The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 092

Hurricane City – Chapter 92 (The Courage Challenge – 21)

Throughout the day, I couldn’t remember anymore how many rounds I had fought. The system had notified that the Top-64 players would be determined tomorrow morning. And in the afternoon, the matches would go on until there was a champion. All eight members of our small studio had managed to get through today’s match. The system also announced that all the player that passed today’s match will get some experience after the competition was finished. Because the players couldn’t spend their time to level up, this was considered as a little compensation from the system for all the participant players!

When I got online, Murong Shan Shan surprisingly was still in the Cathedral. After finishing the matches yesterday, we were sent directly to the Cathedral. The one who finished earlier made fun of that who came later, and then was only random babbles. This continued on until the evening, the two people were talking about one topic after another, not even feeling tired or bored.

There was still no suspense during the rounds in the morning; we didn’t encounter any experts, although some others weren’t that lucky. Xin Yu, Xu Lin, and Lu Xue Han were powerful enough that even if they met some scary opponent, they still managed to get through. But the other four members of our studio were eliminated quite early. After all, the players in Hurricane City included experts from Jiangsu and Shanghai region. Those girls lacked experience of playing this kind of games before, so naturally, they couldn’t be compared to those hardcore players.

From morning until noon, the Top-32 players were finally determined. Murong Shan Shan, Ye Qiu, and Mad Warrior qualified without doubts. The four of us from the studio had also entered the Top-32. That Thief friend of Murong Shan Shan also managed to get through. From the TOT battle team, besides Ye Qiu, Fine was the only one who made it into the Top-32 while the others were eliminated early.

After eating lunch, I sat in the Cathedral to wait for the Top-32 matches to begin. The matches in the morning were quite easy. The strongest opponent I encountered was a Level 27 Axe Wielder. When his Throwing Axe only hit me for less than 200 Health, he suffered from a heavy shock and immediately forfeit the match… (TL Note: I changed the term ‘Barbarian’ into ‘Axe Wielder’. It seems that the Warrior class only differentiate between sword user and axe user.)

Four people from our guild entered the Top-32. That was to say that 20,000 RMB had already fallen into our pockets. It was so simple to make money!

The 32 players were transferred to their game venue at the same time. Before the Top-8 players were determined, the matches were still assigned randomly by the system. During this Individual Competition, there wasn’t a real person acting as the host, so it was a lot less tedious, which made the players feel much better. To make this competition becoming like those sick variety show would have been really boring.

System Notification: You have entered Game Venue No. 14. The number of players currently watching the match is 2,346,232!

Very good, very admirable!

No matter what, I was Hurricane City’s first ranked player, and also the only participant in the competition bearing a red name. The number of players watching my match might not be more than those watching Murong Shan Shan’s match, but it shouldn’t be too much less either.

Across me was a Level 28 Mage. As I watched him closely, I realized that he was an old acquaintance – the player from the first team we eliminated during the quarter-finals: Young And Frivolous!

When he realized his opponent was me, he suddenly wished that he would be dead. With tears in his eyes looking at me, he said, “Why?! WHY? Is this really fate?”

I smiled awkwardly, “I also don’t want this to happen, but maybe we are too destined. So, there’re no other options…”

“Ah, it must be my miserable life. Brother Qing Cai, do you plan to establish a guild in the future? If you do, then I will bring all my brothers to join you, okay?”

Once I heard this good news, I hurriedly said, “Although I have no plan to create a guild, but Murong Shan Shan will definitely establish one. If you don’t mind, you can join her guild. I might also be joining her guild…”

Young And Frivolous nodded, “Okay, then it’s settled like that. If she established a guild, please help to introduce me to her.”

“No problem.”

“Well, let’s start then!”

Just as he finished his words, a Bursting Flame had already hit my head…

Crap! He even unexpectedly ambushed me like this…

The Bursting Flame dealt me more than 300 points of damage. It seemed that his magic attack was quite good; ambushing was also a skill. In addition to that, he also didn’t seem like those hooligan people from Mad Warrior’s group, so his group shouldn’t be like that mob. Doing Murong Shan Shan such a big favor, who knew how she was going to thank me…

Young And Frivolous obviously had mastered the tactic of ‘Fire and Ice’, making me concentrating on keeping up with his play. Without using Frozen Blade and Magic Protection, I only used normal attacks against him. Not that I looked down on him, but using these two skills against a Mage would be too imbalanced. If a Mage met me, most of them were dead meats already anyway.

This Young And Frivolous had really a good positioning control as a Mage. But against my positioning control, this Mage could only get more and more under pressured. Just in a few paces, I had already gotten close to him and raised my swords!


This was just a normal attack, also, it wasn’t any critical hit. Against a Mage with low Defense, it was a very common thing that my 520-665 Attack caused such a damage.

Seeing more than half of his Health had been reduced by my attack, he could only retreat in fear. When I had approached him once again, suddenly, from the ground underneath me came out a burst of ice power, and my legs became frozen covered in ice!

System Notification: You have been hit by Young And Frivolous “Frost Nova” attack. Unable to move for three seconds!

Son of a bitch. He turned out to still have some skills under his sleeve. No wonder he could manage to get this far. If he didn’t meet me this round, he might even still perform beautifully.

But now, his show time was over!

“Swish!” The wave of my sword had sent Young And Frivolous out of the game venue. I had officially entered the Top-16!

Because I spent too much time with Young And Frivolous, the next round began soon after!

I met another old acquaintance. Standing in front of me was none other than Murong Shan Shan’ Thief friend – Stealing The Heaven.

The match immediately started. Without exchanging any words, we got into actions right away.

What made Thieves causing headaches for other players was their stealth ability. No matter what profession a player choose, they would be quite helpless against this ‘Coming without a shadow, leaving without a footprint’ kind of skill. It was also because of this that a Thief could perform elegantly in a PK. After the second promotion, the stealth skill of a Thief would be enhanced even more further. By using some kind of fluorescent powder, they could enter the stealth mode at any time during a battle, causing terror in the heart of those leather-armored class players!


Stealing The Heaven had made his attack!

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