The Legendary Thief – Chapter 157

Chapter 157 (The Handsome Swordsman)

For a while, my heart suddenly beat faster. Now that Mad Warrior established a guild, it would certainly cause some effect for the Swords and Roses. After all, once establishing the guild, Mad Warrior’s previous strength of only around a thousand people would quickly expand to 20,000. Currently, there were only four guilds in the city, but there were nearly five million players (the other five million players hadn’t reached level 30 yet), so what would happen was that the guilds would be selective toward the players. They wouldn’t need to worry not having enough people to recruit.

Even if the levels and equipment of the members of Swords and Roses were higher, it would still not be possible to withstand against others with twice their numbers!

The guild chat channel also seemed to boil. Everyone was discussing the matter about future issues. Just as everyone was saying out their opinion, Murong Shan Shan said, “What are you afraid of? They’ll just have a bit more people. Haven’t you all seen the video where yesterday, Green Veggies single-handedly wiped out more than a hundred veterans from Romantic World? In a word, they’re just paper tigers! How about we ambush them in their practice area tonight?”

I was immediately startled. Hearing her words, I couldn’t help but feel she was going to show off power against the enemy…

Everyone immediately voiced their approval, and also asked where to find the video. While she sighed because of the number of rookies in the guild, she stickied the link to the video, which I also then opened. The system internal video player immediately showed a screen from last night where I was holding a sword across. Damn, if only the double Attributes would last forever.

Some of them voiced their anger. After watching this video, many of them felt that somebody was using a cheat to cause the game to lose its balance. Only a small number of them had the analysis: ‘everyone knows that Green Veggies White Jade Soup was originally at level 46. But last night, his level had suddenly dropped all the way down to level 37, which must have its reasons. Personally, I think this was the price of him becoming so strong. Considering the balance nature of [Moon Monochrome], this state of powerful strength will also not last for long.’

In half a day, the post had gotten more than 100,000 views with more than 1,000 people replying to it. Most of them were criticizing, some also rejoiced for the Romantic World’s loss. It was until reading the last few pages that someone with a quality comment appeared – Stripe Bamboo!

On behalf of the Moon Monochrome’s official, he clarified that this matter didn’t need to be questioned and there was also no errors or bugs. There was a reason why Green Veggies White Jade Soup could reach that certain state of powerful strength. However, the specific reason for that could not be revealed. This again had provoked another round of condemning.

I closed the forum, turned off the guild chat, and began to focus on killing monsters to level up…

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, four days had passed already. Regarding the guild matter, basically, the members of Romantic World did no longer set foot on Silvermoon Valley, and the guild established by Mad Warrior, Friendship World, was also somewhat quiet without any noticeable activities. This made me somehow feel quite uneasy. If Romantic Master and Mad Warrior continued to cause problems, that would indicate no changes. But now, it was as if they had disappeared, which made me quite confused. Could it be that they were all practicing some kind of secret arts?

After several days of high-intensity training, my level had climbed up to level 49. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the first player to reach level 50. One day before, relying on the level 45 orange weapon to speed up her training, Murong Shan Shan had become the first player to reach level 50. Her level had even exceeded that of Red Blood!

Red Blood was also currently at level 50. It seemed that after reaching level 50, it was difficult to rise. With Murong Shan Shan quick leveling speed, even though she had reached level 50 one day before, her level hadn’t changed. After I asked her, it turned out that the Experience needed to rise from level 50 to level 51 was three times more than that to level from level 49 to level 50.

Our studio also had several strong players. Xin Yu, Xu Lin, and Lu Xue Han, they all had reached level 50 already. Even so, they still admired my frantic leveling speed.

It was a sunny morning, the air was very fresh. My mood was also good because today was the day I could break through level 50 and finally, equip the Blood Red Sword. From today onward, I could finally live on proudly!

As I walked out the room, I immediately saw Xu Lin’s bright smile, Xin Yu was just warming the soy milk.

Lu Xue Han smiled at the side and said, “Sister Lin, it’s time for us to buy some new year’s stuff. There’re only less than ten days before the Spring Festival. Shouldn’t we set up some new year’s atmosphere here?” (TL Note: Spring Festival is the literal translation for Chinese New Year)

Xu Lin strongly agreed and said, “Of course, and not just that, but this year, we’re gonna do it more luxurious. I remember that last year’s new year, Xin Yu and Xue Han hadn’t joined us yet. I was with Lin Fan and Guo Zi, we just ate some hot pots. This year, we have to buy more delicious food, and also some fireworks. And, we should also buy some rhyming couplets.” (TL Note: Rhyming couplets are pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of the doorway.)

Xin Yu smiled next by and said, “No need to buy couplets. Lin Fan said that he had written some good verses. We can entrust the matter of couplets to him.”

Xu Lin helplessly said, “He also said that last year, but instead had then wasted 8 sheets of red paper. Finally, Joly had to go downstairs to buy them…”

Xin Yu immediately glared at me, “Didn’t you say that you have a nice handwriting? You deceived my pure innocent heart!”

“Just your heart. The pure innocent two words don’t seem to suit it…” I said in a low voice. Then I asked Xu Lin, “Sister Lin, didn’t you say that today you’re going to bring people to slay a level 60 BOSS? Have you find the people? Do you want me to ask a few hundred people from Swords and Roses to give you a hand?”

Xu Lin chuckled, “No need. Only you alone would suffice.”

“Of course I will come. Xin Yu also wants to give me a high-level blue glove, right?”

Xin Yu laughed, “That’s right. And what’s the reward for me?”

“Reward?” I felt an endless grief and asked in return, “I’ve given you so many equipment before, why you never say anything about rewarding me?”

Xin Yu immediately revealed an expression of grievance and looked at me innocently, “I have said so many times to reward you, but you yourself refused…”

I suddenly felt embarrassed. The reward she was referring to was like “I’ll give you a kiss”, “I’ll let you touch my chest”, or “I’ll let you touch my ass”…

Although these rewards were very tempting, but in front of Xu Lin and Lu Xue Han, I really didn’t dare to accept it.

I thought for a long time before finally said to Xin Yu, “How about this, for this blue equipment, I’ll treat you to a 3 RMB ice cream cones.”

“The price has risen already. It’s now 5 RMB.” Xu Lin reminded kindly.

I was so embarrassed and quickly corrected myself, “A 5 RMB ice cream cone, okay?”

Xin Yu let out a flirtatious smile and nodded, “Okay, I’ll take some losses and let you take advantage of me.”

This kind of dialogue might cause people to fantasize, but the people in this room were all quite accustomed to it. Even Lu Xue Han was already immune to this kind of adult talks, not to mention the veterans like Guo Zi, Joly, and the others.

After finishing dinner, back into the game.

With a swish sound, I appeared in front of a green pond-like meadow backed by green hills. On the meadow was a large crowd of Fish Demons jumping up and down. This level 55 monsters were the reason I leveled up so fast.

The Fish Demons had a very high Defense, but very low Health, maybe less than 500. A normal Swordsman of level 55 or below would have had an Attack of less than 700, and wouldn’t be able to break through the Defense of the Fish Demons. As for me, because of the Strength Blessing, my original Attack of 800 had immediately turned to 880. And after adding 100 Attack from a temporary Attack scroll given by Lu Xue Han, my Attack had almost reached 1,000. So basically, I could then kill these Fish Demons in an instant.

One could imagine the Experience gained from the level 55 monsters. When I got offline last night, my Experience was already at 96%. Now, I just needed to kill these monsters for an hour or so to rise my level.

Half an hour later, Xu Lin sent a text message, “Are you done? I have already gathered people at the East Gate. Can you get here within 10 minutes?”

I roughly counted and replied, “Okay!”

“Well, then everyone will be waiting for you.”

I immediately raised my spirit up and slashed crazily. Five minutes later, a warm feeling spread through my whole body. Damn, I finally got to level 50!

Back to the city, I equipped the Blood Red Sword and Azure Cape, then went to the East Gate to meet with everyone. Looking from afar, in addition to the few girls from our studio, there were also dozens of players. These should be the players that Xu Lin prepared to recruit into our guild!

Xin Yu walked toward me, grinning all the way, and handed a blue glove to me –

[Barbarian Fist] (Blue Equipment – Armor)

Defense: 102

Stamina: +42

Strength: +38

Agility: +20

Additional: Increase 2 Defense

Required Level: 48

Pretty good, much better than my other blue equipment. I was very pleased that I could finally use an equipment from the other girls. I finally no longer needed to fight so hard to get equipment for the others.

After equipping the new glove, I suddenly felt not the same anymore. It was even completely different from back then at level 46 before I dropped in levels!

Green Veggies White Jade Soup (Swordsman)

Level: 50

Health: 4,420

Attack: 820-1155 (x110)

Defense: 835 (x110)

Prestige: 32050

Luck: 0


Hands – [Blood Red Sword] (Orange Equipment)

Attack: 380-525

Strength: +85

Stamina: +80

Agility: +85

Intelligence: +72

Additional: Using Vampiric power to absorb the attacking target’s Health. Vampiric effect 10%

Required Level: 50

Chest – [Blazing Armor] (Armor – Blue Equipment)

Defense: 110

Stamina: +32

Strength: +36

Agility: +28

Required Level: 36

Head – [Brave Gold Guardian] (Headgear – Blue Equipment)

Defense: 54

Stamina: +18

Strength: +16

Agility: +8

Required Level: 28

Legs – [Dark Forces Guardian] (Armor – Purple Equipment)

Defense: 232

Stamina: +54

Strength: +55

Agility: +48

Intelligence: +42

Extra: There is a certain chance to absorb the opponent’s attack damage to restore own Health.

Required Level: 40

Arms – [Barbarian Fist] (Blue Equipment – Armor)

Defense: 102

Stamina: +42

Strength: +38

Agility: +20

Additional: Increase 2% of Defense

Required Level: 48

[Azure Cape] (Armor – Purple Equipment)

Defense: 122

Strength: +46

Stamina: +48

Agility: +42

Intelligence: +24

Additional: Increase 80% of Fire Magic Resistance

Required Level: 50

[Rock Runners] (Boots – Blue Equipment)

Defense: +42

Stamina: +25

Strength: +32

Required Level: 26

[Ring of Elemental Protection] (Ring – Purple Equipment)

Stamina: +45

Strength: +42

Agility: +40

Additional Skill – Magic Protection: Within 30 seconds, the user is immune to all spells causing negative effects, and can continue to recover Health within a certain time.

Required Level: 35

[Ring of Ice Protection] (Ring – Purple Equipment)

Strength: +42

Stamina: +48

Agility: +40

Intelligence: +32

Extra: Increase resistance against frost magic and effects by 75%

Required Level: 42

[Shadow Chain] (Necklace – Purple Equipment)

Stamina: +45

Strength: +50

Intelligence: +32

Agility: +42

Extra: Increase skills’ Attack power by 20%

Required Level: 40

Although I still hadn’t equipped the level 52 orange armor – Tough Armor, but it was already quite powerful. The 1,155 Attack and 835 Defense would definitely shock most of the current players!

Xu Lin looked at me carefully, and said grinningly, “You’re exceptionally handsome now. It really is the dress that makes the man.”

With the sword shining in a blood red light, an azure cape, and shining armor over my whole body, even I was feeling so handsome right now…

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