The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 097

Silvermoon City – Chapter 97 (Silvermoon Main City)

I put my sword right away and also sat down next to Murong Shan Shan, “Shan Shan, what’s wrong with you?”

“You already know why. How can I be happy if I’m gloomy? This stealth skill, is it the skill you enhanced?”

“Yeah. A Thief’s skill. Don’t be angry…”

A trace of smile was showed on her snow-white face, “It’s okay. I just suddenly thought about it. Besides, you’re my guy anyway.”

“Your… guy?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve spent 100,000 RMB for that.” Rubbing her fingers, she said cheerily.

I helplessly nodded, “Never mind. There’ll be a system maintenance tonight. I’m going to go offline now to get some sleep. After midnight, I’ll get online to go to the main city. There should be many new missions.”

She grinningly said, “You remind me of that. All right, then. I’m going to sleep too. We’ll split early on and get all the advance mission in Silvermoon Main City.” (Silvermoon City: one of China region’s four main cities)

Although her idea was quite good, but it was also impractical. At present, the [Moon Monochrome]’s official had not released any details about the main cities. There was even no explanation how the transfer method would be like. The qualification to go there was also still unknown. If all players above Level 10 could go to the main cities, then it would be swarmed by them. At that time, there would be only a slight chance to get any missions.

After confirming my personal bank account with the customer service, I went offline. Xu Lin and the others were preparing dinner already. Each and every one of them was putting a bright smile on their face since I brought them to win the group competition. Because of that, our popularity in Hurricane City could be said to have reached the zenith at the moment. The Silvermoon City would be the default main city for the players in China’s South-East region, so it could be well imagined that it would become the most populated city among the four main cities. At that time, players from more than a dozen secondary city like Hurricane City would all go there. There would be business opportunities as well as challenges. The future of our small studio would be hard to predict at that time.

As I walked out my room, I saw Xin Yu pondering in front of a plate of fish. Although she had her chopsticks in her hand, but she was as if stuck in a difficult situation. Just like a small kitten who wanted to pilfer some bite but had no guts.

“Xin Yu, what are you doing?”

She immediately put the chopsticks down. In a deadpan manner, she said, “Nothing. Lin Fan, about the system update tonight, what’s your plan?”

“I’m going to sleep after dinner and getting online early on to go to Silvermoon City. After looking around there, then I’ll think about what to do next.”

Xin Yu smiled charmingly, “Sister Lin and I also have the same thought. Shall we go together?”

“Of course not. If we spread out, we’ll have a better chance to get more missions. Am I not right?”

“Well, then hurry up and eat. Go to sleep after it.”

When I woke up, it was already past eleven in the evening. Suddenly, I had a little stomach ache. I remembered to have had quite some dreams that even the quilts were kicked off by me. I vaguely felt that someone helped me to cover me, but still, I got cold. Inside my stomach, it felt like seas and rivers were overturned, so I immediately rushed into the bathroom to free myself. It was 23:55 when I finished, just in time when the system maintenance was done. “Ha ha ha, Silvermoon City, here I come!”

Back into the game, the numbers of players gathered in Hurricane City’s Plaza made me freaked out. It was almost difficult to even walk. Dozens of NPCs in charge for the auctions were scattered in every corner of the city, and there was one just next to me. I quickly walked over to have a look. The drops I got from killing Mad Warrior’s group had all been sold out. The nearly twenty pieces of equipment were sold at more than 60,000 RMB; my share of it would be about 20,000. Roughly calculated, the balance in my bank account would be around 650,000 RMB. At current housing prices in Suzhou area, a house bigger than 100 square meters would cost at least 1.5 million RMB. Well, still far from it. I had to continue my effort in order to marry a wife.

A crowd of people ran to the East Gate. It seemed like the transfer location should be there. I went along with the crowd. From far away, I could hear a bunch of people cursing.

“F***. What is the company up to? They should’ve announced earlier if the requirements are so strict. I crawled out of the bed in the middle of the night. Crap. I even awaken my wife. There’s gonna be some theater after this.”

“Shit. The requirement is to be at level 30. There are probably less than 10 people in this city who are above level 30. When could we even enter it?”

“If it was only the level, then it would still be okay. The transfer fee is 50 Gold coins for one transfer. The company is really crazy for money.”

I walked over with a smile. This was relieving. Not only it required a Level 30, but also 50 gold coins. In the whole city, there might be only a few people who could meet this two requirements. Just perfect. By the time they had gathered the required money, I would have already gotten all the available missions.

The transfer portal was managed by an NPC with a Sergeant-like look. After the dialogue, I confirmed to go to the default main city, Silvermoon City. There were three other main cities: Watercreek City, Soulbirth City, Moonlight Dragon City. However, the transfer fees were more expensive, 100 pieces of gold coins. I estimated that early on, no one would be stupid enough to spend a lot of money to go to the other main cities.

System Notification: You will be transferred to Silvermoon City. The fee is 50 gold coins.


With a flash of light, I had already appeared in the magnificent Silvermoon City.

The system voice, which sounded deep, was telling the history of the city’s epic rise and fall: Silvermoon is a city with a mix population of humans and elves. Twenty years ago, it survived the first invasion of the orcs. In the three years of the war, the tough human races and the mysterious night elves formed a strong alliance. The two forces eventually repelled the barbaric orc forces. In the remnants of the ruins, the human forces rebuilt the main city of Silvermoon, and once again the surviving humans prosper in the southern land.

Unfortunately, after the invasion of the undead a decade ago, the Nia Kingdom in the western continent fell into ruins, and Silvermoon City became the human’s last fort, guarding the cities on the back, like Hurricane City and other human flourishing cities.

Five years ago, because the oppression of the strong undead forces, the human and elves had to form an alliance with the orcs from Watercreek City, the dragon races of the Moonlight Dragon City, and the Dark Elves from the Soulbirth City in the far distance. Over the five years, the young King of Silvermoon City and the brave Knights fought bravely. Their strong determination safeguarded the human dignities and rights in this increasingly dark age, and they fought hard the epic battle for survival…

I patiently read the history of Silvermoon City. As a human race player, I kind of felt my blood boiling. For survival, as well as for the glory, fighting like a man.

I glanced around and didn’t see any other player apart from me. It seemed that I came quite early. At the castle’s gate in front of me, there was a group of Knights guarding. I had better walked over to take a look.

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