The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 102

Silvermoon City – Chapter 102 (Prospering Purple Equipment)

The Rhino King was very tall. If only the legs were attacked, the attack power would be weakened a lot. To get the maximum damage, the attacks should be focused on its neck. So, I could only jump around to cut its neck. The situation was quite laughable, the fully equipped first-rank Swordsman having to fight in such a pathetic way.

The worst thing was that the Rhino King’s attack had a shock effect. Every time I got hit, my body would be knocked back a few steps by the shock, and then followed by a few strikes. Only when the Frozen Blade was in effect, then I could leisurely hit a few strikes during the three seconds. The progress advanced very slowly. Fortunately, my attack could break its Defense, otherwise, I would really not be able to beat it. Just imagine 30 players with average equipment and level ganging up to beat the Rhino King. The sight of -1 and MISS appearance would be quite spectacular. Although its Attack wasn’t very high, but would be still enough to instakill a level 30 Mage. It would just become a big massacre.

After fighting for nearly 10 minutes, I was happy to see that the Rhino King’s Health was reducing…

An hour later, to my surprise, its Health had been reduced 1/3 part. So pleasant…

Three hours later, only a strip of its Health remained, and I had used up almost half of my potions. Things seemed to go smoothly. Soon, I would have finished this level 45 BOSS.


I released another [Frozen Blade]. After three seconds, I could finally finish it.

Just when I thought I would successfully kill this level 45 BOSS, a strange and astonishing thing happened…

“Crack… Crack…”

The three seconds were not up yet, but the thick ice covering the Rhino King’s body rapidly shattered. And with the shattering ice, its body was actually expanding, and its fire-red skin gradually turned to purple.

What was happening? Was it evolving?.


System Notification: Level 45 Elite BOSS, Rhino King is evolving. Current Health increased by 50,000 points, Defense increase by 200-200, Attack increase by 300-300, Rank increase to level 55 Gold BOSS.

This had totally shocked me. I had a premonition that things wouldn’t be that simple, but didn’t actually think it would reach to this point. All its attributes were greatly enhanced. But most importantly, its previously only remaining 1,000 points of Health had now become 50,000 points. Would my Health be enough to continue this fight?


Rhino King aggressively rushed over. A big 400 figure popped out from my head. Damn it, with an extra Attack of 300-300, its attack power had become really extraordinary. If this continued, my survival chance would be greatly reduced.

I sent out my sword, releasing [Heavy Strike].


Oh God, it only dealt a mere 98 damage to the Rhino King, how long would it take to hit 50,000 points?


With such a high attack damage from the Rhino King, I really became worried about my own life.

After quickly attacking the Rhino King with every skill available, with a spark of Phosphor Powder, I disappeared into the void. I trotted and drank some potion while closely watching the cooldown time of my skills. Ten seconds later, I unleashed another Combo and Heavy Strike, followed by a few hits. After ten seconds, I sprinkled the Phosphor Powder again to add some Health. At the moment, I completely broke the concept of “Drugs can’t substitute bread” and used the middle red potion as if drinking from tap water.

This level 45 Elite BOSS had evolved into a level 55 Gold BOSS. With this, there was a possibility that the Rhino King would drop a Guild Creation Certificate. So far, no players in the world had managed to get a Guild Creation Certificate. If I could be the first to get it, the price would be heaven’s high. Even illegal organizations like the mafia or the triad would pay big money to buy it…

Half an hour later, once again, the Rhino King only had a strip of Health left. This time, I was much more cautious and had prepared a series of attacking skills beforehand. Only after the Rhino King would lose all of its blood for sure, then I finally unleashed those skills at once.

Even the Rhino King couldn’t take so many attacks at once and collapsed with a whine, causing a large mist of dust.

Equipment. I saw some light glittered, obviously belonging to high-grade equipment only.

I directly cut off its horn, and under its body, I found a necklace, an ax, and a leather helmet. Instantly, I felt disappointed. Damn, in the end, still no Guild Creation Certificate was dropped.

The equipment dropped by an evolved level 45 BOSS shouldn’t be bad. I quickly inspected my inventory. The first one was the necklace:

[Shadow Chain] (Necklace – Purple Equipment)

Stamina: +45

Strength: +50

Intelligence: +32

Agility: +42

Extra: Increase skills’ Attack power by 20%

Required Level: 40

I swallowed hard, Bingo! A level 40 purple necklace. Its attributes were high as hell, and more importantly, all skills’ attack power were increased by 20%. What kind of concept was this? An originally 1,000 points of damage became 1,200 points. This purple necklace really deserved to be a level 40 equipment.

I continued to look; there was still something else.

[Frenzy Blade of Darkness] (Ax – Purple Equipment)

Attack: 245-320

Strength: +45

Stamina: +52

Agility: +48

Intelligence: +40

Extra: When hitting an opponent, there is a certain chance to cause Confusion for the opponent, making it wandering blindly for a maximum of five seconds.

Required Level: 42

It was as if a thunder struck.

My mind went blank. If someone were to ask my name right now, I could swear on my mother’s name that I wouldn’t be able to tell.

My Sword of Darkness’s Attack could be considered very high, but its highest Attack was only 245. Yet, this level 42 axe’s Attack even reached up to 320. This was beyond the imagination of the general players. Plus, it had four attributes, where each of them was more than 40 points. And most importantly was the additional effect on the attack; a certain chance to make the opponent confused and wandering blindly. This was to say that there would be a chance to cripple the opponent for five seconds, how terrifying.

The only drawback of this equipment was that the requirement level was too high: level 42. However, after a week, this would become a great asset. If it were auctioned, I wondered how much this purple axe would get. At the moment, no one could say, but definitely the price would be skyrocketing.

There was still a leather helmet. Could it be a purple equipment as well? Let’s hurry to look…

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