The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 095

Hurricane City – Chapter 95 (The Courage Challenge – 24)

“Stop staring, fight!”

Before she finished her words, a three-hit Combo and Heavy Strike already came toward me. But, at the same time, I also responded with a three-hit Combo and Heavy Strike!

Although the same skill was released by two people, but the results were different. Murong Shan Shan dealt me 1,000 points of damages while I knocked off 1,600 points of her Health. At the same time, I also released Frozen Blade…

A white light flashed.

Was Murong Shan Shan killed just like that?

Heaven, how could this be possible? I was lost in thought for a moment.

Why did she not use her movement and controlling skill to do a long distance fighting with me, and instead chose to recklessly fight with me with brute force. She didn’t even use the Ice Blade skill that she was so proud of. Could she really be that stupid?

Of course not. The real reason was…

She deliberately let me win easily!

Returning back from the arena, Murong Shan Shan was sitting there alone while Lu Xue Han, Xu Lin, and Xin Yu were on the other side, talking about something. Without thinking much, I walked straight toward Murong Shan Shan and sat next to her.

“Why don’t you accompany that Temptation and Cocoa, but instead come to me? What do you want?”

Murong Shan Shan’s face was without expressions. I really couldn’t understand her feelings at the moment, so I just asked, “Shan Shan, just now, why did you let me win?”

Murong Shan Shan glanced at me and poutingly said, “I couldn’t win anyway. This way, it would save some time and get to the drawing sooner. Don’t think that I did it for your sake, I’m not that goodhearted!”

I smiled and said, “If it wasn’t for my sake, then why let me win? Is that 500,000 RMB not even a little bit tempting at all?”

“Of course. It’s actually a big temptation. With 500,000 I can buy a new car! But…”

Murong Shan Shan blushed. I quickly asked, “But what?”

“But I can’t help not to help you fulfill your wish to live together with those women. So what?” She widened her beautiful eyes.

“You… aren’t you meddling too much?”

“I like to! The raffle is going to start. Let’s see what your three beautiful young colleagues will get!”

All the Top-32 players, aside from the Top-8 players, had all received a blue or green equipment. They also got one level increasement as a reward. Except for the champion and runner-up, the Top-8 players were rewarded two levels increment. As for the additional rewards drawing, the first that went onto the stage was Xin Yu, who got first eliminated. Her pretty figure had immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Xin Yu gently pressed OK, and the reward came out…

[Cape of Swiftness] (Blue Equipment)

Defense: 44

Stamina: +32

Strength: +16

Agility: +23

Extra: Increase Evade rate by 15%

Required Level: 30

Very nice. With an additional 15% increase of Evade rate, Xin Yu, who was already an agile Archer, her Evade rate would be exceptionally high. After the increase, her advantage over players with physical attacks profession would be even greater. Axe-Wielders or Swordsmen with bad equipment and low hit rate would find it difficult to even hit her, let alone killing her.

I also liked the equipment that added Agility points. In the rules of [Moon Monochrome], Agility would not only increase movement speed but also increase Hit rate and Critical Hit rate as well. This was exactly the reason why no players could dodge my attacks. Strength would affect Attack and Health recovery speed while Intelligence affected Magic Attack and Mana recovery speed. The higher the value, the more will the attribute’s effect be. That was the rule of the game. Actually, in [Moon Monochrome], the attributes gained from equipment had far outmatched the attributes points from one’s level. But having a high level still had its benefit. For example, when a lower level player attacked a higher level player, his damage, hit rate, and critical hit rate would be weakened by a certain degree. A high-level player not only had superiority during PK, but they could also learn higher level skills. They could also level their skills to a higher level compared to a low-level player. A Level 10 Heavy Strike would absolutely be more powerful than a Level 1 Heavy Strike, even if that player’s level was at level 50. No questions about it.

The second one to go up the stage for the drawing was Ye Qiu, looking dignified. I was curious to know what kind of good stuff he would get.


System Notification: Congratulations to player Little Ants on the Tree Leafs for getting the reward – Binding Ring!

[Binding Ring] (Blue Equipment)

Stamina: +28

Intelligence: +34

Agility: +33

Extra: Increase Magic damage by 5%

Required Level: 30

Wow! Still a blue equipment, no purple one yet!

It wasn’t surprising at all. According to the statistics, within the rewards for the team competition two days before, only a total of 31 purple equipment had been rewarded. Some of the cities didn’t even get any purple equipment. This showed that the odds of getting one was the same as getting struck by a lightning. Luckily, I, Murong Shan Shan, and Lu Xue Han was struck by this lightning.

The third person to draw the raffle was Fine, also from the TOT team. Too bad for him, this guy had drawn a shield with even no good attributes. He could only sell it since he was unable to equip it.

The fourth drawing was finally Xu Lin’s turn. This beautiful boss nervously went up the stage, reaching out her white little hands…


System Notification: Congratulations to player Green Veggies Flying Feather for getting the reward – Boots of Insight!

[Boots of Insight] (Blue Equipment)

Defense: 35

Stamina: +32

Intelligence: +34

Agility: +18

Extra: Increase Fire Magic damage by 20%

Required Level: 31

Increasing Fire Magic Attack by 20%, it just happened to suit the fierce Xu Lin, who liked to use high damage fire spells.

The drawing for the Top-4 had finally started. I wondered if there would be any difference with the drawing for the Top-8. The first to go up the stage was that Sealmaster that I killed!

Stretching out his hands, his equipment showed up. It was a leather jacket just suited for him to wear!

The next to go onto the stage was Lu Xue Han who was in the third place. Last time, she got a purple equipment. What would this lucky girl get this time?


System Notification: Congratulations to player Green Veggies Cocoa for getting the reward – Blazing Rainstorm (Skill Book)!

[Blazing Rainstorm]: Using the element of dark underworld fire to burn targets within a certain range. The target will continue to receive damage within a certain period of time. Required: Cleric Level 32!

Almost everyone gasped loudly. At present, only a few Mages had an AOE spell. However, now, Lu Xue Han, this pretty Cleric got her hands on one of AOE skills. Furthermore, this skill seemed to be very aggressive in nature. I imagined that right now, most of the Mages out there wanted to die.

After Lu Xue Han had finished drawing her reward, finally, it was the tournament’s runner-up turn. Murong Shan Shan who sat next to me stood up. With a giggle, she said, “If I can get a purple equipment, the dinner is on me!”

I made an ‘okay’ gesture, and she hurriedly went up the stage. In the vision of the thousand eyes, a purple light flashed as she got her reward…

[Icebreaker Gauntlet] (Purple Equipment)

Defense: 120

Stamina: +45

Strength: +48

Agility: +40

Extra: Increase Ice Magic Resistance by 100%. When used, all ice spell effect will be dispersed for five minutes. CD Time: 30 minutes

Required Level: 33

My head felt like spinning. It could be said that if previously Murong Shan Shan wasn’t my match, then after equipping that Icebreaker Gauntlet, she would be the nemesis for my Frozen Blade skill. Whenever I unleashed my Frozen Blade, she could immediately activate this equipment ability. At that time, the murder scene of that Icebreaker would be unsuitable for kids to watch…

I looked down at my hands.

“Brothers, this time it’s all up to you! Be sure to pick an awesome purple equipment to dominate Murong Shan Shan.”

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