The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 098

Silvermoon City – Chapter 98 (Adventurer’s Mission)

I quickly walked over to the gate, which looked the same as the Hurricane City’s East Gate. The Knights who saw me coming immediately blocked my path with their long swords and yelled, “Everywhere outside are filled with the undead’s servants. Why do you want to go there?”

I looked at the Knights’ appearance. Their armors and swords were full of cracks. Obviously, the war with the undead was indeed quite intense. I hurriedly explained, “I’m a Swordman from Hurricane City. I hope that you can let me go out to gain experience.”

A person who looked like the leader answered, “Oh, I see. It’s okay to go to train, but please go to the Adventurer’s Guild to register first. When you have the Training Certificate, we will certainly let you pass. The east side of Silvermoon City is different than the other sides. The undeads there are quite powerful. Many experienced adventurers have lost their lives there.”

Crap, I would still need to get some nonsense certificate.

I opened the map of the city and found the adventurer’s guild next to the tavern. On the other side of it was the Weapon Store; that should be the place to buy, sell, and repair equipment.

I ran for five minutes. Silvermoon City was really too big. It might take at least two hours to walk around the city walls. The Adventurer’s Guild was empty, there were no other players here to register for the certificate. As I walked in, a knight in black armor was standing there and stared fiercely at me.

“I want to get the Training Certificate,” I said straight after opening the door.

The girl who sat at the counter smiled and asked me, “Why do you need the Training Certificate?”

“Cut the crap. Of course, in order to go out of the city.” It was probably because I thought this NPC beauty was a bit strange, I even blurted out some bad languages.

The girl didn’t get angry, still smiling, she said, “You can get the Training Certificate, but first, you must defeat Nick, that mid-level Knight standing beside you.”

System Notification: Accept Nick’s challenges and enter the testing area.

In a flash, I had appeared inside a hexagram field, which was the testing area. Nick, the mid-level knight who wielded a big sword already came rushing at me. Too late to evade, I was already hit by his sword, and in a short while, I had lost more than 500 points of Health already.

Feeling worried, I quickly unleashed the Frozen Blade, followed by Combo and Heavy Strike. Nick’s Health wasn’t high, so those few blows had knocked out more than half of his Health. With another two ordinary attacks, he was killed.

System Notification: Congratulations, you passed the test and acquired the Training Certificate.

A piece of sheepskin parchment dropped into my inventory, and I was transferred out of the testing area soon after. The beautiful NPC rushed to me and said smiling, “You’re the first player to join the Adventurer’s Guild in Silvermoon City. There’s a mission to save a team of adventurers. Are you willing to accept it?”

Of course, I chose to accept it. The girl went on to say, “Half a month ago, an adventurer team of more than 30 people went east to the Silverpine Forest to kill a fierce Rhino monster, but until now, there hasn’t been any news about them. We hope that you can go there to find them, and also bring the Rhino monster’s horn back.”

System Notification: You accept the mission [Rescue the Adventurer]. The Silverpine Forest is located inside the Silvermoon Valley, east of Silvermoon City. It is said that the Rhino Monster is quite fierce. You should better bring some companion for the mission.

The mission was red colored. Obviously, its difficulty wouldn’t be low.

Although the system also allowed me to bring some companion, but I wasn’t an average player. To duel a same-level BOSS would certainly not be a problem for me. And if I still couldn’t beat it, at that time, asking Murong Shan Shan and Lu Xue Han to join would still not be too late. They would want to find their own mission. If from the beginning I bothered them, that would be inappropriate.

Walking out the Guild, at the Weapon Shop next door, I repaired my equipment. Then I talked with all the NPCs in the shop for a while, resulting in me getting a mission that was quite high-ranked. A master blacksmith was looking for ores to create a high-level weapons, called Redsilver Ore. It only existed in the depth of the mountains behind the Silverpine Forest. The exact location was still unknown, but most importantly, this Redsilver Ore would be guarded by many high-level monsters.

[To Search for Redsilver Ore]: Find ten Redsilver Ore and bring it to the master blacksmith. Be sure to bring good mining tools.

Since I still had a mining shovel in my inventory, I didn’t bother to buy a new one. After getting two missions, there wasn’t a need to look for another one. I should leave some for Murong Shan Shan and the others. It would be useless and a waste if I get too many and couldn’t finish them.

When I walked out the door, I suddenly saw a player in front of me ran in a hurry into the tavern. After a closer look, it turned out to be the Knight called “Release That Girl”. I quickly opened the ranking list. There were only 13 players in the entire Silvermoon City, and I was surprisingly in the second place. Murong Shan Shan with her Level 34 placed in the fourth place. And in the first place was this Level 39 Knight. I wondered how he trained. Regardless, I should first go to the east side to finish my mission.

“Hey, you there, stop!”

As I was hurriedly walking, suddenly someone called. When I turned around, it was that level 39 Knight. Seeing his look, it seemed that he was calling me.

“Are you calling me?” I pointed to myself, not sure why he had called me.

That Knight caught up with me and looked at me with a raised eyebrows. Then he asked, “That’s right, I was calling you. Tell me, how did you level up so fast?”

Watching the way he bossed around, I couldn’t help but feeling unhappy. I answered calmly, “Your level seems to be higher than mine. How did you raise your level so fast?”

The Knight rose his tone and said with a cold voice, “Why should I tell you?”

“Then I’ve no obligation to tell you anything either.”

I didn’t want to waste time talking with such person, I quickly ran to the East Gate. Seeing me, those few guarding Knights immediately walked over and asked, “Young warrior, did you get the Training Certificate?”

“Of course.”

When I took out the sheepskin parchment, the Knight team captain immediately smiled and said, “Since you have it, that means you have the right to pass through the East Gate. I will keep that Training Certificate of yours. In the future, you can pass the East Gate as you wish. Also, I almost forget to tell you. The Silvermoon Valley could only be accessed through the East Gate. That’s why the monsters there are more powerful compared to the other three sides’. Most importantly, there were undeads appearing in the Silvermoon Valley. You must be careful. Furthermore, there is one thing we want to entrust to you. Are you willing to accept it?”

Without a reason to reject, I quickly selected ‘Yes’. The Knight captain went on to say, “The young king has issued an Imperial Order in the hope that all warriors and adventurers can eliminate the undeads as a mission. So, I hope you can eliminate the undead’ servants in the Silvermoon Valley, and bring us the prove of your courage. We also lost a group of soldiers a month ago, hopefully, you can find their whereabouts.”


System Notification: You accepted the mission [Trial of Courage]. Destroy the undead servants of the Silvermoon Valley. Acquire 100 rib bones of the undeads and bring it to the Silvermoon City’s captain. Find and rescue Kuma’s small squad.

One mission with two requirements. I felt at a loss…

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