The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 104

Silvermoon City – Chapter 104 (Everyone Panicked)

I asked criticizingly, “Xin Yu, what are you doing in such a place? Do you know how dangerous it is?”

Her smile gradually disappeared. Instead, she coldly said, “Why do you care? You don’t really think that I like you, right? It’s my problem, you’d better not ask.”

Like hearing a thunder from a clear sky, the Xin Yu in front of me seemed like a different person. For a moment, I was at a loss and didn’t know whether or not I should let go my hands that were holding hers.

At the moment, that yellow-hair guy came over again bringing a few people and hit me on the shoulder, knocking me back to the bar, shaking it.

“Cling… Clang…”

Several glasses fell to the ground, causing a harsh brittle sound.

“Hey kid, this chick doesn’t want you. If you’re smart, you’d better get lost. Don’t disturb me while I’m entertaining this girl. Brothers, please help me and bring this little girl to the VIP room.”

A couple of thug-like people immediately walked over. No one in the bar was stopping it, everyone was just sitting and watching as if they were just watching a drama scene.

I looked at Xin Yu, she was almost delirious, softly leaning on the bar counter. Some of the thugs were already stretching out their hands to her waist.


I kicked one of their hands and pulled Xin Yu into my own arms. And while Xin Yu was still surprised, I punched another thug hardly in the face. The forceful punch knocked him back to fall on a glass table behind him. Suddenly, another sound of glass shattering was heard.

The other thugs froze on the spot. They probably hadn’t encountered anyone dared to mess with them for a long time already.

Seeing this rare opportunity, I quickly pulled Xin Yu and ran toward the outside. Someone who looked like a waiter immediately stood in front of me. Without any hesitation, I grabbed an empty bottle nearby and smashed it to his face.


While the waiter was screaming a curse, my back was also kicked hard. Using the force from the kick, I continued to run forward and pulled Xin Yu out of the bar.

The group of thugs didn’t seem like wanting to give up, they also came out and chased after us. Seeing that there were people fighting, the crowd on the street immediately scattered in avoidance. Because I was covered for Xin Yu, in just a few seconds, I was already getting hit by several heavy punches. Shit, these bastards were really something. When I covered for Xin Yu and got a kick, it felt as if my chest was split open. I also felt some scorching pain on my back. It was then when I found out that these thugs were actually holding a bat. No wonder it was really painful…

Feeling the cold wind blowing outside, Xin Yu became soberer. I was helplessly being punch and kicked brutally. This time, it was Xin Yu who pulled me desperately to escape. Not far away was a police booth next to a flower garden.

All those years ago with Ye Qiu being known as “Black Wind Double Fury” wasn’t for nothing. I still occasionally turned around and threw some kick while running forward with Xin Yu. Unfortunately, I was getting hit even more. The pain of getting punched a few times at my face caused me to drop some tears.

Seeing the police booth was already in front of us, the thugs immediately turned around and ran back. Xin Yu kept on pulling me inside the flower park and put me on a bench.

Under the moonlight, Xin Yu looked at me sadly, “Lin Fan, are you okay?”

I sighed, feeling relieved, “I’m okay. Xin Yu, don’t ever do that again. Do you know how worry we all are…?”

“Lin Fan, don’t say anymore, I’m sorry…” A warm and wet tear dropped on my neck, Xin Yu quietly sobbed.

I tried hard to laugh, “Before, at the bar, why did you say that?”

“I… I…” Xin Yu choked and suddenly leaned on me, “Lin Fan, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry…”

I exerted my strength to lift my hand to touch her soft hair and smiled bleakly, “Xin Yu, what happened? You can tell me.”

Xin Yu kept on sobbing and said crying, “Lin Fan, I’m sorry. Believe me, I love you. I love you…”

Seeing Xin Yu’s snow-white face covered with tears under the bright moonlight really ached the heart. I couldn’t help but reach out and help her to wipe her tears. I smiled, “Fool, why are you crying? I didn’t die.”

“But… but… you look badly injured,” Xin Yu said while still crying.

I shook my head and moved down my body. As I was starting to enjoy the feeling of Xin Yu’s hot body pressed tightly on mine, a pair of man and woman left the flower garden in a hurry, still able to hear the man’s unwilling voice, “So unfortunate, our usual place is taken by this couple…”

Hearing the couple’s word from the distance, Xin Yu’s beautiful face blushed slightly. She got off of me and then exerting her force to help me up. She asked worriedly, “Well, you’re badly hurt, let’s go to the hospital.”

I quickly shook my head and said, “No need, only some bruises. I just need to lie down when we get back. Let’s give sister Lin quickly a phone call, they are all worried sick. Oh, right, your phone, why can’t I get through?”

Xin Yu bit her lips, “I have thrown away that phone.”

I vaguely remembered that the phone was a gift from her boyfriend. She kept it dearly for two years, and now, she threw it away.

I pulled out my cell phone with some trouble. Fortunately, it didn’t break when I was fighting before. I gave the phone to Xin Yu after I dialed Xu Lin’s number, letting her speak with Xu Lin. It was a bit difficult for me to talk at the moment.

“Hello, sister Lin. It’s me, Xin Yu. Lin Fan and I are at the flower garden at XX road. Please come and pick us up, Lin Fan is wounded…”

Xu Lin was obviously very anxious. She hastily hung up the phone, and just in a few minutes, together with Lu Xue Han, she ran over from across the street.

“Lin Fan, what happened to you?” Lu Xue Han and Xu Lin asked the same thing, almost in unison. They both suddenly got embarrassed and stood there with their face blushing.

I smiled, “Let’s go back, we’ll talk at home. Xue Han, please help me. Sister Lin, please help Xin Yu, she drank a lot of wine.”

Xin Yu looked at me confusedly but still follow my words. If they both carry me on the left and right side, it would only cause more troubles. Just now, I noticed that Lu Xue Han had looked at us as if something were not right. Everyone could see that Xin Yu had just cried, and anyone who wasn’t blind could clearly see the tear stains on my collar. I didn’t want her to run wild with her imaginations, that was the reason I asked her to help me. If I didn’t try to comfort her, I was afraid that our relationship would turn cold.


My body suddenly sank down when my right leg, which was kicked before, stumbled. Lu Xue Han gasped as she quickly helped me in panic. And as I planned, Lu Xue Han’s soft and tender body dropped into my embrace, giving me a really good feeling.

Xin Yu apparently already saw through my intentions. She just glanced and smiled at me without saying anything…

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