The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 090

Hurricane City – Chapter 90 (The Courage Challenge – 19)

Not just a Thief. Four blood-red light flashed one after another behind Lu Xue Han!

“Watch it!”

After I called out the warning, I found out that it was unnecessary. Receiving the attacks, Lu Xue Han’s Health only decreased 1/3, and after casting a Healing upon herself, her Health was immediately recovered fully. What kind of concept was this?!

A 45% increase of healing effects was really not for nothing!

“Hurry up and help!” shouted Xu Lin loudly as Xin Yu and I were dumbfounded by the scene. Although Lu Xue Han’s attributes were strong, but she also couldn’t bear getting ganged by four Thieves together.

Exploding Flames, Aeon Flux, Combo, and several other powerful skills were immediately bestowed upon them. With their equipment and levels half than ours, how could the Thieves stand against the frenzy attacks? In a flash, they were killed. Perhaps my red name increased the drop rates of equipment, because killing off three Thieves actually resulted in the drop of seven green equipment. Since the three Thieves were killed by me, of course, all the equipment were also collected by me.

Although Xin Yu’s Agility wasn’t as high as mine, but Agility affected an Archer more than a Swordsman. And Xin Yu’s Talent was Perception, so she could detect hidden Thieves near her.

Two minutes later, Xin Yu drilled out from the woods behind us. Her leather armor was soaked from the dew, showing her pretty body curve that I couldn’t help but think of ****. Her exquisite figure wasn’t something that the average girls could compete with, and it also seemed more natural. Of course, this was only apparently…

Xin Yu was absolutely the kind that could make any normal man go crazy…

“Mad Warrior and five Magician are in the woods about 200 yards west from here searching for us. They’ll get here in less than two minutes, what should we do?”

Xu Lin turned around and asked me, “Should we get back to the city now?”

I frowned, “How come you were raided by them? What’s the reason?”

Lu Xue Han explained, “No reason at all. Originally we were leveling here. After a while, several people came and wanted to train here as well. Apparently, they were Mad Warrior’s people…”

“So, you didn’t let them?”

Xin Yu angrily said, “Of course not! Why should we give this place to them? Then they attacked us. That’s why sister Lin and I together killed them with ease…”

“…” I was quite speechless. Actually, in this matter, we weren’t wrong. That kind of bullying and snatching other people’s training place should be killed. There wasn’t much to say about it.

“Oh, right. There were also several other players training here before. When they came, except for us, all the others were killed by them and sent back to the city. Guo Zi was also one among them.”

“What? Guo Zi was killed?”

“Yes, and she dropped a green armor as well.”

Lu Xue Han also pouted, “Guo Zi practiced for three days before she leveled up two levels. But, just in a few minutes here, she had lost two levels. Later on, we still need to comfort her.”

Looking at the enraged girls, I smiled and said, “If we don’t want people to bully our small team, it’s necessary for us to deal with a quite big group. Today, our inferior team manage to slay Mad Warrior and his subordinates. We’ll upload it into the forum and let everyone know that we, the Green Veggies studio are not just high levels, but we also won’t hesitate to fight!”

Xu Lin was overjoyed, “Okay! I was waiting for you to say that. If Mad Warrior wants to settle this account, I’ll deal with him. Lin Fan, you go ahead and open the way!”

I shook my head. Those words of her somehow felt like meant “I’ll take the blame, but he’s the one to be killed…”

After setting the video recording function, I took the lead and walked in front. From afar, I could see Mad Warrior with several people were searching in the woods. Because the woods were too big, his men had to get separated. This way, it would be convenient for us to eliminate his small group.

In the team channel, Xin Yu whispered, “Five Mages and a Swordsman. What do you think?”

I gritted my teeth, “We kill Mad Warrior first. It looks like his leg protector and boots are blue equipment. Both of mine are still green ones. Let’s finish him off first. My name is in red, so the Mages priority should be attacking me. If Xue Han takes care of my Health, then there won’t be any problems.”

I rushed up after saying that. Our sudden appearance had put Mad Warrior’s group into surprise. Especially me with a bright red name, and my whole body was enveloped with a blood-red aura, giving a dangerous and not to be approached feeling.

A cold [Frozen Blade] was unleashed toward Mad Warrior. He didn’t have the reaction speed like Murong Shan Shan that he could dodge it and was immediately frozen. It was then followed by a [Combo] and [Heavy Strike].






With five consecutive attacks within one second, I unleashed all of my strongest skills. The frozen Mad Warrior was sent back to the City in an instant without even able to groan, leaving behind three pieces of his equipment. The several Mages behind him were all dumbfounded and even forgot to cast any spells.

Using my fastest speed, I quickly collected Mad Warrior’s dropped equipment and put them into my inventory. Xin Yu’s Aeon Flux shot couldn’t make it the first round, so she immediately shoot it on a Mage standing in front. Lu Xue Han also didn’t stay idle. Upon seeing me safe and sound, she bestowed her curse on another Mage. Due to her good equipment, having two purple equipment, she would definitely be the best Cleric in the world. Therefore, her Intelligence was also outrageous high. Her curse could even deal a much higher damage than the fireballs cast by the general Mages.

In merely a minute, before any reinforcement arrived, the four of us had killed 6 experts of level 26 and above. After cleaning the battlefield of any loots, we quickly leave the scene, leaving no traces of our crime behind.

Unfortunately, the City Return Scroll didn’t send me back to Hurricane City, instead, it sent me to a little shabby village. Was it the legendary Red List Village?

Although this village was small, but it had everything inside; the place to repair equipment and buy potions.

I should take a look first at the three equipment that Mad Warrior had dropped…

[Prayers Shinguard] (Armor – Blue Equipment)

Defense: +52

Stamina: +24

Strength: +18

Agility: +12

Required Level: 27

[Rock Runners] (Boots – Blue Equipment)

Defense: +42

Stamina: +25

Strength: +32

Required Level: 26

[Turtle Shell] (Armor – Green Equipment)

Defense: +36

Stamina: +15

Strength: +12

Required Level: 22

The two blue equipment are good, and I equipped them immediately. The green armor could be sold off. This time Mad Warrior would surely cry. Normally, people killed in the field would drop only one equipment, but he dropped three equipment at once. And the two blue equipment were the only blue equipment that he had. Who knew how much money he had spent to buy those. This time was awesome, I got everything cheaply.

I repaired my equipment for a while. It seemed that there would be no way to go back to Hurricane City. I could only wait until the start of tomorrow’s individual competition to be transferred directly to the venue. After the competition was over, the players would be transferred back to the city. In that case, I should be transferred back too. And without any kind of NPC that could attack me, I could leisurely walk in the city with my red name.

Getting offline, I uploaded the video to the forum and wrote about the malicious words and deeds of Mad Warrior. After I was done, I went sleeping!


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