The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 105

Silvermoon City – Chapter 105 (Corrosive Arrow)

Tear stains still remained on Xin Yu’s charming face. I had already put the new bought coat over my quilt. After many thoughts, I was still puzzled so I finally asked Xin Yu, “Why did you go drinking by yourself? If you were upset, I could accompany you at home to drink until we drop. Don’t you know that the place is dangerous?”

Xin Yu bit her lips and whispered, “I’m sorry…”

“It’s not your apology that I want to hear. I just want you to tell me the reason you went to drink. You might feel better after you let it out.”

Xin Yu looked at me deeply. After a while, she sighed faintly, “Trust me, this is not a matter you want to know. I also don’t want to talk about it anymore. Lin Fan, about this matter, I’m really sorry…”

I didn’t know what to say anymore. According to Xu Lin’s speculation, that guy might want to borrow money again from Xin Yu and had said something to hurt her. Otherwise, with her personality, she wouldn’t go to drink at such a dangerous place.

I knew I should have said something, but I didn’t know where to start to comfort her. I said hesitatingly, “Xin Yu, in the future, we…”

“Don’t say it…” Xin Yu suddenly interrupted me. She looked at me with her eyes widened, “Don’t say anything, please?”

I was startled. Did she know what I wanted to say?

She tried to calm down and said faintly, “No matter what you want to say, please refrain and give me a chance to imagine it, okay?”

I nodded but still, I pretended, “I just wanted to say we will live our days nicely. What are you nervous for?”

“Really?” She let out a touching smile and said, “Lin Fan, I have thought it through. Let bygones be bygones. We can’t live in the past. The past isn’t necessarily better, right?”

I smiled, “Yes, if you have thought it thoroughly then it’s good.”

Xin Yu slowly covered my face with her snow-white hands. It felt warm and also very soft, just like hot-springs water, very comforting.

“I have thought it through, what about you?” She smiled. It was as if she was talking to herself.

I kept silent and didn’t reply. At this moment, Xu Lin’s voice came from outside, “Xin Yu, please help Lin Fan to come out for dinner. We have prepared the meal.”

She smiled vaguely at me and then she put my arm up on her shoulder. With some strength exerted, she helped me to get up from the bed.

We took about two minutes to walk the distance of just a few steps before we walked out of the room. Xu Lin and Lu Xue Han hurriedly came to help. By the time they got me to the table, both Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu were so tired that their faces were all red.

There were really many dishes on the table, but unfortunately, I couldn’t even lift my hands. I could only barely manage to balance my body on the table. Seeing me dispirited like that, she cover her mouth, laughing, “Lin Fan, do you want me to feed you?”

“Yes, of course. But… in TV shows, people are doing it mouth-to-mouth. I’m really troubling you…”

Lu Xue Han instantly looked at me dumbfounded. She didn’t know whether to continue or not. Xin Yu smiled coquettishly and said, “Xue Han seemed to be troubled. Perhaps I should do it.”

Xu Lin was bursting in violent sweat, she quickly tried to mediate and said, “The food is getting cold. Quick decide who will feed Lin Fan.”

Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu looked at each other. Xu Lin had already talked seriously now. They both didn’t know what to say.

I smiled and didn’t want to make things difficult for them, “All right, all right. Just help me to put the dish on my plate. Do you take me as someone with a handicap that I need to be fed?”

After the meal, I went to bed. I just touched the pillow and immediately fell asleep.

The sound of the bustling traffic on the street woke me up from my sleep in the morning. I drowsily looked at my phone; it was already eight in the morning. I was really too exhausted last night. I moved my hands and feet. Except for feeling a little sore, there wasn’t really any other problems. Quickly, I felt like a hard-to-kill cockroach. Just overnight, I was lively and full of energy again.

Because I got up late, Lu Xue Han and the others had already entered the game. There was nobody in the living room. Breakfast was on the table, still warm. There was a note aside, “Just heat the food when it’s already cold.” It didn’t look like Lu Xue Han’s handwriting. It should be written by Xin Yu; I didn’t expect her handwriting looked very nice.

After breakfast, I logged into the game. I wasn’t online for more than 14 hours. There should already be quite a lot of players in the main city. When I opened the list, sure enough, there were already more than 400 players in the Silvermoon City. It seemed that everyone was so passionate to raise their levels.

Next, in the auctions, I put all the 55 green equipment and seven blue equipment up for sale. I spent double on the fee to extend the auction time to 72 hours. Within three days, the players who entered Silvermoon City would be able to equip those high-level equipment. Then, another great amount of money would fly into my hands again.

I quickly ran to the adventurer’s Guild to deliver the two Rhino’s horns to the beautiful NPC. She looked surprisingly at the rhino’s horn. She said to herself, “I didn’t expect that you really killed the Rhino King. Last month, we sent a hundred men of regular troops and they weren’t able to kill it. This is your reward, brave swordsman.”


System Notification: You receive a mission reward… Corrosive Arrow.

[Corrosive Arrow]: increase archer’s damage by 50 points per attack. In addition, it can weaken the enemy’s defense during 15 seconds. The skill’s effect will increase with the level’s increase. Require Archer Level 30.

It’s a skill for Xin Yu. It was still unknown how much the reduction of Defense would be. If the reduction was big, then it would be very useful to fight a BOSS in the future.

It seemed that last time the Rhino King also dropped a blue leather armor. I might as well give it to Xin Yu together with this.

I opened the friend’s list. Xin Yu’s name was on, so I sent her a message, “Honey, are you in town? I have something to give you. Meet me at the auction house.”

Shortly after, Xin Yu already came over. Almost her whole body was covered with blue equipment. But she still missed a helmet. With her beautiful long hair at the back on her blue cloak, she looked extremely beautiful.

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