The Legendary Thief – Book 04 – Chapter 106

Silvermoon City – Chapter 106 (The Secret Behind The Cave)

I blankly said, “Say out a number.”

“100.” Xin Yu secretly looked at me, she seemed to try figuring out my thought.

I immediately gave her 100 gold coins. Xin Yu smiled happily and said, “How should I repay for this 100 gold coins? Should I…”

I quickly stopped her from saying further. After seeing no one was around us, I said in a low voice, “Xin Yu, if you want to get intimate, just come straight to my room at night. I don’t lock the door. But be careful not to wake Xue Han, otherwise both of us are finished.”

Her little mouth gaped as she looked at me as if she had just known me for the first time. After looking me for a while, she finally let out a charming smile, “Lin Fan, I didn’t expect that you can also make a joke. You have really turned bad, oh~.”

“I never said that I was a good person.”

She smiled, “Okay, okay. I’m going to learn the skill now. After I learn the skill, Xue Han will take us to burn monsters for leveling.”

“What? Xue Han is accompanying you and sister Lin to burn some monster for leveling?” I was amazed. How could a Magician and an Archer depending on a Cleric for leveling up?

With a faint smile, she said, “Yes, have you forgotten? Xue Han got the ‘Blazing Rainstorm’ skill at the tournament. It’s an AOE skill and can be upgraded. Once released, it will cause a 10×10 yards range to burn for 60 seconds. The higher the magic power, the longer and more powerful it will become. Cooldown time is five seconds. Very useful.”

I gloomily asked, “Then, can Xue Han burn the monsters of the same level with her?”

“Of course. Her added Intelligence is even higher than sister Lin’s. Although Intelligence only added a smaller portion of Magic Attack power, but she could kill a monster much faster than sister Lin. In the morning, the day before yesterday, at the Wolf Plains south of Silvermoon City, we burn some wolves for four hours. All of us gained more than a level. The advancement speed was very fast.”

Rising two levels in four hours, shouldn’t it be a little bit of an exaggeration?

I quickly opened the city rank list to look at the top ranks. Indeed, both Lu Xue Han and Xin Yu level had passed level 35, Xu Lin had reached level 34, and Murong Shan Shan, who I hadn’t seen for quite a while, had risen up to level 36. It seemed that this girl had been practicing all night long last night, otherwise, without the leveling speed of a Swordsman, it was impossible to rise so fast.

Apparently, Lu Xue Han had become someone you can depend on for quick leveling. In less than a month since the game started, only a handful of Magician had acquired AOE skills, and those skills also have a lot of restrictions. For example, Xu Lin’s fire AOE skill could only hit monsters within a 3×3 yards area. This limited area would be of no practical use during fighting monsters. Generally, only a small number of monster would gather in a yard area. As for higher level monsters like the Rhino I killed yesterday, it covered at least an area of 5×5 yards size. So against such a big monster, Xu Lin’s skill had lost its AOE effect benefit.

Xin Yu already went to learn the skill, and I also still have two missions I hadn’t completed yet. From the required 100 undead’s rib bones, I had only collected about 80 pieces. Furthermore, there was still that mysterious ore, which I still didn’t where to find. After going through the Silverpine Forest, the area in front of it wasn’t charted in the system map. So to say, it was an uncharted domain where the players had to explore it by themselves.

Looking at the time, it was now 8:30 in the morning. Before noon, I had to at least complete the rib bones collecting mission. Currently, Murong Shan Shan and Lu Xue Han had been catching up quite fast. With Lu Xue Han’s skill and her leveling speed, it might only take her three days to reach level 39. Murong Shan Shan’s leveling speed wasn’t slow as well. If at that time my level was lower than theirs, that I would be losing face as a guy.

Like last time, the Silverpine Forest was very quiet. Occasionally, a few level 42 Blazing Direwolves would appear. Since I had finished the mission to collect the wolfskins, I had no interest for them. Thereupon, I would walk around to avoid them. All the way over here, I didn’t see any rare monsters like the black widow spider. Apparently, those nearly one hundred rare monsters would take about a month to respawn again. However, I wasn’t sure if it would still be that much of them. It didn’t matter anyway. In a month, level 30 green equipment would devalue greatly. Only those players who earn little money would grind for it.

I made a turn to look into the familiar cave. That Rhino monster didn’t respawn. According to some unconfirmed information, these kinds of gold-level BOSS would only respawn at least once in half a month time. Only BOSS monsters under level 50 would respawn once a week. Of course, that level 13 Wolf leader respawning after only 6 hours was an exception.

In the Rhino King’s “bedroom”, I flipped everything around but couldn’t find anything. There was only a big pile of loose-straw mattress on the wall side, apparently, it was used to keep it warm.

Damn, what the hell?

I angrily kicked at the loose-straw mattress. Eh, why would there be a glimmer of light? I reached out and pulled a couple of times. There was actually a half-man sized cave leading to the back.

Treasure! Since it was being covered so secretive, there must be some good stuff in there.

My eyes glittered. I quickly drilled into the small cave. No, the scene should be concealed. I covered the hole with the loose-straw mattress again. Only after I was sure nobody would see the hole, I left satisfied.

Outside the cave, the path ahead was enveloped by a dense fog. My visibility was also reduced a lot. Moreover, unexpectedly, it was getting colder and colder. The grass and plants on the ground gradually writhed as I walked further. After walking for a while, I could even see some traces of snow. Although the sense of temperature was reduced a lot in this game, but I still couldn’t help but shiver.

Damn, didn’t that blacksmith bastard said that those Redsilver ores were located in the depth of the mountains behind the Silverpine Forest?

I had been walking for nearly half an hour. Don’t mention the mountains, there wasn’t even any small mounds in sight. There were only withered trees and traces of snow on the ground. To the extreme, there wasn’t even a single monster to find. It was as if I was entering a no man’s land. I estimated that players with less patience would have already left this barren land and went back to the city…

After another ten minutes walk, a few small stones finally appeared on the ground. Then after walking again for a short time, the terrain was gradually inclining. The snow on the ground also became more. After going up dozens of meters, there wasn’t any black soil anymore. Even snow started to float down from the sky. It was really a feeling of being on a big snowy mountain.

After walking for another twenty minutes, I finally felt like something wasn’t right.

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