The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 101

Silvermoon City – Chapter 101 (The Rhino King)

In fact, Lu Xue Han was really adorable, the kind who would write: “The rice is in the pot, I’m in bed.” I wondered when she would actually write that kind of message for me…

After fantasizing a while, I ate and got back into the game.

I went straight in from the edge of Silverpine Forest, trying as best as possible to avoid contact with the monsters in the forest. I locked my destination directly on the ore location, which was behind the forest, and on that legendary Rhino monster.

After walking for nearly half an hour, the trees in the forest at last began to gradually disperse. Then, it was an open plain. On the way to the top, there are not many trees, instead, there were many rocks scattered around. It seemed that the ore mountains weren’t that far anymore. The view ahead was then blocked by a thick fog. The trees also started to be shrouded by the fog. Nightfall slowly descended on this mysterious forest.

Hmm, something wasn’t right. There seemed to be a bit of firelights ahead.

I quickly walked over. It turned out to be a couple of adventurers lighting a fire. They looked confused and dismal. Of the five people, there were three Swordsmen, a Mage, and a Cleric. One of the Swordsman was cutting off some wood with his big sword. His armor was thrown to the side, seemingly damaged beyond use. The mage was closing his eyes, his dark blue robe already turned yellowish and was full of holes and patches. It seemed to already lost its function to enhance magic and was only used to protect him from the cold. The Cleric was even more miserable. His clothes weren’t around anymore, and he was only covered with a piece of wolfskin. If it weren’t for his staff, I wouldn’t recognize him as a Cleric.

“Who’s there…”

The Mage was exceptional alert. As I was still more than ten meters away, he had noticed my presence. Since they noticed me, I simply walked out and said, “I’m a Swordman sent by the kingdom to rescue you. Are you the adventurers team who went out on a mission half a month ago?”

A Swordman stood up in surprise and said, “Yes, the guild had finally sent people to rescue us. Are you the only one?”

“Of course. Please tell me about the situation here. What about the Rhino monster?”

A hint of disappointment flashed on the Swordsman’s face, then he got calm again. He said, “That magical beast is truly too powerful. Previously, there were thirty of us, and now only the five of us remain. If it’s not because of that monster was afraid of fire, I’m afraid we might probably be dead already. That monster is resting in a cave ahead. We don’t have any strength to fight it anymore. Just a few days ago, from the wood behind, suddenly a group of fire-red colored wolves. It was then when we lost another six team members. Soon, it would end up consuming us too. Young man, can you help us to eliminate those Blazing Direwolves in the forest?”

I immediately clicked to confirm. The swordman went on to say, “Good, go into the forest and kill the dire wolves. Bring me 50 of their fur, and I will give you a reward.”

I felt joy as I heard that. It turned out my effort last night killing so many Blazing Direwolves wasn’t in vain. That 50 wolfskins were just for this mission. I immediately handed the skins to the swordman.


System Notification: You completed the mission [Eliminating Blazing Direwolves] and gained 8M Experience. You received 60 gold coins, +1,500 Prestige, and obtained the reward: Blazing Armor.

[Blazing Armor] (Armor – Blue Equipment)

Defense: 110

Stamina: +32

Strength: +36

Agility: +28

Required Level: 36

It was much better than my previously Guardian’s Armor. Because it was a higher-level equipment, the Defense difference wasn’t too much compared to Murong Shan Shan’s purple armor. Only the attributes lack a lot.

After replacing my armor with the new one, my Health finally exceeded 3,000. The upper limit of my Attack also reached 700. This mission was really worth it. The next time I dueled again with Murong Shan Shan, I wouldn’t need to keep using the bug-like Enhanced Stealth.

Having no more worries about that, the remaining goal would be the Rhino monster in the cave ahead. These five adventurers’ equipment had been broke to this state, they didn’t seem to be able to help me with anything. In fact, they didn’t have any intention to help me either. After paying some respect to me, the swordman said in full regret, “Brave warrior, my friends injuries are really too bad. We’ll return to the guild to treat the wounds. The Rhino monster is just in the cave ahead. When you go in to hunt it, you have to bring a torch, otherwise, it’s too dark inside and you will get lost in the darkness.”

Seeing those five people walked away without even looking back, I bitterly cursed, “Nowadays, even the NPC don’t have any solidarity. Damn it, I have to kill it by myself.”

From the still burning woods in the bonfire on the ground, I simply took a piece that still would last long. I stomped past the meadow, and the closer I got to the cave, the more I could smell a fishy stench. F***, it seemed that the game setup was a bit unreasonable. A rhinoceros is obviously herbivores, how could there be a fishy stench?

After I turned a corner, I confirmed that the game designers weren’t stupid, but very perverted. Under a large rock, many bodies were lying there, mostly had already rotten away. Bones and tattered clothes scattered on the grass in the open. A burst of foul smell made people couldn’t help but want to vomit.

One hand holding the torch, one hand clutching my nose, then I went in. I hadn’t gone too far when a gust of strong wind almost caused me to stumble. When I looked up to see, I almost passed out from the shock…

Heaven, why didn’t anyone tell me? It was called Rhino King and not just a Rhino monster. It was so huge that just a snort from its nose had almost blasted me out of the cave. Its head looked as big as a big container. If this thing could stand up, it certainly would be as high as a small hill. Humongous!

The Rhino King didn’t let me down. It stood up, and sure enough, it was like a small hill.

It moved and chased after me. I could only escape…

Flying out of the cave, under the moonlight, I was able to see the complete figure of this Rhino monster.

[The Rhino King] (BOSS)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

My vision cleared up. I didn’t hesitate to attack. The Rhino King also rushed over.

System Notification: You were hit by the Rhino King’s Charge attack. You lose 185 points of Health and stunned for three seconds.

It seemed that its Attack wasn’t high. But even more to my surprise was that my attack only caused 324 points of damage. Its Defense was high. My 700 Attack could only knock 324 points of Health away. If the Attack was less than 300, the even hitting a double-digit damage would be a problem.

Three seconds. The stun effect ended, and the attack began again.

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