equipment are too unreasonable. Thus, the [Moon Monochrome] company decided to change the rewards on the fly. The original reward will not change, but all players that get into the Top 32 will also receive a certain amount of material reward.”

I was slightly surprised, “The material reward, would it be RMB?”

Xu Lin nodded, “Yes, the Top-32 players will be rewarded 5000 RMB, the Top-16 players will be rewarded 10,000 RMB, the Top-8 players will get 30,000 RMB of rewards, the Top-4 players will be rewarded 50,000 RMB, runner-up 100,000 Yuan, and the champion will get even much more, 500,000 RMB!”

My saliva almost flew down when I heard that, “So, the champion will get half a million RMB?”

“Yes, so be sure to work hard! Also, if you get the champion reward, it’s all yours. It has nothing to do with the studio. So, you better get your hands on this.”

On the side, Xin Yu said smiling, “Our good capitalist finally had some humanity.”

Xu Lin gave Xin Yu a glare and then turned to Lu Xue Han, “Are we going to practice tonight, or shall we sleep earlier?”

Lu Xue Han thought for a moment and said, “Better to go leveling. I’m almost at Level 31 and haven’t tried those two purple equipment to see their powers…”

Xu Lin smiled and turned her eyes to me, “How about you, Lin Fan? Are you going to practice or sleep?”

Feeling a bit tired, I replied immediately, “I’m not practicing. I wanna get some good rest. In tomorrow’s competition, if you’re not careful, it will be a big loss. Even the Top-32 will get a 5,000 RMB reward. We absolutely can’t miss this good opportunity to make money!”

Hence, everybody was eating, and after finishing the meal, they all went back to leveling. When I returned to my room, I stretched my head and saw Lu Xue Han was clipping her eyelashes. Her hands were very inexperienced, very different with Xin Yu’s skill.

I smiled and loudly said “Do you need any help?”

Lu Xue Han was slightly surprised for a moment, but then she turned and smiled with her lips pursed, “Okay, come in!”

Lu Xue Han’s room was arranged in a simple yet elegant way. The dressing table and her not very large bed was put on the window side. But she wasn’t doing her makeup at the dressing table, instead, she was sitting on the soft warm bed.

“Just sit on the bed. There’re no chairs in my room.”

I nodded. And when I was just sitting on the bed, my mind already started to imagine some stuff. Such a small bed. If I were to sleep on it while embracing her, we might not be able to move at all, or worse, we might even fall down. Wrapping her slim and tall body with a quilt, hu hu hu, such happiness…

Lu Xue Han handed me the eyelash clip and then closed her eyes. Her long eyelashes were gently moving, instantly stirring my heart.

“Lin Fan, do it slowly. I’m afraid of the pain…”

Inhaling the scent of her body, I couldn’t help but get a bit turned on. At the moment, she was so close to me as if she were leaning onto my arms. I could even feel her body burning. It turned out, she was just faking her calmness.


A few eyelashes slowly fell down from her nose. My heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Crap! I accidentally cut up her beautiful eyelashes!

Lu Xue Han obviously also felt something went wrong; the eyelashes that fell off were a bit too long.

“Well, you know, Xue Han, I’m going back to my room to sleep!” After saying that, I instantly rushed out from her room.

Lu Xue Han stared at the mirror on the window ledge and was momentary between laughter and tears. Before her eyelashes grew back, she wouldn’t be able to meet other people, and it seemed like she couldn’t step out of the room for half a month.

Lying in my bed, I didn’t worry too much. The kind and gentle girl like Lu Xue Han wouldn’t give me a hard time just because of that matter. And anyway, the eyelashes would grow out soon.

This two-day competition was indeed very tiring. I soon fell into sleep.

“Lin Fan!”

Not sure how much time had passed, a voice-shaking roar woke me up from my dream. I opened my eyes to see the anxious face of Guo Zi.

I looked at the time, it was just around eleven at night. I had been asleep for only four hours.

“Guo Zi, what’s the matter? If there’s no problem, please don’t disturb my sleep.”

“Of course there’s a problem. Sister Lin and Xue Han are currently being trapped. They are now at the valley, north of the city. A couple of Thieves are trying to kill them, and they don’t even have the chance to get back to the city. There’s also a group of people guarding the intersection to block them. Those people said that they wouldn’t leave before decreasing their levels.”

“What? They are being PK-ed in the wild? What kind of people are they?”

“Mad Warrior’s group with a total of more than 50 high-level players. Sister Lin couldn’t get offline, so she let me go offline to inform you. Perhaps you can do something to help.”

I jumped out of my bed to wear some clothes. This Mad Warrior mothereffer group had started the move. I had never like this kind of people. Perhaps, it was some kind of legacy. But, no matter in what kind of game you played, there would be those “domineering” or “ruling” kind of trash players inside. Once they opened their mouth, they would speak as if they were some wise old men. They were just a bunch of people with the slightest level of education and just relying on numbers to kill and rob. Once they were in a PK situation where they were just being alone, they were nothing but rookies. For this kind of people, I just despised them.

As soon I got online, I immediately joined the party so I could see them in the map. When I arrived at Hurricane City’s north side of the map, I could see three orange dots moving slowly at the upper right corner of the valley. It seemed that Lu Xue Han, Xin Yu, and the others were under siege over there.

I opened the communication line from which immediately came Xu Lin’s rushing’s voice, “Lin Fan, have you arrived? We can barely hold it anymore over here. There’re so many Thieves, we have killed more than a dozen, but they still keep coming!”

I quickly answered, “I’ll be right there. I’m going to see if there are any other exits in the valley. If it’s possible, I will not force in from the middle.”

“No need to look. If there’s any, we would have gone out already. Figure it by yourself how you’re going to force your entry.”

I closed the Comm and focused on hastening my move. In front of the valley’s exit were several players. When they saw me from afar, they immediately came over to surround me.

Two level 18 Magician and a level 21 Swordsman. All their names had the word “Mad” in the front. It seemed they were all from Mad Warrior’s group.

Without using any skills, I just went straight toward a Mage using an ordinary attack. With the added 161 points of Agility, my movement speed was far from these low-level equipment users. In a flash, my sword had arrived in front of a Mage. And without any effort, the sword smoothly just killed him.

Without the slightest amount of sloppiness, I turned around and waved my sword again. Another Mage was also killed instantly. At that moment, a Level 16 Swordsman rushed toward me with his Combo skill…



Looking at this little damage figures, I almost couldn’t laugh. With a Combo, I ended his life.

From a distance, the people at the valley’s exit started to move. Apparently, Mad Warrior’s group of people were all over there!

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