The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 099

Silvermoon City – Chapter 99 (Blazing Direwolf)

Getting some shivers, I lifted my sword and move forward. The east side of Silvermoon City was indeed cut off by the mountains, with only a single passage to go through. Across it was the Silvermoon Valley, and inside that valley was where the Silvermoon Forest located. According to [Moon Monochrome]’s official introduction, the Silvermoon Forest was a place full of dangers. Various monsters and undeads were concentrated there.


Murong Shan Shan said through my communication device, “Lin Fan, how many missions did you get?”

“Three missions. I don’t intend to get more missions. If I get more, I might not have the time to finish them. What about you?”

Murong Shan Shan smiled, “I also received three missions, all yellow level. I should be able to finish it by myself.”

“I wasn’t that lucky. All my three missions are red, and even dark red ones…”

“Hehe, then I wish you good luck with that. I’m going to finish my mission. Be careful…”

Turning off the line, my heart felt a little warm. This Murong Shan Shan actually cared for me.

Inside the Silvermoon Valley was full of Level 40 undead skeletons. With my current level 38, I could kill them in only two hits, just as easy as cutting a melon or vegetables! And with my outrageous high Defense, I didn’t face any danger in receiving the attacks of the undead skeletons. With the undead skeleton’s drops of healing potions, it was enough to move onward with the killing. Even the experience weren’t small. Unfortunately, my current level 38 seemed to have reached a bottleneck. After killing for about two hours, my Experience bar only rose 2%.

The rib bone drops weren’t a few either. After two hours, I collected nearly 20 of them, and three pieces of green equipment of about level 30. The majority of the players at current were at around level 26. So until they could reach level 30 to come to Silvermoon City, it might take about three days. In other words, during this three days, I could focus on killing the monster to level up and keep all the equipment in my inventory. After three days, I could get some small fortune, and I would be a step closer from my goal to buy a house. But who should I pick as the lady of the house?

Lu Xue Han would be my first choice. She was beautiful and yet gentle. As for Xin Yu, to tell the truth, it wasn’t that I didn’t like her. Her charm wasn’t something that Lu Xue Han could beat. And she also seemed to have a thing for me. Which guy wouldn’t like sexy women? I wouldn’t be a hypocrite to deny that.

The girls from our studio, except for Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu, I only had eyes for Xu Lin. Unfortunately, she was such a fierce and successful woman that no ordinary man could control her. Xu Lin herself was also a very excellent woman. I had seen how six rich guys had tried to court her, but she had refused all of them. I wasn’t sure if I would be good enough for her. As for Murong Shan Shan, forget it. A girl like a little white flower like that, I wouldn’t dare to think about…

After clearing the monsters in Silvermoon Valley for three times, I collected nearly 80 undead rib bones. And inside the Valley was the rumored dangerous Silvermoon Forest. I wondered what kind of monsters would be waiting for me.


The leaves were violently shaking. When I looked up, I saw a huge red spider, the Black Widow, Level 42. But it wasn’t just an ordinary monster, it was that rare type of monster.

Brandishing the sword, I immediately unleashed [Combo].

Apparently, the spider looked unusual with a human-like mouth. When it opened its mouth, a green venom sprayed onto my body. The system immediately alerted that I had been poisoned. For a minute, every three seconds, my Health would drop 30 points. Still bearable, in one minute it was only 600 points of Health. With my current Health of 2,850, it wouldn’t be dangerous for me. More importantly, my current Strength was 215, so my Health Recovery rate was also very fast. Against low-Attack monsters, there would be no need for any healings.

The Health of this rare spider wasn’t too high, only around 5,000. My normal attack could inflict 800 points of damage, a [Combo] would knock out 1,500 points of its Health, [Heavy Strike] and [Frozen Blade] would cause more than 1,000 points of damage. So it only took me less tan half a minute to kill this spider. The higher a player’s Agility was, the higher would be his attack speed and frequency. The reason why a Thief’s attack output was high was because of its high Agility. A lot of players trained the path of an agile Swordsman. Some uploaded PK videos in the forum would cause many people to envy. A full Agility Swordsman with an elegant tactic would even cause a Thief to drool.

When the spider was killed, the dropped equipment gave me a surprise. Just killing the spider for the first time had given me a high-level green equipment.

[Groovy Knife] (Dagger – Green Equipment)

Attack: 54-108

Stamina: +16

Strength: +14

Agility: +18

Required Level: 31

I estimated that after two days, this dagger’s price could reach above 10,000 RMB. The other non-weapon green equipment could also sell for more than 2,000 RMB. After entering the main city, there would surely be a lot of experts wanting to create a large clan to rule over [Moon Monochrome]’s alluring world. At that time, the demand for equipment would increase greatly, and the time for professional players like me to make a fortune would arrive.

After putting the equipment dropped from the spider into the inventory, I continued to move forward. Silverpine Forest wasn’t that big. Having just walking a few steps, I could smell a strong odor of reeking blood. At a closer look, I saw a blazing red wolf darted out from behind a tree. The monster’s name was Blazing Direwolf, and it didn’t seem to be something powerful.

I raised my sword to welcome it, but the Blazing Direwolf also shoot down its big claws. I immediately unleashed [Frozen Blade], but my shoulders also suffered from a scorching pain. Damn, what kind of monster was it? Although it was only at level 42, but its claw dealt more than 200 damage on me. And its attack frequency was also high, that it could still land a second attack with its claw when I hit it with the Frozen Blade. Luckily, the ice effect of my hit caused the monster to freeze for five seconds. Its Health wasn’t high either, so after a succession of skills, it has less than half of its Health remaining. But I couldn’t use my skills for a while afterward, so I had to fight hard using only normal attacks. On average, one hit of mine was equal to two hits of the wolf. Twice, my Health was reduced to below 500 that I was forced to use healing potions.

A minute later, the Blazing Direwolf fell, but I had used up two bottles of red potion.

Different from the rare spider, this Blazing Direwolf didn’t drop any equipment, but it gave a little bit more Experience, and also dropped a piece of Blazing Direwolf’s skin. However, the price was too great; two bottles of medium red potion to kill a wolf. Fortunately, I brought enough potions. The whole 5 packs with a total of 150 bottles of healing potions. It should be enough to last for a half day use.

After continuing again for a few steps, suddenly was a system notification: Blazing Direwolf is gradually going into hiding.

A Blazing Direwolf in front of me gradually disappeared into the darkness. Damn, no wonder this monster could jump out unnoticed. It turned out to be like me, it also had a Thief’s stealth ability..

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