The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 100

Silvermoon City – Chapter 100 (The Black Widow)

Continuing to walk into the depths of the forest, not far way was another rare “Black Widow” spider. Without hesitation, I rushed to greet it. I was waiting for it.

The spider was killed easily. And as I expected, it dropped a piece of green mage robe. A level 30 equipment, adding 21 points of Agility and 15 points of Stamina. Its price could reach over 5,000 RMB. That would be enough to buy a smartphone, which you could make phone calls and play games with.

With the principle of earning the most while killing the least, until 8 o’clock in the morning, I stayed in the Silverpine Forest to kill this rare monster. According to the information from the forum, each map on [Moon Monochrome] would have a very small number of rare monsters that would always drop an equipment. However, its re-spawn time was very long; two months later, it will respawn again. And since Silvermoon City just appeared after the update, these rare monsters also just spawn out. I wasn’t sure whether or not there was a bug in the system, but in this forest, there were so many rare monsters. A very rare opportunity. Two months later when the monsters respawned, most of the players would already be at level 40. At that time, the value of a level 30 green equipment would, of course, depreciate greatly.

When it was almost 8 o’clock in the morning, I couldn’t help but feel very sleepy. Murong Shan Shan had already gone to bed a long time ago without even saying anything. There were still several girls from our studio, but they were also already too shaky that they wouldn’t be able to hold it anymore. When I asked them, they turned out to have received missions already. Lu Xue Han together with Xin Yu and Xu Lin had managed to complete four missions after playing the whole night and received three blue equipment. Very rewarding indeed.

As for me, there would not be a need to mention at all. Playing through the whole night, I overturned the whole Silverpine Forest. All first spawned rare spiders were killed. A total of 55 high-level green equipment and 7 high-level blue equipment was dropped. Too bad, none of it that I could use. But it wouldn’t matter. After selling all of them, I’m going to make a large fortune.

While killing the spiders, I also killed more Blazing Direwolves. On average, killing about ten Blazing Wolves would give me a piece of wolfskin. Seeing that more than fifty pieces of wolfskin were in my inventory, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I had no idea what these wolfskins could be used for. However, considering the difficulty of beating the monster, the value of these wolfskins wouldn’t be low. Even with my high attributes, I still needed two medium potions to kill one. Moreover, my Health got knocked almost empty. If it were other players, before the monster could be killed, their own lifes would be gone already.

My equipment were already badly damaged, so I simply head back directly to the city. The mission wouldn’t disappear anyway. After repairing the equipment, I went offline. I would get back here in the afternoon when I was full of energy again.

Probably because last night all of us were more excited to play, this morning, nobody had even cooked something. So I put on my jacket and went downstair right away. At the snack stall downstairs, I bought eight packages of breakfast. Lu Xue Han didn’t like to drink soy milk, so I bought her two pouches of warm milk. Xin Yu looked high spirited the whole time, so I just bought a pouch of soymilk and two fried breadsticks for her. Although it wasn’t much, but should still be enough for her. That Guo Zi was a flat-chested girl, her breast wasn’t even the size of a small bun. I should buy two steamed buns to encourage her…

The sunshine early in the morning was so warm. Many students who were getting ready for school sat beside the stall. The noisy situation made me feel really alive, so damn nice.

When I got back, everyone was already outside. Seeing that I had brought breakfast, their smiles were like blooming flowers. The only one that surprised me was Xin Yu, she had put on her azure plush coat, which she bought half a month ago, paired with a white pants. She looked especially fresh. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Xin Yu, what are you doing dressing so beautifully? Didn’t you play through the night? And now, you’re going out?”

Xin Yu smiled charmingly. She straightened her chest and threw a flirtatious look, “It’s a personal matter. Since when do you start to care?”

I bit into the bun and didn’t say anything. It would be troubling if she used my words against me.

After finishing breakfast, Xin Yu really went out. I wondered and asked Xu Lin, “What’s up with Xin Yu? She played through the night and yet, still went out. You didn’t ask?”

Xu Lin shook her head and said, “I don’t know either. Ever since she got a phone call this morning, she looked so happy. She even said that we don’t need to wait for her for lunch. She said that a friend invited her for a meal.”

“Huh, what is going on? She still has some friends outside?”

Xu Lin sighed faintly, “Yes, her ex-boyfriend. I peeked at her phone. If I remember correctly, that number should be his.”

I didn’t say anything, but in my heart, I felt a little uncomfortable. Although usually Xin Yu looked very carefree, but after getting used to her, hearing that she went out to meet another guy, I felt gloomy as if someone had stolen my stuff.

Apparently, Lu Xue Han saw my uneasiness. She smiled and said, “Xin Yu had already made a clean break with that guy. You don’t need to worry blindly.”

I quickly explained, “I didn’t worry. Xue Han, don’t get any stupid ideas. I have absolutely no feelings toward her, not to mention being jealous. If I were to feel jealous, then it would be for you.”

Hearing my blunt words, Lu Xue Han’s snow-white face became blazing red. With a cold stare, she said, “You should also say that when she’s around.”

God, she unexpectedly spoke to me in such a tone with full of jealousy. I could die of happiness.

I laughed and said in a soft voice, “Xue Han, there’s really nothing between Xin Yu and me. You don’t have to worry.”

She smiled with her pursed lips and said unhappily, “If it’s really true, then it’s okay.”

Watching her beautiful figure entering her room, I suddenly felt myself had changed these days. Could it be that after one year Xiao Yu left me, I finally fell in love again?

Not pulling the curtains, I went directly into the quilt after taking off my jacket. I liked to sleep while watching the sky outside. The feeling of the warm sunshine on the quilt felt especially comfortable. Moreover, looking at the young men and women on the street always made me feel younger. Perhaps, I was really getting old. I was already 23 years old; far from that beautiful 21-years old Murong Shan Shan.

I need to get back for the mission this afternoon. The mission to collect the skeleton’s rib bones was almost complete. Next would be collecting those Redsilver Ore. Going through the Silverpine Forest, behind it should be the location of the Redsilver Ore mines.

OK. Go to sleep. I needed to recuperate so I could work on the house and woman.

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