The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 089

Hurricane City – Chapter 89 (The Courage Challenge – 18)

“Wow, over there is someone with a red name. His equipment is also very good. Ah! It’s Qing Cai Baiyu Tang, everybody hurry up and attack him! We might even get the purple ring dropped. Hurry!”

Within the chaos and turmoil, I looked at my name. It really had become red. The Sword of Darkness was faintly suffused with a blood-red color, truly beautiful. Of course, only a pervert or a killer would feel good about this.

In a very short moment, a dozen of fireballs hit me at the same time. I was so scared that cold sweat dropped from my body. But after a careful look, I noticed that my Health only dropped 200 points. It turned out that those Mages who attacked me, their level difference was too big compared to me. I estimated that their highest level Mage would be at level 27, and I was at level 35. With a difference of eight levels had been enough to make most of their magic skills to be resisted.

My original plan was to get close to the valley intersection in a short period and kill the enemies. But, the plan of getting there in ten seconds time frame proofed to be too difficult to achieve. Among the dozens players that Mad Warrior brought, there were about 20 long-range attacker players. Fortunately, not many of the Archers had the Aeon Flux skill. And even if they did, hitting me with that shot wouldn’t be easy. Being stunned for a moment wasn’t too life dangering for me. The big red healing potions that I bought from the auction house with gold coins really played a big role by restoring 1,000 points of my Health for each use, more than enough to fill back the Health I lost.

Mad Warrior and several high-level players were originally guarding at the center of the intersection. Seeing me rushing in from the left, they all immediately gathered up toward me.


A flaming Raging Arrow burst on my shoulder and suddenly knocked out 256 points of my Health, very painful!

A high-level archer had arrived. I had to finish him before the CD time of his shocking arrows wore out, otherwise, I might die before I could clear the enemies.

With one wave of my sword, I sent a Mage back to the city and quickly picked up the staff that he dropped. Without delay, I rushed forward. Using my Combo, a high-level Swordsman was also resolved in an instant, dropping a green sword. No need to be picky, I took every loot!

Field battles; I love field battles!

After cleanly insta-killing a dozen of players, I suddenly felt like I was back to the time where I participated in the team competition that year where I continuously kill my enemies in ten consecutive games. To play games, this was the kind of feeling a player should have!

At the back, Mad Warrior angrily shouted, “A bunch of idiots, hurry up and help me to catch him. Archers, use your Aeon Flux shot! Mages, use your Ice magic! We absolutely can’t let him pass!”

I laughed inwardly. What a disorganized group. In order to catch me, the all line up chasing behind me. There were no formations at all. Regarding this group, it could be said that except for their numbers, they were just a bunch of mad dogs that only knew how to randomly bite people.


A frost arrow hit my body, and my movement speed was also lowered.

“Damn, after crossing the intersection, I’m still hit by a slowing magic!” I swore inwardly and then used the Magic Protection skill. A yellow light rose rapidly from my feet, removing the frost on my body and restoring my speed back to its original state. Furthermore, every three seconds, my Health recover 120 points.

I only had 30 seconds of time. The Sword of Darkness covered with ice flowers cut into Mad Warrior’s body who blocked the way, followed immediately with a [Heavy Strike]. The nearly thousand points of damage surprised everybody in the surrounding. Unfortunately, their Clerics quickly replenished his Health, and I was forced my crazy idea to “single-handedly slaying the boss.”

I launched my Combo again, and an over-confident Knight who was holding a high-Defense shield was turned into a white light instantly, even dropping a level 22 blue shield and a level 25 Knight’s lance.

I quickly picked up the drops. No one could block in front of me. The Sword of Darkness covered in a blood-red light glowed in the darkness of the night giving out a deathly aura. A few Swordsmen even stepped back cowardly.

Mad Warrior furiously growled, “F***ing cowards, attack!”

“But, boss, this guy’s Health doesn’t seem to go down at all, and his Attack is too high. None of us can handle him…”

“F***, you’re all useless! We’ll attack him altogether at once. Tonight’s dinner is on me. Pick any girls you want, do what you want. Tonight, everything is on me!”

Perhaps it was the money or the women that motivated this bunch of thugs to fight. But this time, all of them as if they had gotten a collective consciousness, dozens of magic and sword blows fell on my body almost simultaneously.

Getting dizzy for a while, when I opened my eyes again, I noticed that I had lost more than half of my 2,420 Health. Even receiving all those attacks, I still made it out?

Brandishing my sword to kill the nearest Mage, I immediately rushed through the small entrance to the valley, without anything that could hold me anymore. I didn’t even have the time to pick up the dropped equipment and ran directly toward the forest in front of me. Immediately afterward, I heard a whistling of various magic and arrows behind me.

After I got into the woods, the Magic Protection skill had cooled off, and I could finally let out a sigh of relief. Behind me, there weren’t many players agile enough to keep up with me. Some Thieves followed me from afar, but they didn’t dare to get close.

I just opened the communication line and already heard Lu Xue Han’s voice, “Watch your left. There’s a level 27 Thief. Sister Lin, don’t kill anymore, or else your name will get red. Xin Yu, use your Aeon Flux shot to stun him. Eh? Lin Fan has already broken in through the siege!”

I immediately smiled and said, “Do you see the coordinates of the area where the two maps intersect? We’ll meet there. You guys lure the Thieves over there and I’ll make the kill; my name is already in red!”

After running to the north for nearly three minutes, I couldn’t help but want to laugh when Lu Xue Han, Xin Yu, and Xu Lin appeared in my vision. All three of them were one of the city’s top ten players, and yet, they were in such terrible situation. Behind the two players who looked like Swordsmen, there should be many Thieves hiding in the dark.

“Lin Fan, stop the Swordsmen. Xue Han doesn’t have much mana anymore. We could barely hold off anymore!”

Xin Yu cried out from afar and immediately led two Swordsmen over. I quickly greeted them with a warm greeting of my [Frozen Blade]!

Added with my Combo and an arrow from Xin Yu who turned around to shoot, a Swordsman was immediately insta-killed. The other Swordsman was in no better shape. Lu Xue Han’s curse and Xu Lin’s Ice Arrow had quickly cut him out from any path to escape. Xin Yu and I adding the pain to the injury quickly sent him back to the city. He dropped a green leg protector.


A blood-red light glowed from behind Lu Xue Han. The enemy’s Thief had made the move!

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