The Legendary Thief – Book 03 – Chapter 096

Hurricane City – Chapter 96 (The Birth of the Legendary Thief)

Lightly clicking on the translucent screen, a wave of blue wave rippled out from my fingers to both of my sides. All the breathing from the audience almost stopped at this moment…


System Notification: Congratulations to player Qing Cai Baiyu Tang for receiving a special reward!

System Notification: Congratulations, you received a special reward. The system will enhance a particular skill. Please select the skill!

The screen in front of me began throbbing. It was the skills of mine that were impressively bouncing.

Things happened so fast, I was somewhat still dumbfounded. No more purple equipment, no high-level skill books, and instead, it turned out to be skill enhancement. How could this be happening?

Anyway, since it had turned out like this, I didn’t want to think too much. I reached out and pressed down. The system hinted immediately…


System Notification: Congratulations, your talent skill – [Ambush] gets enhanced. It is officially promoted to [Enhanced Stealth]!

Some people from the sidelines started to get noisy because they couldn’t see my reward. Several messages from the girls had come in as well. So, the competition here has officially ended. I looked up my level, which had been raised by three levels. It was now Level 38. No matter what, this competition was really worth it!


System Notification: The Courage Challenge is officially over. All the players to qualify for the Top-32, please use the system’s provided line to contact our Customer Service Department to confirm your bank account number. We will transfer the rewarded amount into your account within three working days!


System Notification: There will be a server maintenance tonight at 23:00. The maintenance will last for one hour. After the maintenance, the function to transfer to the four main cities will be available!

With a swish sound, everyone was transferred out of the arena. At this time, I just got the chance to see what the enhancement to my Talent looked like…

[Enhanced Stealth]: Manipulating space, giving the power to sneak into the darkness. Movement Speed is reduced by 10%. Skill cooldown time of 10 seconds. During a battle, the player can enter stealth mode with the use of Phosphor Powder!

I was shocked. I rubbed and rubbed my eyes to confirm that this was true! Thief ability – a super enhanced version of Stealth. As far as I know, the stealth ability of a Thief would reduce the movement speed by 50%. Since mine was an Enhanced Stealth, it only reduced 10% of my speed. In addition, with my ultra-high Agility, it would be as if there weren’t any slowing down at all. More importantly, the normal stealth of a Thief’s CD time was 30 seconds, but my skill’s CD time was only ten seconds. This meant that I could activate the stealth, and after ten seconds, I could re-enter the stealth mode. If this was combined with [Haste] skill… Hu hu hu… A great thief was born!!

“Hey! What skill is enhanced?”

A snow-white little hand patted on my shoulder. I just then realized that Murong Shan Shan who for the past two days was transferred to the Cathedral, this time, she was transferred to the Cathedral again as well.

As I was considering whether or not to tell her, she suddenly grinned, “Lin Fan, let’s have another duel, please?”

A good idea. It was a good opportunity to test this Enhanced Stealth!

“Wait a minute, I’ll be right back!”

Quickly running out of the Cathedral, I bought three big packs of 100/100 Phosphor Powder on the street. Murong Shan Shan, this time, even if you had a better operating skill, it would be of no use!

Back inside the Cathedral, Murong Shan Shan dragged me to the Cathedral’s backyard. I hastily stopped her and said, “Wait, the Cathedral’s backyard is guarded by heavy-armored NPC Knights. With me being in red, wouldn’t it be signing my own death certificate?”

Murong Shan Shan immediately gritted her teeth and said, “Fool, during this two-day tournament, your name has already turned green. Just look for yourself!”

I looked carefully; it was really no longer red. Another matter to celebrate!

I watched this beauty next to me. She was now already Level 34. With the two purple equipment that she currently had, I wondered how tough she would be. I asked curiously, “Shan Shan, can you share your attributes in the panel, let me see…”

Without hesitation, she shared her attributes with me:

Murong Shan Shan (Swordsman)

Level: 34

Health: 3,220

Attack: 475-620

Defense: 442

Prestige: 12,300

Luck: 0

I couldn’t help but taking a deep breath. The Defense added by the purple equipment was really extraordinary. Her current Health and Defense was completely beyond mine. My Attack was only slightly higher than hers, but with her operating skill, this little gap wasn’t important at all.

Murong Shan Shan smiled proudly and said, “There aren’t any players in the backyard, let’s hurry to go there!”

When we arrived to an open area, Murong Shan Shan immediately issued a challenge request to me. The duel began after three seconds!

I had already set the Enhanced Stealth to a hotkey. Right in the beginning, I immediately entered the stealth mode and watched as my body gradually disappeared in the air. This feeling was so awesome!

Murong Shan Shan was dumbfounded. A big living person suddenly vanished before her, this was beyond her comprehension.

“Crap, did he get offline because he was scared?” Murong Shan Shan muttered to herself.

With only a speed reduction of 10%, I quickly moved behind Murong Shan Shan. Watching this little girl confusingly looking around, I felt somewhat uneasy. She was too beautiful that people can’t help but love her dearly!


Snowflakes drifted in the air. From the void, the Sword of Darkness unleashed the Frozen Blade onto her body, followed by a combination of Combo and Heavy Strike!






Shocking, it was really too shocking! In the past, with this combination of skills, I would have insta-killed her right away. However, right now, I could only knock out 1,300 of her Health.

Murong Shan Shan was also extraordinary. In 0.1 seconds after I unleashed Frozen Blade, her elegant Night Elf’s sword, which was covered with ice flowers came flying over, and then hitting with Combo + Heavy Strike!

I was also hit with 1,300+ damages. But the worst part was that her terrible Ice Blade effect didn’t disappear. I quickly activated [Haste] and retreated backward. With my attacking speed reduced, fighting Murong Shan Shan recklessly would be suicidal.

She didn’t hesitate at all. After a normal attack, she unleashed the [Sword Qi]. I barely made it to the 10 seconds CD time of the stealth. Sprinkling the Phosphor Powder, I once again disappeared in the air. Looking at our Health, mine was less than 1,000 while Murong Shan Shan still had 1,700+ of Health.

I couldn’t wait. If her skill’s CD had worn off, then I would be finished!

Silently sneaking to the back of this beautiful female Swordsman, I unleashed another Combo and Heavy Strike. Not hesitating, in the 0.1 seconds after the skills were unleashed, as she turned around, I rapidly fell back. With the speed increase from [Haste], I really felt as if I was coming and going like the wind…

During the second cooldown time of ten seconds, Murong Shan Shan had collapsed already. As I got more and more familiar in using the stealth skill, she couldn’t even touch me anymore. Her [Sword Qi] had also cut through the empty air as well.

“I quit, I don’t want to play anymore!” Murong Shan Shan angrily sat on the ground, withdrawing from the duel.

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