The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 093

Hurricane City – Chapter 93 (The Courage Challenge – 22)

The Ambush plus Backstab had caused less than 400 damages to me. My level was much higher than Stealing The Heaven’s, so most of his attack power was resisted by the Defense of my equipment. In this situation, even if I were just standing there and let him stab me, I could take it quite relaxingly.

Finishing his quick opening attack, it was my turn now. Heavy Strike!


And another normal attack!


I was able to react in time, and Stealing The Heaven became a white light flying out of the game venue!

My God! It was still one of the top-five in the fast category:

Lightning fast, shooting fast, riding fast, cumming fast (TL Note: the word ‘cumming’ should be literally translated as ‘ejaculated’, but to keep it in synch with the other words, I changed it to the slang.), and Thief die fast!

I made it to the Top-8! Murong Shan Shan followed soon after. Her little face blushing, she said that it took her more than two minutes to kill a Level-28 Cleric. She was so tired that she almost dropped dead…

A few minutes later, all quarter-finals qualifier eight players were transferred to a podium. The so-called Lottery had also become very simple. Each player only need to confirm on their own system configuration. Although, in the end, it was still determined by the system. The list of the quarter-final’s matches came out soon after:

1. Green Veggies Temptation (Xin Yu) – Class: Archer

2. Green Veggies Cocoa (Lu Xue Han) – Class: Cleric

3. Murong Shan Shan – Class: Swordsman

4. Little Ants on the Tree Leafs (Ye Qiu) – Class: Mage

5. TOT Fine – Class: Swordsman

6. Qing Cai Baiyu Tang – Class: Swordsman

7. Green Veggies Flying Feather (Xu Lin) – Class: Mage

8. Twittering Voice – Class: ???

The matchup was acceptable. At least, in this first round, I wasn’t paired against the person I wanted the last to meet, Murong Shan Shan. I knew almost all the players except for the last one called “Twittering Voice”. Strangely, his Class information wasn’t displayed while the rest of our Class info was shown clearly. Could it be that he acquired some legendary hidden Class?

Among all the players entering the quarter-final, only Lu Xue Han was a Cleric. It was thanks to her two purple equipment, otherwise it would be really difficult for a Cleric who focused more on healing to qualify for the Top-8. From the eight players, half of them was from the Green Veggies team. This time, during this competition, our team had really made it into the spotlight. In the future, if we were to establish a guild, it would definitely save us all the troubles!

The competition started. The first pair to enter the stage was impressively Xin Yu and Lu Xue Han, two beautiful and charming women…

In the system assigned arena, Lu Xue Han smilingly said, “Xin Yu, please let me win. Or, what if you don’t use your Aeon Flux and Raging Arrows. How about it? I’ll treat you to KFC tonight.”

Xin Yu showed the same smiling face, “Okay, as long you don’t use any Healing, I won’t use any skills!”


Lu Xue Han was speechless. The match had also begun! Most of the audience watching these two cute little girls were drooling already!

The so-called saying that there is no father-son relation in a battle, it was not until now that I could fully understand the meaning of it. Once the match began, both of the girls had immediately used their killing skills. Curse, Retribution, Aeon Flux, and Raging Arrows flew hither and thither in the sky, dazzling the spectators!


Xin Yu’s Raging Arrow once again burst on Lu Xue Han’s head, but she then calmly cast a Healing to restore her Health. And with a wave of a hand, a Curse fell upon Xin Yu’s head. Immediately right away, she also ruthlessly threw over a Retribution. Afterward, her small white hands maneuvered in the air, and a magical protection shield appeared on her surrounding. Two of Xin Yu’s attacks were dispersed as if it just vanished in the air and had caused no harm at all toward Lu Xue Han.

After another Retribution was thrown, Xin Yu was finally like a dried oil lamp in the presence of Lu Xue Han’s formidable abilities. It couldn’t be denied, although Xin Yu’s Attack was high, but she was helpless against Lu Xue Han’s added 45% of healing’s effect. Until the very end, Lu Xue Han still had nearly half of Health, letting all the spectators thoroughly experience the power of the high-ranking Cleric.

System Notification: Congratulations for player Green Veggies Cocoa on successfully defeating the opponent, Green Veggies Temptation, and becoming the first player to enter the semi-finals!

The second match began. This time, it was even more exciting. Murong Shan Shan with her exceptional operating skill as a Swordsman against the same expert of controlling the Mage character, Ye Qiu.

As soon as the match officially started, Ye Qiu’s had already released a Fireball. But Murong Shan Shan wasn’t someone easy to deal with as well, she sprinkled her [Sword Qi] right afterward. Unfortunately, it seemed that Ye Qiu had predicted her maneuver and already moved back a few steps. Then just by sliding a footstep, he actually dodged the ambitiously thrown Sword Qi from Murong Shan Shan.

Although her attack had missed, her figure swayed, and she had already left her previous position. The Night Elf’s Sword swiped through Ye Qiu’s body just like a lightning. The 385 damage had suddenly left Ye Qiu’s Health dropped to nearly half. But this wouldn’t let him yield, and with just two or three steps, he was already out of her attacking range. Ye Qiu sent back a Frozen Arrow, and immediately after followed by a Bursting Flame. And as she was approaching, she was hit by another speed reducing Ice Arrow.

Under such situation, Murong Shan Shan’s Health was slowly reduced more than half. By contrast, Ye Qiu was in much better shape. With five continuous ‘Fire and Ice’ heavenly tactic, he seemed to be in a trance. While their distance were getting further and further, leaving off her attacking range, she appeared to be helpless.

Just when everyone thought she would be continuously drained like this until she was finished, a sudden turn of events was happening!

She suddenly changed her course. The Night Elf’s Sword swept horizontally releasing a [Sword Qi] toward the advancing Ye Qiu. He was shocked but hastily stabilized his posture. However, he didn’t expect her movement to be that fast. Just as he turned his body around, in a flash, he saw the oncoming sword, and her [Heavy Strike] had already landed on him!


Just like that, Ye Qiu was sent out of the competition by Murong Shan Shan, and she became the second person to enter the Top-4 players.

The third match began. Finally, it was my turn to play!

Fine who was standing across me looked quite painful. He was clearly not having an easy way to get this far, but he had to meet the irresistible force in this game, me. It was sure to be disastrous.

Two Swordsmen. Moreover, it was two Swordsmen without long range skills. The match became very simple; you stab and I slash, just simply exchanging blows like that. Finally, having less resolution, Fine was directly sent out of the game field.

The last match of the Top-8, Green Veggies Flying Feather VS Twittering Voice!

Something happened which let everyone by surprise. After she threw the first Fireball, she froze there motionless. At the same time, all of the spectators saw a system notification: The magic power of the player Green Veggies Flying Feather has been sealed!

Heaven! That legendary hidden Class had appeared – Sealmaster!

Sealmaster, a hidden Class without any attack or defense specialty. Its unique feature is the ability to seal the target’s attack for a certain period of time. Success Rate: 50%, Cooldown time: 120 seconds (Seal capacity including magic attacks, physical attacks, and healing type of magic).

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